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i am back with a new series of videos .. this week.. it’s about the influence of different
planets in fourth house. today is monday.. and as i mentioned in my
schedule.. am going to talk about the influence of moon in the fourth house of a birth chart.
and you have to watch this video completely if you want to know the best of fire earth
air and water signs to have a moon in fourth house.
so lets start this with my introduction!!! i am astrology video creator ASTRO HOMINIS.
welcome to my youtube channel. soo moon in the fourth house.,.
moon in the fourth house also influence the tenth house of work and public life.
if you watched my previous videos. you all know,why???
because moon aspects the seventh house from it’s position in a birth chart.
and if you missed my previous videos.. you can find them through the icard above
or through the links in the description below.. by understanding the influence of moon in
fourth hose , you can understand it’s influence on the tenth i.e your work and public life. so how’s moon in the fourth house going to
influence a person? you can understand this only after understanding
what the fourth house signifies and the planet moon. fourth house is moksha house.
Fourth house is associated with perceptions, emotions, sensitive side, nurturing , caring,
cooking, close family, home land
a private place, comforts, luxuries. Vehicles, furniture, television, fridge, air conditioner,
computer, every item that makes our life comfortable and peaceful. And What is moon? Moon is closely related
to the fourth house, because moon rules the first ZODIAC sign cancer. Moon is also associated
with emotions, intuition, nurturing and caring nature, sentiments, sympathy, pity for others,
psychology. Moon is the karaka of mother. So when moon is in the fourth house,
This shows what’s in your heart. emotions, nurturing and caring nature, the
compassion for others. Moon takes light from the sun and reflect
it. And a moon in the fourth house shows how emotionally you perceive your surroundings
and respond to them. Moon is one of those planets which feel very
comfortable in the fourth house. Moon here, gives a strong urge to comfort or to nurture
others Moon here shows how good a person understand
others and respond to them. Moon is mother and being in the fourth house,
shows the strong influence of their mother on them.
Moon can show the emotional stability of a person, and being in the fourth house, this
can show a person’s inclination to stay around his family and home. IN the fourth house,
moon shows a person’s perceptions being very strong, as the fourth house and moon both
are associated with grasping. Moon gives a sense of intuition here, which
also helps them to grasp everything around them.
Moon in the fourth house shows the person’s contentment in dealing with others. They love
to nurture others. Say a cook, a nurse, a psychologist,a healer or a care take.
They love dealing with others. Moon from the fourth house aspects the tenth
house. This influences the work, and the public image.
Moon influencing the work place from the fourth house shows the emotional bond they make with
the work and others. This can show a person’s work can involve
dealing with other people. They may be working as a nurse, a cook, or
whatever they do, they are emotionally involved with their work.
Their public image is based on this. And before proceeding to moon in different
ZODIAC signs, let me remind you all that we have to consider the position and dignity
of the dispositor to analyse the end result. Moon in Aries in fourth house, is the lord
of seventh house, this can show a person’s spouse can be vry aggressive and impulsive
in nature. Moon in Taurus is sixth house lord, this can
show a person’s emotions being highly stable and the person can be a good cook.
Moon in Gemini is fifth house lord, and this can show a friendly mother., who can be very
creative. Moon in cancer is fourth house lord and this
can show a very caring and nurturing mother and the person himself can be a very emotional
person and loves to look after everyone equally. Moon in Leo is third house lord and this can
show a person who has good communication skills and the person’s mother bring a primary reason
behind this. Moon in Virgo is second house lord, this can
show a mother who is very hardworking and very critical in the person, which helped
him in earning money. Moon in Libra is first house lord, showing
a person strongly attached to his mother and the person’s mother can be very creative.
Moon in Scorpio is twelfth house lord, and this may disturb the relation with mother
and peace of mind. the person can be highly vulnerable to emotional upheavals.
Moon in Sagittarius is eleventh house lord, this can show a person’s friends can be full
of principles and help the person in his emotional stability.
Moon in Capricorn is tenth house lord, this can show a person’s work connected with his
emotional stability at home. Moon in Aquarius is ninth house lord, this
can show a person’s long distance journeys or beliefs influenced by his peace at home.
Moon in pisces is eighth house lord, this can show a person can be very imaginative
and intuitive. And here comes the best of moon in
Fire earth air and water signs. I would say…
Aries in fire signs.. Taurus in earth signs..
Aquarius in air signs.. And cancer in water signs with this.. i end my video on moon in fifth
house of a birth chart. and i believe you all liked this video. so
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