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Introductory Music. Upcoming course details. Welcome Mr. Dinesh Bhai. You guys have no idea we used to teach Nadi classes Where is Rao sir? Why didn’t’ he come, he is supposed to come here Rao saab used to teach Bhrigu nandi nadi and i used to teach Bhrigu nadi both are different. Today you all have seen the difference. That time he used to come and Saab introduced him to Saptharishi’s. You know how he used to learn People who is talking in between please do not interrupt the session, that’s not at all good. I’m just going to tell you how come any person become so great. Everybody works hard in astrology. I’m going to share a big secret. When i used to teach everybody would come listen, right down and go back home. He used to come with a big dairy. I still remember that. In that dairy list of horoscopes and events were written systematically. At a one point we would go back check the incidents and give us feedback. Only then you could learn. How many of you have such dairy’s please raise your hands. Even i don’t have one. Does anyone has that? You have no idea how much he is progressed. When he comes and touches my feet i feel so bad because i’m no more his guru he has become my guru. Are you getting it? He knows it for himself he has reached so above. You have no idea. The only thing is i’m tough, you are tougher and he is the toughest person. Life’s experiences made us bitter. At the same time as Lord Krishna has said don’t give knowledge to an undeserved and ungrateful man. So we have to become tough sometimes master toughness. So for now for the next 10 to 15 minutes he is going to share us at least 3 predicting techniques. I’ll give but give it in full But do it slowly because every one’s grasping and understanding levels are different. Give it slowly so that they will grasp and imbibe the technique. They just gave me 5,6 predictions so quick which went over my head. You don’t do it instead glow slow and do it systematically. One technique is there that is ‘See simply and think deeply’. It looks so simple but you need to know the depth of it. That is what nadi is. Nadi is the game of Significator (karaka). If you know how to dance with significators you can make unbelievable predictions. Just now we saw someones chart here with Ms. Swapna.. i’m going to explain that one. I will tell you 2 different things here. If you have full chart that would be great. Chart of 1947 one. Cancer Ascendant Sun and Venus in 2nd house, 3rd house Mercury, 4th house Jupiter, 8th house Ketu… Explains chart. See simply think deeply. When we went out for tea break I told them (whom this chart belongs to) it is your Grandfathers chart. He was famous and very rich but now lost everything. Very low period is currently running. He lost his name and fame in his birthplace. They said yes its true. How to see that in a chart? How could i tell that by looking at a chart? After looking at printout you’ll come to know that guy got married twice and all. Don’t have to look at houses, house lord and all you simply have to look at significator and placement of significator. There is one more rule which will help you even in Prashna chart. Some hidhi saying (song)… bridegroom says find me who i am where i came from… It is the beauty of nadi. In a simple single sentence he said everything about nadi. Where did the bridegroom come from where would he go and whom ever he meets with and fruits of it. I told them his grandfather had fame, money and respect and everything fell apart. How could i predict that one? Ketu represents Maternal Grandfather. Ketu is retrograde motion he first meets with Jupiter, then Mercury and then Sun and Venus Jupiter represents wealth. Mercury represents fame. Venus also represents money and fame. Sun and Venus together in Leo sign which is a royal sign. And our sages said that at least one planet should be placed in Leo sign either in your chart any one of family members chart. It gives royal connections. Which means ketu got there and achieved everything but went into 12th house and lost everything. Just by looking at chart i could predict his rise and fall. Grandfather was died long back but what ever he left as hereditary wealth, name and fame they lost everything. Simple prediction and sure shot prediction. No need to think much. Nadi’s specialty is this one need not to put too much strain on brain. Bhai when Ketu is transited over Mars and Rahu how much havoc it had created how do we know? Actually when this guy was born his grandfathers fall down started. Then we will see which year it had happen. We can know the exact date also. The second technique if i tell you.. i’m not doing match making predictions since last 5 years not a single match making. If a girl and boy come to me for prediction i will them what ever is there in their charts after that if they wish to go they will go for it. Its entirely up to them. I’ll tell you something. If you also experience it you will come to know it. I got a chart for consultation. I saw the chart and spoke to him over phone. He saw my video on Saptharishi’s channel and would like to meet him and i said ok come and meet me. He came and i saw his chart told him that you were ruined after you got married. He is giving entire blame to that female. I said when that is written in your chart what can she do. You have to take responsibility and make it right. He said i thought she might be the reason but now i realized she is not. See there are 3 times when peoples fate gets change. First when person is born his father’s fate will change. Second when he gets married his fate will change. Third when he got his own kid again his fate will change. That’s it. Which mean if my star is good my father fortune will increase if it is not it’s not so. In match making nothing to see…its a sure shot. You should not see anything not even dasa and all. If divorce has to happen it will happen if it is not there divorce will not happen. All you need to see is where is it coming from where is it going that is all. First i will tell you universal technique regarding this nadi. Rahu is Grand father, Sun is father, Jupiter is self. Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Moon and Ketu all are significators. All these are universal significators. In anybody’s chart Rahu represents Paternal grandfather and Ketu represents maternal grand father. It is universal signification. When we speak of wife Venus is universal significator for wife in everyone’s chart. And see we all commit mistake here. Nadi is too advanced sages wrote it intact. If we see Rahu and Venus together in any chart then we take Rahu as paternal Grandfather and Venus is his wife. When we interpret paternal grandfather we take Rahu and for grandmother as Venus. Based on that we will interpret. Suppose ff Rahu is in 7 degrees and Venus is in 29 degrees what difference does it make? What will you predict out of that? Nadi tells you think simply. Here Rahu is grandfather, he earned money on his own. Venus is money. It makes lot of difference. Being on fathers income and living on self earned money. Change in degrees made a lot of difference. Just now sir has said when he went out on stairs he saw graveyard. I will tell you what.. In nadi Venus is House and rahu is graveyard. And with such combination he has to live near by graveyard only then he will be happy that is his destiny. In nadi we usually take Venus for house.. Here look at Rahu’s degree.. either he live by graveyard or while going home he must cross graveyard. Exactly. I got 3 houses all are near by graveyard. By god’s grace nothing has happened so far either good or bad. Its going normal for me. If we say to our client you are going live near by Ganesh temple he lives near by to it.. only then he will live joyfully. If ketu is there then that must be near by chruch or graveyard. They both are possible. Ketu either gives Chruch next to you or he is the significator for moksha so he might give home next to a graveyard. In a chart Venus is in Lagna. Where ever it might be. If you take Ketu instead of Rahu you might live near by Chruch or any temple or graveyard. Rahu means cemetery because Rahu represents lower cast.. I’ll give you an example In my chart Ketu is advanced than Venus. In my first house there is Ganesha temple in that colony. Now i come here there is Ganapathi temple right next to my building just 15 sec walk. Of course. Ketu represents Ganesha as well some times he might also represent Lord Hanuman. That is destiny sir, destiny cannot be destroyed. I will give you 5 example charts you cannot change their destiny. Until unless they change according to it their fate will not improve. In match making mostly bride related people come to us to know because they are more worried about what kind of people come into their life and all. Take venus in the chart which represents female in a chart, let mars be where ever he is. This female when ever she meets him only then their marriage will happen. Where did she gets married and all secondary issues… now i’m only talking about match making. Here is Venus and Mars. And take ketu here. Ketu is enemy of Venus and hence it gets delayed to meet her husband. He creates obstacles but will defiantly give marriage if it is in chart. But when ever marriage happens you live in a place where there is bridge, temple or railway station or graveyard or cemetery. And they get married in a lower floor. Because Rahu is upper and ketu is lower and he is aspecting Venus. He will meet her there only. Mars is here and when rahu comes there all this happens…. This is the beauty of prediction. And the person says that exactly how it happened. Now this mars coming to rahu… Here is another chart. Mars represent husband and Ketu aspecting it. Mars represents eyebrows. So husband must be having a break in eyebrow. If you tell the female that he lives in so and so place in that area and looks like with the scar she will find only such a person and they will get married. Most brilliant prediction. I know a horoscope where Mars and Rahu together in a chart and her husband got scar on eyebrow. Most brilliant prediction. No need to see Guna melana and dasha system here to predict. Nothing to see. My neighbor’s husband got this. Brilliant. It will happen in fact. Since 2005 i have seen thousands of horoscopes and it had happened every time with Ketu. It a sure shot. You can say it blindly simply by looking at chart and combinations. Who is significator (karaka)) for eyebrow? Significator for eyebrow is Mars and Ketu aspecting it and second house is face. It will come 100% If you take Jupiter here along with Mercury and Saturn in 8th house. Mercury represents education, jupiter also signifies education and saturn signifies karma. So if in anyones chart if Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn combines then they have to get a college near by. It has to be there. Can you tell us the combination one more time? Mercury himself signify education. Jupiter represents teacher. Saturn signifies karma. This combination gives an educational institute near by or a private bank near by or an atm near by. And it should be there. Ask any one who has Jupiter, Mercury and Venus they will be having an ATM or any bank near by. It is also a saraswathi yoga. Yes it can also be called saraswarthi yoga, someone written on their name. It should be there. Jupiter is there he says its your destiny. And second thing is Venus was aspected by Jupiter, Mercury and also Saturn. This female was well educated and also her husband is well educated will have his own business. Well educated because Venus gives her education, Jupiter also education, Mercury represents education and all are sitting in 2nd house and Saturn aspecting it also