Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Don’t Look Back, Press On!

hi it’s Jennifer LeClaire with you again
from charisma magazine you might have also read some of my books on the
prophetic ministry or faith or breakthrough listen I want to talk to
you today about something and I’m gonna read to you from my new prophetic
devotional morning’s with the Holy Spirit in just a minute but I want to
talk to you about not looking back I’ve had plenty of opportunities over the
past five years to look back to where I came from the last 10 15 years to look
back to where I came from to where the Holy Spirit has delivered me from from
from bad experiences from heartbreaking experiences from you know these we have
to stop looking back and you know the Holy Spirit has dealt with me a lot over
the years about not looking back I’ve written a number of articles about not
looking back I’ll never forget when I was just a kid my grandmother read to me
from the Bible and she read to me about Sodom and Gomorrah but it was the
passage where Abraham I’m sorry where it were a lot and his wife were leaving in
Lot’s wife looked back and when she looked back she turned into a pillar of
salt and that always just marked me I always remembered that I don’t think I
really understood it but in the early days of my life the Holy Spirit was
speaking to me through this passage of scripture about not looking back it has
been a consistent theme I have had plenty of opportunities and reasons to
look back I’ve had a lot of trials in my life and if you know anything about my
testimony you know some of those trials and tribulations and you know it’s above
and beyond I think what I thought I’d experienced in this life but you know
I’m grateful for those trials but I don’t look back and meditate on them I
look back only in the sense of sharing with others to help them go through
tough times but I don’t look back in the sense of looking at the pain or or
feeling regret or or or shame or guilt or rejection or any of those emotions
the enemy likes to plague us with as we move out of sort of a season of trial
and tribulation or sin or mistakes or whatever it is today whatever it is
today don’t look back and I want to read this to you from my
new devotional mornings with the Holy Spirit I want to read this entry to you
from June to 25 June the 14th sorry what happened in the past is past it does not
exist anymore except in your memory it pains my heart to watch you meditate on
things from the past that caused you pain I have a future filled with hope
for you but you cannot see it as long as you’re looking back you will stumble
over your past and delay the blessings father has planned for your future if
you do not let it go so forgive and look up now for father has promised to
vindicate those who trust in and wait on him he will do it and you know the Holy
Spirit shared those words with me and I have to tell you
vindication has been a running theme in my life if you just trust in him and
some people say well Jennifer you know I’ve been waiting a long time for the
vindication of God and I’ve not seen it come to pass well it’s not always
overnight my story has been one of quick vindication it’s not always that way you
know sometimes we won’t see the vindication until we get to heaven but I
guarantee you this God is the Vindicator he says it in his word and it’s real
it’s true and I just feel like there’s someone watching me right now and you’ve
just been beaten down and tried upon and lied about and persecuted and the enemy
has manifested through people that are close to you who you thought had your
back and if that’s you I just want to encourage you just move in the opposite
spirit you’ll hear me say that over and over don’t swap railing for railing in
other words just keep your mouth quiet and pray for them because when someone
hurts us whether they did it on purpose or not and most of the time it’s not
sometimes it is when someone hurts us we need to pray for them because in pray
and the Bible commands is to pray for those who persecute us but in praying
for them we keep our heart clean and I have
practiced this principle in my life I pray for those who spitefully use me I
pray for those who persecute me I pray for those who lie about me and it keeps
my heart clean it’s really hard to be an unforgiveness towards someone who you’re
praying for and so if that’s you just just let it go stop looking back stop
meditating on it if you have to defriend them from facebook because of the things
they’re saying or doing and it reminds you then defriend them and move on God
has a better plan for you and I want to I want to just before we go I want to
just pray this prayer with you from the devotional one also give you these
scriptures Jeremiah 29:11 Isaiah 43 and 18 then Romans 12 and 19 read those
scriptures those are going to bless you and here’s a prayer that I prayed when
the Holy Spirit told me this show me what I’m holding on to that I need to
let go of it I will choose this day to let it go forgive and refuse to look
back on it again with your help I will no longer recall bad memories I will
walk free into the next stage of your plan for my life and so father I just
thank you right now for all those who are listening and they may have had a
trial or an experience of betrayal I just really feel like someone watching
now you’ve been betrayed you’ve been you’ve been sorely betrayed you’ve been
used and abused and father I just ask you Lord to help them to keep their eyes
on you and not meditate on that passed on that hurtful past father help them to
see you for who you are pour out the balm of Gilead the healing balm of
Gilead over their soul heal them god I speak to that trauma and I command it to
go in Jesus name and I just thank youuh for all the rest of us who have had even
just minor squabbles or just little trials or just you know inconveniences
God that we would not meditate on those things that we would not look back on
those things but we would keep our eyes on you the author and finisher of our
faith in the name of Jesus I just thank you for listening I’m going to be back
to I want to share a couple more of these
with you and just would ask you just to prayerfully consider picking up this
book this is gonna bless you if these videos have blessed you at all there’s
365 of these in here as well as my testimony which will if you haven’t
heard it’ll bless you as well God will do exceedingly abundantly above all you
can ask or think I guarantee it just trust in him in Jesus name Amen

9 thoughts on “Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Don’t Look Back, Press On!

  1. I thank The Almighty for you Prophetess and for His Spirit and as I listen to you feel the presence of the Lord so strong.
    The Lord is giving me a present for  2015 and it is this book. I am happy. God bless you


  2. Jennifer you are one the "bulls eye. Your teachings on "don't look" back was completely from the Holy Spirit and the Lots Wife. It was JUST SO ON POINT with where I've been. It is time to be set free, released. Don't look back, because that is where I am NOT going (anymore) Actually when people get stuck, they simply cannot move and if we don't Press Onward, death sets in at different levels. In this NEW SEASON, We need to look and stay focused and not to be double-minded. I would love to meet you in person one day–  Eleanor from W.Haven, CT

  3. Glory to God dear, that really ministered to my spirit.
    I truly appreciate how the Lord utilize you. Thanks for your faithful obedience.

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