Leo, sinubukan itumba si JC sa harap ni Eugene | Sandugo (With Eng Subs)

Code one, code one!
I need backup! Code one! Co– Long time no see, Sergeant. Missed me? Two against one?
That’s not fair. – Dad!
– [GUNSHOT] Dad! JC thinks he outsmarted us. What do we do now? Everything will go as planned. – [SIRENS WAILING]
– [GUNSHOTS] You know what to do. You’re not backing out, are you? [SIRENS WAILING] [POLICE CAR SCREECHES] – Are you alright, Dad?
– I’m fine. Somebody opened fire
in my direction. Dad! What the hell, Leo?! Can you really kill
your own father?! I won’t. But he can watch you die
by my hands. Aris! Is this what you really want?! To stain your hands with
your brother’s blood?! You really don’t know me! Dad! Go on, Leo. Show your father
just how evil you are. Because nothing will hurt
the honest, principled, and respectable Eugene more… …than seeing his sons killing each other
right in front of him. Leo! Stop this! Adolfo! Get back here. Leo needs back up. Stop! Don’t! He’s your brother! [EUGENE GRUNTS] [JC GRUNTS] Here, Dad. Go on, Dad. Get out of here. Go check on Mom! What about Aris?! Don’t worry about us, Dad!
I’ll take care of him! Now, go! Check on Mom! Go on, Dad! Aah! JC?! – JC!
– Dad! Don’t worry about me!
Just go! They’re coming! They can’t catch you here!
So go! Go check on Mom!

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  1. Diba may bumaril sa gulong nung sasakyan ng tatay nya pero napa andar nya parin hahahahahahah ang galing galing netong abs cbn

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