Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Forgiveness is a Weapon the Enemy Can’t Withstand!

hi it’s Jennifer LeClaire with you again
talking about my new devotional mornings with the Holy Spirit I just want you to
just track with me here as I pull out one of the devotionals that I think is
really pivotal I mean I think that this is something that we all need to grab
hold of and do right now if we haven’t already and it’s the subject of
forgiveness you know the Holy Spirit had to speak to me a lot about forgiveness
because I’ve been through so many trials dealing with people and betrayals and
and just being used and abused and you know so the Holy Spirit really had to
teach me how to forgive and I’ll never forget when my great grandmother was on
her deathbed she pulled me real close and it was a whisper and she just you
know I leaned in real close and she said to me never hate anyone and I was about
20 years old at the time and I didn’t hate anybody and I didn’t understand
what she meant but years later after my husband abandoned me with a two-year-old
baby I got saved after that and the Holy Spirit brought those words to my
remembrance as I began to process through in Christ what had happened to
me pre Christ as I began to sort of walk out a deliverance process where God
began to heal me and bring me into a place of peace out of the past out of
all you know the Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 5 and 17 you know every when
we get saved that we become new creatures in Christ and that old things
have passed away and all things are new but how many of you know there’s a
process of that sometimes people are instantly delivered and healed from
things that happened in their past when they get saved and other times it’s
still there’s still a process we still have to renew our minds right and so the
Holy Spirit has has taught me great lessons about forgiveness and I and I so
value those and one of the things he said to me about forgiveness I included
in this devotional morning’s with the Holy Spirit I want to read that to you
because I think it’s gonna set somebody free today somebody who didn’t expect to
watch this video is watching right now and you’re gonna get set free by these
words if you’ll embrace them and agree with the Holy Spirit freedom is yours
let me read this for the rest of us you know what this is a reminder because I
guarantee you that you’re going to have an opportunity maybe maybe even today
but hopefully hopefully not but you’ll have opportunities throughout the course
of your life to forgive and so check this out this is from my mornings with
the Holy Spirit March 25th forgiveness is not listed in the
Ephesians 6 armor set but make no mistake you must be quick to forgive
those the enemy uses against you if you are not quick to forgive if you hold on
to offenses large or small you put yourself in danger of becoming like the
spirits you so hate learning to move in the opposite spirit is one of your
safeguards against deception of unforgiveness
if bitterness is a route that defiles forgiveness is a stance that purifies
forgiveness is a weapon in your spiritual war chest the enemy has no
answer for forgiveness why do you think Jesus taught us to forgive daily isn’t
that powerful I mean really that is that is so powerful it’s not listed you know
we talked about our sword of the Spirit and our shoes of peace and our
breastplate of righteousness and our helmet of salvation and our belt of
truth and our shield of faith but forgiveness is a weapon and the enemy
has no answer for it and so I want to encourage you today whoever you need to
forgive if there’s someone you need to forgive we’re gonna pray about that in a
minute but forgive because it is a powerful weapon it will set you free
and you will walk into new levels of free of new levels of anointing and
authority I guarantee it I know because I’ve walked this out I’m speaking to you
from experience of one who has obeyed the words of the Holy Spirit and I tell
you there’s freedom on the other side of that pain there’s freedom on the other
side of that bitterness you might not even know it’s in your heart well we’re
gonna we’re gonna get to that in a minute let me let me read you some some
scriptures and a prayer that’s from the from the devotional Matthew 18:21
through 22 talks about forgiveness Matthew 6 and 14 Jesus talking to us
about forgiveness Ephesians 4:31 and 30 to go read those
scriptures meditate on the Word of God I will always point you back to the Word
of God I have all four prophecy prophecies awesome the prophecy is not
on par with the word but what I will say is the Holy Spirit will always point you
to Jesus so if the prophecy is really from the Holy Spirit it will exalt
Christ and this book is full of prophetic words from the Holy Spirit
that exalt Christ that exalt the Word of God the Holy Spirit speaks to me from
the Word of God and often what he speaks to me has the word of God in it and if
not it is always in line with the word of God if it’s not in line with the word
of God it’s not the Holy Spirit but this is mornings with the Holy Spirit I want
to read you this prayer and I want to pray for you thank you for revealing
forgiveness as a weapon of warfare this is this is my response to Holy Spirit
thank you for revealing forgiveness as a weapon of warfare help me use this
mighty weapon to pull down the strongholds in my soul that are contrary
to your love I will not hold on against anyone I choose to forgive today and
every day I just want to pray for you because I know someone’s watching and
you’ve struggled with this you have struggled with it I know someone else is
watching you’re about to deal with it and you need to be prepared you know
it’s so much easier to forgive if we set our heart and a posture forgiveness if
we set our mind to say I’m gonna forgive I’m gonna walk in forgiveness I’m gonna
walk in love no matter what anyone does to me I’m gonna be quick to forgive like
the Bible says if you make that decision in your heart it’s so much easier to
forgive when when the occasion arises that you have to and you’re gonna have
to it’s just the reality I’m not you know prophesy negativity but come on you
know as well as I do that stuff happens in any we end up having to forgive each
other and so we need to be masters we need to be skilled we need to be experts
at forgiveness because after all Jesus forgave us for so much more than
anything we could ever have to forgive anybody else up really so let me pray
for you father I just thank you the Holy Spirit I asked you if there is anything
in our hearts that we are holding against anyone
we have art in our hearts we have unforgiveness toward anyone gotta ask
you in Jesus name to show us we don’t want unforgiveness God we choose by our
will to forgive everyone who has hurt us God and if there’s anyone that we’ve
we’ve we have ought against that we just don’t know it’s just maybe it’s as
buried in our soul so deep but if there’s unforgiveness in our hearts Kyle
we ask you to show us we ask you to show us that we can repent of that
unforgiveness that we can extend forgiveness that we can root that
unforgiveness out of our hearts in Jesus name I believe he’s going to show you if
you have anything and if not praise God you’ve already forgiven and you’re well
ahead of the game because I really believe in the body of Christ
unforgiveness isn’t is a big issue I think that’s why there’s so many sick
there’s so many hurting there’s so much strife it’s because we get offended with
each other and we don’t forgive and so choosing your heart today to forgive I
didn’t mean to go so long on that topic but the Holy Spirit is really he’s
really wanting us in this hour to just become masters of forgiveness and so I
just thank you for listening I’ll be back again tomorrow for more from Holy
Spirit for mornings with the Holy Spirit bless you bye-bye

