Leo’s Fortune – 30 Second Launch Trailer (Android)

I used to be Leopold the Golden But when my fortune was stolen from me I was only Leopold the fool. Around me, the world was crumbling. The lands decayed, order was lost… I am on a journey, for one purpose only: To find my fortune, and get it back.

38 thoughts on “Leo’s Fortune – 30 Second Launch Trailer (Android)

  1. If you use ART not paid for it game.
    Не покупайте это приложение если используете ART.

  2. There is no update to the game from 2014??? 😀
    Radwan Passed from here
    لايوجد تحديث للعبة من 2014
    رضوان حسان مر من هنا
    Sunday:8/10/2017 In 11:45Am :v

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