gives education. Which means she will get good well educated husband as well. If any of it falls in Leo we can also say well respected and royal family as well. By looking at all these we can simply say so and so happens. And for the guy we can say to whom you marry she will come from a low standard than after getting you married and having your kid her standards will highly improve. In a females chart if saturn is advanced than Mars she will rise after so much struggle in life. Straight away we can say its your destiny. No need to check for anything else.. nor even dasha’s Even if there are two marriages written it can be seen here itself. A female come to me for consultation and she asked when i’m going to have children. I immediately say forget about that you are going to get divorce. I confirmed with her husband as well. I said don’t go for second child. It shows divorce in your chart after second child is born. At least we can say that straight. Need not use much brains. I hope you guys understand what i’m saying. No need to struggle checking house, house lord and is simply shown in the chart. And it is a sure shot If any one of you has a chart i will tell you straight away what is written in that. Must have been married. Sunil Sir: I’ll just one small request to all of you. Let him continue so that we can learn one complete technique. I’ll tell you the second technique. Fall after marriage. Sunil sir: As per my opinion it has already happened to many of us. No its not like that person literally loose everything. I know a female she has nothing at her parents house. She didn’t have her own cycle. But she got married to a rich person he got Mercedes Benz. When there is a yoga in a chart it has to fructify. Sunil Sir: There is one remedy for court case some of my friend has mentioned it. I hope you don’t mind sharing it here. If this combination is present in a male chart in any order Venus, Sun, Ketu and Moon which ever order they are in Venus is person’s wife, Sun is his prosperity, Ketu is his enemy and Moon is for debts. If you see this combination in a males’ chart you can say after 3 months or 3 years you have lost everything. My brother got married. After 4 months he lost his job and till now he didn’t get stability. Where ever might be their placement this combination must be present. Let Mars be in any house. Venus went to Mars house after marriage. Let me tell you one thing. How many of you know KP here. In KP system 10 house is taken as malefic house. But as per my opinion 10th house plays an important role in marriage of a female. I also know KP . Female native leaves her home, place and surname and goes to Husbands house. If 10th house dasa is running in a female chart there will be big fights but they cannot make you go out of your house. If 7th lord in 4th house she is not going to go anywhere. My 7th lord in 4th house and my wife is a housewife. There is no need to break heads to understand this. 4th house is my home and 7th lord going there says my wife is not going to go anywhere. I just told your husband is egoistic. Mars and Sun are together. Which lord goes and sits where you just see that. No need to think deep for these things. Based on this principle anyone who is having this Mars and Venus combination will have a very fast marriage? I’ll just explain your concern. If Mars and Venus are together then is it an early marriage and late marriage, that is what you are asking right? If Mars and Venus are together then we can say wife and husband stays close. Now if you take degrees Mars is in 5 degrees and Venus is in 2 degrees behind Mars. In that case boy gets late marriage. If Venus is advance than Mars in a chart then the boy gets early marriage. If you see in anyone’s chart Venus is behind Mars that guy will get married around 26 or 36. I got this combination in my chart. 26 or 36 which year you got married? It depends on degree of Mars Mars 22 degrees and Venus 29 degrees Is your marriage happened in 26 or 36? No its an early marriage. If venus is behind mars then we can say he will get married between 24 to 36 but not before that. Mars is ahead so he cannot see his wife. Second thing is in a females chart if Saturn aspecting Mars then she herself has to find her husband. Master rule. She has to find her spouse by herself. 10,20,25 persons she has to see and then finalize.. she need to work hard to find her partner. If Jupiter is there he says you simply sit match will come to you. Because Jupiter means fate/luck. Which ever house or planet Jupiter aspects he will improve its luck and significations. But where ever Saturn aspects you need to work hard and hard and those areas. Simple rule. Where ever Saturn aspects you have to work hard. And Jupiter gives you easily. When it is combined with Venus we have seen house next to bank. Yesterday one female came to me she has Rahu in 4th house and she was asking marriage query. I asked her how many live in your floor she replied 4. I asked her in those 4 people any one who is not having children let me know. She said who is living beside they don’t have kids and who is opposite they got female child. So it is 100% clear where this female goes neighbors must be childless or just having female children. It is her destiny. It is a yoga so it has to happen. One more thing in any chart if Mercury and Ketu are together then we can say where ever you live in that building below your floor there must be tailor or lawyer or medicinal store would be there. If we told her prior to marriage she would feel i got married in such a place. That was her destiny. Where ever venus goes that is in-laws place you can predict circumstances of your in-laws depend on the planets around. It’s very simple and we hardly fail in prediction. In 100 charts if we fail even for 20 times its not a big deal. But rest of the time we are pretty accurate. I’m going to tell one more technique. I am going to tell you how i used Bhavat Bhavam concept. There is one nadi program going on. I went along with some folks on a motor bike. Some where in between they were asking moon related question and his moon was in Aquarius. I asked where was your moon and he replied it was in Aquarius. He was driving and i didn’t intended to drive that day. I told him 3 events. First one in your building some one has passed away due to which you have to visit graveyard. Second one in your in-laws place some one died so you had to go visit them. And third one you had to do something about your house. He was surprised and asked how could you predict all these just by one planet Moon. And i also said the one who died both were male. That time Ketu was transiting over Moon based on that i predicted. And i also told them it was your in-laws related. 