MSNBC’s Krystal Ball’s Sexy Photo Scandal

back in twenty ten add crystal ball was
at part of a congressional race she was running for virginia’s first
congressional district and that’s really will put her on the
radar bob but unfortunately she lost her she is a democrat uh… but it’s also
important to going for a medley abortion issue last years of them purpose but is it was a little bit more
conservative distribute let me give you some life nation on the district itself
uh… it’s been held by republican since the nineteen sixties she lost a thirty
percent of all it’s a very conservative areas she was a good one ready at nine oh i love heather framing
it like the pictures they came out about her might across to the election the villagers had come out from under
most like twenty-eight right like that these wellesley to turn on the less and
a consequently controversy around her campaign so much so uh… that you know she felt
embarrassed by it and it was such a big deal so with pictures look like in this country
that radar horrible let me know that give off the kids i’m off them and
that we’re about to show you some racy racy pictures here’s crystal ball on
huffpost’s live talking about the picture scandal uh… it was devastating and picked the
one of the things that i was really cincinnati oh as a young woman and bring
young attractive woman was being stereotyped as not serious not smart not serious not really confusing when a
i was not one in which and it was my first time writing and so and i was in
new mom and it’s just in a in a conservative district in virginia you
know it was a big barrier to overcome just to get people to take me seriously i really just wanted to hide in a corner those pictures look like the same better
pictures you’d find on only ninety percent of the face book profile so
ninety and of about women having an impact
probably get a little more leeway when it comes with the guys will have justice
to retrieve ilove dahmer picture but the guy southern available repair never heard about her pictures scandal
until recently cells like all my machine you get what happened like that which she like hot having sex and what’s
the scandal and then when i saw there i couldn’t believe that people made a big deal out of it especially if her opponent is making a
big deal out because you’re gonna kick ur ass anyway but why are you gonna bring these
pictures it’s time to be real for us and we do it
and i like crystal ball she’s been on the show couple times spanish moderately good msnbc show that
it’s a right these pictures scandal thing helped her
i’m sleeve she was going to be one of many
democrats who ran a hopeless race lost by twenty or twenty five or
whatever it is and nobody was gonna notice is this is an attractive young
woman she runs in this race she loses she’s expected but there’s a picture
instead though all my heart started bakers so she is a time no press attention over
that and next to you now we would have answers and m_s_n_b_c_
contributor argue all people lose weight thirty
points in indiana races become as it was a good routers no i’m in a sea of his part of it and i
said is in sharp i like around i had a really the answer and the same in the real it was the best
thing that ever happened that’s really interesting i didn’t put it together
because when cristobal suddenly showed up on an insanity i remember booking
right that was during the time when i was doing just looking for tea white tea and when i signed in as anything i was
like crystal ball is on television ditch
right for reasons first congressional district like that’s already done but optimistic city-owned cc taxes a
little apologetic about it right when he was the worst thing that could happen
with sickle i really just wanted to hide in a corner but i actually thought about what kind of message with that send to
future women men from our generation who have stupid party photos who might want
to serve you know tie in the corner isn’t the right message to send for them
so i decided to go to chemo that night to defend myself and basically saying
and this has no place in a campaign uh… and and not to apologize but just
to say you know this is our are voters deserve better i would like to pay so
i’m not apologize but are voters deserve better like he did she mean better from the
opponents are better from her campaign i don’t know what you know and i know the
cvs her campaign a_b_c_ news they deserve better process and that’s all i
said as a matter of then i take it back i totally misunderstood what she was
saying that on by another place on a quickly make and
maybe this is a superficial point i can’t help it mentee view really glamorizes here she looks beautiful like in the pictures which is like a
normal person like people run t_v_ chichi on right and let me get on with the drill man it she was unattractive do you think she would have gotten the
those jobs okay scientology like you know that you
need all of it rug in your office wife keeps saying i like it is all the wrong
with made you need all right or and initiative and joining us and if she didn’t have the sex scandal
assets technique and they were even accidently say we should get the picture scandal g also
when i got the job these scandals of the best thing that
happened mckay at it’s funny because p_r_ people they their naturally instinctively like noblest impossible’s no one straight
into the scandal that’s the best thing i could possibly
have and funeral unless and like what we’re booked like which is a little
too on as a little too liberal to do some work there but you actually wanted to hear someone
hears bye bye see you if you wanted to right many of you run for a kind of thing like
this paid whatever picture we could we could
legally to do it yourself when we talk a little slower world it fake racy pictures are very uh… ryland
epps is sort of running inside the womb one of these districts in texas with a guy who’s the republican wynonna
pose he’s running as a move by eighty four points in the middle of the release of a deal
with and it was fun i mean the c_n_n_’s get your name
written all over but get paid that’s how it works and and by the way to get to the
military that’s not what she did birthday if you
didn’t do students live it and the you know her solvents that are and i’m
sure she was more divided the time and as you go to the stand on juror
light was incredibly embarrassing itself but if they want a profit

100 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Krystal Ball’s Sexy Photo Scandal

  1. No, I think a business should always be as professional as possible, so as to offend no potential customers. And I'm saying that a perfect world will never happen, no particular issue.

  2. Yeah, but the point of a business is to make as much money as possible. And if making a quick buck means making sure that your employees don't have pictures of themselves sucking off dildos out there, then they're gonna do that.

