Murmura Laddu Recipe | गुड़ मुरमुरा के लड्डू । Kurmura – Puffed Rice Sweet Balls

Namaskar! Welcome to Today we are going to make puffed rice ladoo. We all like to eat murmura ladoo and it
is one of the favourite amongst kids. These laddu’s are made easily. So come, let’s prepare murmura ladoo. Puffed rice (Laai) – 3 cup or 80 grams
It is also known as murmura. Jaggery – 1 cup or 260 gram Ghee – 1 tsp To make murmura ladoo, first we’ll roast the puffed rice. Turn the stove on medium flame and add the
puffed rice to the pan and roast for 2 minutes. This will make the puffed rice crispy. Keep stirring and roast the puffed rice for some more time. Now put the puffed rice in a separate bowl. Heat a pan and add ghee to it. Once the ghee is melted, add jaggery. Cook it on low flame. Let the jaggery melt. Make sure the jaggery is of good quality and there is no dirt in it. If the jaggery is too hard then add a little water to it and melt. Stir continuously. The jaggery is completely melted. Turn the stove on low flame Add murmura to the pan. Keep stirring for 2-3 minutes on low
flame so that everything is mixed. Turn off the flame. Remove the wok from the stove. Keep it aside and let it cool. We will make the laddo while it is a little hot. Apply a little water on your hands. Pick up the mixture and roll it in a ball.
Make sure that your hands are wet. Make all the laddu in similar way. Before making each ladoo, wet your hands. We can prepare big or small sized laddus as per our choice. Puffed rice ladoo are now ready to be served. This laddu is very tasty. This quantity is sufficient to make 10 laddus. Puffed rice ladoo is easy to make but make sure you stir continuously
while melting the jaggery and it should be on low flame. The ratio of jaggery and rice should be appropriate.
If you will take more jaggery or more puffed rice then they will not mix well
and it will be difficult to make the laddu. Keep the laddu in open for 3-4 hours, this will help it set.
You can store it in a container and enjoy it for up to 2-3 months. Make puffed rice laddu, eat it and share your
experiences with us at We will meet again with a new recipe. Do subscribe my channel.

100 thoughts on “Murmura Laddu Recipe | गुड़ मुरमुरा के लड्डू । Kurmura – Puffed Rice Sweet Balls

  1. Thank you so much maim aap meri fevret ho I love u maim aapki recipi mujhe bhut achli lgti hai or shik v jati hu thank you so much maim…..😘😘😘😘

  2. Thank u so much Mam aapke jariye main sahi ratio jaan paayi… Mujhse hamesha kuchh na kuchh gadbad ho jaati thi… 😄💐💐

  3. निशा जी 🙏 क्या लड्डू को बाँधते समय पानी लगाने से वे मुलायम नहीं हो जायेंगे???

  4. Today I tried this laddoo it becomes very tasty and crunchy. my mom said, this laddoo remember my childhood

  5. Ma'am.. I made these ladoos today… But only six ladoos were bind and rest were not …. My material grammage was same… Can you please suggest the reason? Thanks.

  6. Sorry to say par aap har cheez me ghee add kartiho me bachpan se ye laddu kha rahi hu there is no need to add ghee yaar jaggery ko melt karne ke liye ghee kon add karta hai…….

  7. Really good ma'am… Rahi baat do teen mahine ki woh toh possible hi nai hai… Apki sweet recipes itni tasty lagti hai sabko ki do din se pehle hi khatam ho jaati hai. Your are the best ma'am!!

  8. आपके मुरमुरे के लड्डू बहुत ही अच्छे बने। आप please खील के लड्डू की recipe share करें निशा जी।

  9. Y mnee try Kia tha…but mere crispy nai bante nisha ji…soft ho jate hai murmure sil gayy…so ap jaldi s btaiyee iska solution

  10. Hello Nisha g mail jaise hi gud me murmurs Dali so ekdum see sukh gye laddu nai ban paya hmne map bilkul barber hi liya

  11. Helo mam good morning mam ji me apki eh Recipe murmura laddoo , Tikki banai bahut wadiya bani Ape mere message dekhna mere family ne bahut like kiti

  12. Jaise apny peanut ki chikki bnayi thi usmy jaggery ko jyada pakana pdta h.. waise he esmy jaggery ko nhi pakana hota h ??

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