Leo Roi – Fais fumer le Policier

[Music] ah boo Barlow if you miss me lambu or ponies here the owner Lisa grateful Santa for this year there’s your mousse you say mmmm party on the faucet Monsieur the bullshit me blah blah or polish it today for sale abolish you lose you see my father on my daughter Michelle polisher Boise City by the family my father Daniel seemed a new bleep artifact here that I use for this here but up in the my bed gobbles cheated on their goo Gaga shit [Music] hey guys [Music] or polish it ticket for sale abolish you lose you say man Polly said Polly shit-faced Nabu Oh Polly shit the holy city for sale abolish you let yours he’s a man from Polly on the day for sir Monsieur de bourree share ponies ponies were 40 policeman in accordance on sandy land for future Makka pakka rumors you’re a policeman who got to this [Music] [Music]

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