100 thoughts on “Odette New Skin | Virgo | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. Ml buat hero x borg ni tank ka fighter nk tnya ni…buang hero x borg sial nk mmpuih ni…nk buat kebal buat la tank…dok buat fighter wat pa…nnti hbs hero lama2 x laku….please la buang hero nii…

  2. fuuuck u moontoon for making her so cheap compare to others while she should be the one with the most defined mechanism…just fck off
    0:20 that's how ult should look with lance 2nd skill graphed under her ult..

  3. The developers of the game is already August 22, and Odette Virgo is gone.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. I am a legendary mobile game player, and I am a fanny player … AND ASKING FANNY TO RETURN AGAIN LIKE THAT

  5. I'm really sad about this skin…
    I was hoping the entrance animation had music, but it's just silent and no special cinematic zooms. That's just cheap. The skill effects are sub par too. Even the Christmas skin was beautifully done.
    I wish they'd rework this skin, I'm still going to buy it, but at this point I might still just use my Butterfly Goddess skin. :/

  6. I think all the community are disappointed because well wish to get another FREE KOF SKIN ( Aurora or Dyroth) but you don't and more of that we Algerian community we want to have a way to pay on the game with MOBILIS plz let us have more fun on the game u can check there is more Algerian players so don't stop to surprise us we are the best customers all over the world, we don't have problems to buy any things, it's our misbehave but it's money win to the sellers so pls do something for us, thank you to giving us the most great game ever in the mobile and thank u for all what u doing u are amazing.

  7. Очень нравится звездный облик Одетты. Но у некоторых нет возможности тратить огромные деньги на алмазы, ведь они не дёшево стоят. Да и зодиакальные облики это временное событие, хотелось бы, чтоб можно было их так же покупать за алмазы как и другие облики после их выхода.

  8. I really like the starry look of Odette. But some do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on diamonds, because they are not cheap. Yes, and the zodiacal faces are a temporary event, I would like to be able to buy them as diamonds as other faces after their release.

  9. Before the battle begins…
    Lancelot: Odette… im so sorry for not be in your team this time…
    Odette: Its ok >:)

  10. This animation is great, but not for a zodiac skin. Oddete zodiac skin virgo doesn't have the same glorious effect like other previous zodiac. As a fan of oddete and zodiac skin, i feel like they make it half hearthly.

  11. Guys don’t lose hope I took Moonton 2 months(I believe) to update Aurora’s effects so please wait patiently everyone. I myself will definitely get this skin.

  12. Hey Moonton you remember the update to Gusion 2nd skill? Well you updated the returning daggers with cooldown because of a bug and do you know that this slight change ruined most of all Gusion plays? Because now it has a timer it ruins the 1 second combo of Gusion and remeber he is an "Assasin". He is meant to kill this fast.

  13. I hope this skin get rework effect on the first skill and the ultimate. If this skin will reworked, then i will buy it 🙂

  14. Hey moonton maybe you should put more effect on her first skill when it hit the target, maybe like a galaxy cloud. Even her normal skill have better effect when her first skill hit the target because there's cloud and feathers effect on it but the zodiac one doesn't have any

  15. Revamp her skill effects! Especially her ulti! Imprint her symbol on the ground like Mino's or Hilda's. Also, the center of her ulti is to bland, have a black hole effect. She should have been the most beautiful zodiac! Huhu

  16. Putar lagi dong skin zodiak nya agar aku bisa beli iritel arau aurora aku pengen punya skin zodiak walau hanya 1 plis putar lagi yah aku mohon apalagi aku inggin sekali punya skin zodiak oddet biar ada pasangan nya lance aku akan beli plis boleh yah kumohon 😔😔😔😔😔

  17. pls released a new Odette Epic Skin that is for sale in the shop like Lancelot's Floral Knight Skin😭😭😭Im too broke for a Zodiac!!

  18. Siguro mas maganda kung di sya naka stockings or leggings para na E emphasise yung skin nya, like kay lunox, na pagkaganda ganda ng tuhod, realistic talaga 😍

  19. please add more EFFECT on that beautiful skin !!!!! it should be star and galaxies in the middle of odette's ultimate . and where's the virgo simbol ? nothing and just plain . i'm disappointed with this skin moonton !

  20. Umm they should've put a virgo sign in the middle of her ulti because the effects are all just in sides so maybe put a virgo sign in the middle?

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