  3. Quick America, put that woman in a Ha-jib before she dishonors you.

    But seriously, these fucking idiots need to get over themselves.

  4. Where I'm from, those are pictures of a mild college party. Unless you live in Mennonitesburg which is right next to the town from Footloose, these aren't controversial.

  5. Holy shit hide the women and children she had some sexual pics this is a travesty, amid all of my high class right-wing Christians who are so proper and have the sexual patience of a Vatican priest. Because no one ever uses dildos at least not in politics right?

  6. The pussification of America is continuing. Jesus Christ half of the women on TV in Mexico showing their tits on TV. Holy shit this country is full of oversensitive fucking "scandals"

  7. Yes the woman is a skankwhore who probably like other people do certain things, stop with the high and mighty bullshit shut the fuck up please. They're fucking pictures of a person doing something in her own fucking time get over it.

  8. LOL then you have Republicans who have four mistresses, telling some of them to get abortions… He gets re elected LOL

  9. Condoms aren't for mouths! They are strictly for married vaginas, only while attempting fertilization. Disgusting miss ball, you wicked woman…

  10. I have zero investment in this topic… But my take after watching this clip:

    American politics has REALLY BECOME EQUIVALENT TO A REALITY SHOW, and the politicians equivalent to the characters on those stupid shows.

    I can't believe I have to call this my home country.

  11. Add an "s" to her last name and it would be even funnier. Krystal Balls. Imagine if she married someone whose last name was Wanger, she would then be be Krystal Balls Wanger.

  12. She's sucking a fucking dildo….. who cares. Get over yourself. This has nothing to do with whether or not she can do her job.

  13. I don't see the big deal. There have been candidates and politicians who have done far worst things. If the voters rejected her over this, then they are idiots. I love her on The Cycle.

  14. Actually what I find the funniest is that Krystal Ball is so matter of fact in stating she's an attractive female,,,while she certainly isn't ugly I wouldn't consider her overly attractive either.

  15. Well, eff me runnin………….. I have never heard of this chick, but then again, I A) do not watch MSNBC, B) Dumb liberal chicks are sheep (hair color/colour does not matter) that are useless, and finally C) is that her name real? Or were her parents high? Krystal Ball? Who is she again? Ohh, now I know! "Boy, you're a dumbass, aren't you…" on LIVE TV nonetheless. 07/17/2014. IDIOT chick, but hey, I laughed and I bet many did with me…………… 

  16. To Nate Bolton who says  " She lost because she's an idiot WHO happens to be a Democrat! "   You are so wrong my friend …  She is an idiot because  she is a Democrat !   )):

  17. Krystal Ball is much smarter than anyone on TYT and smarter than any NBC News Person or lefty. That would make her the smart kid in the dumb class.

  18. Love the way these sychophantic "journalists" cover this story. Krystal is a "young women" a "new mom"……wtf does that have to do with performing phallatio on a plastic penis attached to a dudes nose? And the two apologists agree that 90% of all FB users have pics like this…..what a joke. Do the two young turks have FB pics like this? Sychophantic hypocrites with liberal journalist malpractice. Wonder why this country is messed up. These are our watchdogs

  19. i totally think the young turks should be on MSNBC  as a show id totally watch. they have alot of awesome news stories.  great job u guys are doing love the show 

  20. I don't think these pictures are racy or anything but- damn she is hot. I mean i had always thought she was pretty but that one pic of her standing by the bed in the sexy outfit is unbelievably hot- she's got my vote. As far as the scandal being a good thing- it depends on the scandal, the candidate, and the social climate at the time it takes place. You can't just say "scandals are the best thing that could ever happen to you." I mean look at all the candidates scandals have taken down in the past- it's obviously not always a good thing.

  21. is her name really krystal ball? I really dislike this woman she is so biased that even if hillary killed someone in front of her she'd say oh hillary didn't do it! stupid much


  23. Krystal Ball is a "should have been" who suffered from stupid, college photos, a crappy TV wardrobe, and butch girl make-up. I watched her commentary on MSNBC and honestly thought she was better than Chris Matthews. Of course, I see Matthews as a drunk and a has been; while I saw Ball as a chick with a lot of potential. Given how she handled herself, she'd never have made it in the fast lane of NYC. Sadly, I think she saw herself as Tonto when, if she had star quality moxie, she should have been the Lone Ranger. Talent is a terrible thing to waste.

  24. If she hadn’t sucked on that, she would have to work for a living. She is pure capitalist, check out every move she makes.

  25. Go check her out on fox in 2019 the woman is a stunning looking beautiful milf fox if anything its hard to believe she is a liberal democrat because lets be honest it's ultra rare for a left leaning lady to be hot

  26. Been watching the amazing Krystal on The Hill lately and thought I’d look up her YT past. Pleasantly surprised and also not surprised she ran, she would absolutely kick ass if she ever got elected.

  27. Wow, I didn't know that's how Krystal got her job at MSNBC. That explains a lot!
    It also says a lot about MSNBC and how skanky they are!!! OMG! Such a cheap shitty network!!!

  28. She takes My breath away not only is she super gorgeous she has one of the biggest brains in the world and a heart to go with it

    I hope she finds a way to be president

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