7th house is spouse and 9th is in-laws place. 2nd house is their family and Ketu is transiting through 8th house over moon. Where ever Ketu transits you will have to visit graveyard related to that house. If ketu transits over Jupiter he visits temples. If Ketu transits over Mercury he might visit court related to fights or he might face issues like documents missing. On top of it 4th house is his building. Some one has to go out of house. Some drainage line in his house got some problem. All three incident i had predicted simply by looking at Moon and Ketu. What ever is seen i predicted. Now you all knew how did i do that. Nadi is so simple. Nothing else to see. Just look for Significator, which house he has gone to and also aspects, conjunctions he is making with. That’s all. If you are good at basics nadi is so simple. You will get basics in Lal Kitaab (The Red Book) and also some color combinations given in that book. I’ll give you few quick combinations from Lal kitab so that you can remember and access them fast. You will get excellent results when you mix them with significators. Suppose if Rahu is over Moon.. moon is white and Rahu is black hence Rahu will chage Moon’s white into brown color. Like wise there are many techniques by which you can make sure shot predictions. I tested them many times got great results. Results will come for sure. For example Moon is between Venus and Mars. If mars has to reach Venus he must cross Moon which is river. So we can say your marriage will happen 3-4 hundred kilometers away. So you have to travel farther to get married. Straight away tell him Moon is there so you will get married at a far place. Venus also represents elder sister and Moon mother like figure. I got a message in whats app saying their marriage got fixed and so… I said which ever house this girl step in after marriage that in-laws female’s brother one of his son will have short life. If this information is correct then defiantly she will 100% get married to that guy. She called her in laws and confirm with the same. She came to me and said the same. And she got married to the same guy. This can be seen through girls chart very clearly that what will happen around her in-laws place. I also asked any one near and around your building attempted suicide. When there in such a yoga in the chart that marriage will happen in such a building where someone died of suicide it has to happen. They go there and get married somehow. So many things we can easily predict. Even now if some one comes up with a chart i can tell them. I told that guy that your grandfather got ruined completely with all name, fame and wealth. This is my personal experience i checked in more than 100 charts it will give 100% accurate results. Suppose in a female chart Ketu in 4th house your in-laws will be low kind you should help and rise them up. There is one chart if you could explain that Its okay i will tell no problem. Its just takes 2 minutes. Who’s chart is this? What would you like to know in this? In-laws problem… It’s over. Ill tell you how it had happened just give me a minute. Venus is your wife… Mars is ahead of Venus. Later Saturn is there and here Moon and Rahu are there. Venus meas money and he passed over Mars. And Mars is in 8th house. Then he moved on to Saturn and there is nothing left. In a whole there was one female in your in-laws house who was fortunate and either after her marriage or her death the families fortune fell apart and saw very lows. Can that be my wife? Any female. She might be your wife too. She came to you and your luck was improved. Mars in your chart is in Venus house. Venus is in 7th house. There must be some properties on your wife’s name. Is it so? All on her name. Mars is significator for properties. And Venus is in 7th house But here in this chart Saturn is ahead that might have brought some obstacles in marriage. You might have faced some disturbances in job as well. As soon as you got married and had a child your life started getting smooth. At the age of 30 to 32 you have gone through all these changes is that right sir? You can see that straight in this chart. Behind your Bhaghyadhipati there is Venus which represents your female. How old are you sir? 55 As per my opinion around 36 of your age their (in-laws) downfall might have started. No dasha, no bhavas, no signs .. i got a chart in front of me and i explained it. That simple. Andi was 80% correct 20% anybody can fail. Hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you very much. I am really grateful for this. when is your classes going to start? 2nd. If anyone interested please contact Amith bhai I’ll teach you simple straight techniques to predict. You don’t need to look into D9, D7 or any other divisional charts or dasa system at all. I predicted in front of you with out anything. You con’t believe immediately after completing his course 3, 4 member they started teaching . Thank you so much. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned.

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