hey Leo what’s up this is your reading
for the full moon in Virgo so this will be for Leo Sun moon and rising signs
you can also check Venus Jupiter whatever other planets call as always
this is a general reading sO take what resonates and leave the rest so full moon
in Virgo is all about taking care of self refining all the aspects different
aspects in your life utilizing the Virgo full moon energies as always thank you
so much to my subscribers thank you to the new subscribers and welcome
any new subscribers so let’s jump in let’s see what’s happening for Leo ok so Leo bottom of the deck for you is Death some changes some new life some new
energy is looking to flow in be careful that you don’t miss a good thing because
you’ve painted it in a negative way you right now Leo the Sun reversed that’s
being influenced by Ace of Pentacles reversed so right now Leo I don’t feel
that you guys are having a particularly good time I found based on the other
readings I’ve done I feel as if this earthy energy is kind of doing a
number on certain signs like Air signs and fire signs and this might be the case
with you Leo Two of Cups reversed for energies past and The Hangedman reversed for
energies coming in so whatever this significant relationship is that’s not
working it’s putting a real damper on you but the thing is Death is at the
bottom of the deck underneath Death is The Tower underneath that Five of Wands reversed
so you gotta accept that there is a change things have changed change is not a
bad thing you need to learn to flow with life stop trying to control it
there’s also a possibility that you are trying to act as if you’re a martyr or a
victim in this situation with your Hangedman reversed watch out
for that Leo but there’s no energy here there’s no fire there’s no vitality
you’re missing out on potential opportunities because you could be quite
easily there sulking because something has ended your conscious mind The High
Priestess reversed reverse cards everywhere The High Priestess reversed
so you’re missing something you’re missing a message you’re missing a gift
within all of this because possibly you are functioning from ego and ego space and you’re seeing things with these two
eyes and not you know you need to let go loosen the grip a bit conscious thoughts
Strength which is the card associated with Leo this is your subconscious are your
subconscious thoughts so you are actually banking and relying on your
inner strength you know your compassion there’s that level of surrender
here in your subconscious but in your conscious mind you’re not seeing the
situation for what it is you’re not trusting your intuition you are
disconnected from or feel as if you’re disconnected from the energies that
surround you The High Priestess is very connected to the moon so I don’t know if it is
this full moon your energies are really amped so you can’t really make
sense of everything because you’re very emotional right now so there’s that possibility
Word of Advice Leo is Temperance bringing some balance into
this you need to accept what’s happened you need to flow with life stop
fighting it this has ended or changed how it was
working wasn’t happening so there’s no reciprocal energies
there’s no flowing energies and you’re missing quite possibly missing the point
you’re missing the moral of this whole story External Influences Page of
Wands so I don’t know who’s offering you some fire here let’s see
The Magician reversed watch out for manipulative energies here this Page of
Wands whoever this is could be another fire sign somebody coming to you
saying look here The Hermit reversed okay let’s see Princess of Pentacles reversed like the
Leo I feel like this Virgo energy doing a number on you so again Pentacles
reversed missed opportunities not connecting to your divine wisdom manipulative energies this Page of
Wands so I feel like this Page of Wands is possibly the other person in this
Two of Cups so watch out for that watch out for falling backwards for going
backwards you gotta trust your intuition and trust that gut feeling because
whatever wherever you are there’s no Sun there’s no Sun there’s no opportunity
there’s a no you’re quite pessimistic about it as well pessimistic about this
situation and this External Influence this Page of Wands there’s The
Magician reversed which tells me it’s controlling energies possibly
narcissistic manipulative banking on you not trusting your intuition there’s no giving energy here I feel
like it’s more like taking taking taking your Hopes up Fears Six of Cups so this
possibly reminds you of an old situation Ace of Swords reversed there’s no clear
communication Four of Pentacles so you might be relying on this Two of Cups
because it’s familiar you know it’s a familiar relationship I’ve put a
lot of work into it a lot of dedication but is it taking you
further is it moving you along are you building
are you growing is it expansive is it uplifting ’cause right now I’m seeing
there’s no communication and you might you know you hope that’ll give you
that feeling of power that feeling of stability protection but you know really
and truly this energy remember what I said The Empress remember what I said your External
Influence is Page of Wands The magician reversed manipulation power tripping The
Hermit reversed not trusting your divine guidance your knowledge they’re hoping
that you don’t Princess of Pentacles I feel like it’s about taking taking
taking or kind of spoiled energy maybe even like there’s codependency type of
energies as well you know Final Outcome Leo is Queen of Cups so like I said you
need to trust your intuition she’s the ultimate she’s intuitive she’s open and
vulnerable she flows with the energies you know she flows with life she’s The
High Priestess up right so you’re Final Outcome you need where you’re being
led let this new life come into play it’s taking you to a place where you can
feel emotionally in control you see things for what they are not what
you want to see Ten of Pentacles this came up in the exact same position for
Cancer I think the Final Outcome why can’t you have what you need to feel
emotionally fulfilled why don’t you think that that’s possible
that’s possible so stay true to what you need to feel that balance that
stability you know allow your inner rudder to take you to new life and
to this this remember your Two of Cups is reversed in that situation but you
new life could lead you to this Ten of Pentacles if you want it
why can’t you we often think that what we’ve lost is there’s nothing that could
ever come bigger and better than but hello hello Death
again Death at the bottom of the deck and here it is again for your Final Outcome
so let the dead leaves fall away let the change of life flow in The Universe
reversed at the bottom so let this situation complete its course run its
course so you can move on to something better so you can feel that emotional
fulfillment so you can feel happy with being vulnerable and open with
somebody who is also vulnerable and open with you you know somebody who inspires
you and you inspire them a balanced relationship okay let’s see
spirit guides what other messages do you have for Leo for this full moon Leo sun
moon and rising signs Be Bold and Make the First
Move so that’s Cardinal moon Be Bold and Make the First Move at the bottom It’s Time
to Release Negativity yes Leo so those are your
messages let life happen you don’t want to be walking around like this with the
Sun upside down sulking missing out on goodness missing out on new life new
opportunities because you so caught up in something that’s that no longer exists
that has passed let it go take care of you love on you that’s
Virgo full moon energy so Leo that’s your message for this full moon drop a
comment below if the messages resonate like the video share it subscribe if you
haven’t and until next video Leo take care peace laters


  1. I am a Leo female. I literally cried through out this whole video. EVERYTHING you have just read is spot on. I'm crying typing this. Everything you said I knew already but just needed some more insight I guess. I truly appreciate this and you for this reading. I think it will help me to be able to finally move forward now that I know for sure this is what it's telling me to do. Thank you thank you thank you🙏🏾

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