6 thoughts on “Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Forgiveness is a Weapon the Enemy Can’t Withstand!

  1. I thank God for you, I dont recall ever watching your channel, and I did not look for you, but your message found me. I am struggling with unforgiveness, I don't want it, I hate it but I think it is a stronghold. I want to be free. Thank you for your message sister, it was for me. X

  2. This is my struggle and this is what I keep getting attacked on I have and can forgive but its a very exhausting and difficult process. I am praying that off and away from me in Jesus' name and by the power of His blood. Amen. Forgiveness is a part of Love and God is Love if we harbor unforgiveness in our hearts it hinders our walk and how we relate to the Lord. He wants us to follow His example. It's hard but we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Phil.4-13Amen

  3. MUST READ You are right but it goes much deeper than that and let me explain. We been all deceive in this world to fight fire with fire but this is a deception because we actually are all made up of energy our mind body and soul. What I mean is that you have to be in a sustain type of order in order to use spiritual weapons and protection to save your mind. we are all made up of etheric energy and etheric energy is eternal energy that comes from god. even the sword of an angel is made up of etheric energy itself as so the existence of an angel as above so below as it is in heaven so it will be on the earth. realized that the pen is mightier than the sword. why is that is because earth was created out of frequency out of words spoken by the true deity that made the universe. See words and action have a frequency wasn't this world and the universe spoken into existence when you forgive it actually an energy exchanges forgiveness is directing the order of the energy in a way you trance mute it. See look at how event happen regarding existence word and intention have frequency

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