Learn Vera Sibilla: Hope (8 of Hearts)

Hello! Georgina here. And welcome to
Sibilla Saturday where we are learning how to read the 19th century Italian
playing card oracle the Vera Sibilla. This video continues our progress
through the suit of Hearts. But if this is your first time here, you may wish to
start the series at the very beginning through the playlist link located in the
video description. Today we’re looking at Hope, which is the Eight of Hearts. The
scene on the card is that of a woman sitting by the ocean, holding an anchor.
To the right, painted on stone, is a winged lion holding a book. The anchor is
a common symbol of hope and stability. And the winged lion with an open book
traditionally represents the Christian apostle St. Mark. So the core meaning of
Hope is good news and a positive attitude. If you are coming to Vera
Sibilla from the world of Tarot you may find that Hope is very similar in
meaning to the Major Arcana card the Star. And if you are familiar with
Lenormand cards, you can apply many of the same meanings of Card 35, the Anchor
to this card as well. And because of the inclusion of St. Mark’s winged lion in
the image, there is a spiritual component to this card. A “letting go and letting
God,” as the saying goes. This card has a transformative power over negative cards
in a spread. It signifies that peace, balance, and stability will return to the
life of the querent. Hope offers comfort to those facing challenging
circumstances in the present if they are willing to open themselves up to the
possibility of better times in the future. On a more mundane level, Hope
indicates that the querent’s efforts towards achieving long-term goals are
likely to be successful. A secondary meaning of Hope is travel. It may mean
that the querent is traveling, or that a loved one of the querent will soon
return home from their travels. This card continues the story
begun in Belvedere which is the Three of Hearts. In this card the woman looks
out in Anticipation of her lover’s return. And here in Hope, the loved one’s
arrival is imminent! For those not currently in a
relationship, Hope can signify a new romance, or that a young person with a
sweet (but shy) temperament will enter the querent’s life. As always, your
interpretation will depend on the querent’s question and whatever cards surround
Hope. As one might expect, when this card is reversed (which is what cartomancers call cards that are upside down) then the meaning of the Hope card
changes drastically. Then it signifies uncertainty, delusion, and depression. It’s a
particularly bad omen if it appears in a reading regarding a relationship, as it
is a harbinger of deception and quarrels. If your querent is looking for a sign
that their stormy relationship will magically improve…well, reversed Hope is
a sign that their unrealistic romantic expectations will certainly lead to a
deep deep disappointment! If you are using a deck of playing cards as your
Vera Sibilla, here is a card mnemonic to help you recognize the Hope card. This
one is a little bit tricky, but see if you can trace the shape of an anchor in
the pip arrangement in the Eight of Hearts. Does that make sense?
Hope is the heart’s anchor in troubled times. Now let’s examine Hope in
combination with other cards. We’re gonna go with Hope (the Eight of Hearts) and the
Conversation (which is the Ace of Hearts). Here you have optimistic Hope combined
with a serious heart-to-heart conversation. This could represent a
chance meeting while on a seaside (or poolside) vacation that leads to a strong
friendship. Or develops into a happy romance. Let’s look at Hope (the Eight of
Hearts) with the Letter (Two of Diamonds). We have not yet covered the Letter, but
you can probably guess that it signifies news. It is a neutral card, though, so the
quality of the news depends upon whatever cards accompany it. With Hope it
means the imminent arrival of good news. It should also be noted that this
pairing suggests the good news of the Christian gospel, since it has the
presence of St. Mark’s Lion with the book in the illustration. So if a
spiritual interpretation is applicable to the reading, then this card duo
indicates that the querent may find hope and solace in whatever spiritual
tradition they follow. Let’s look at some pairings with Hope as the *second* card. Let’s look at Happiness of the Heart (aka
“The Dancing Queen”) which is the Five of Hearts with Hope (Eight of Hearts). Here,
the flirty, Dancing Queen has an admirer! The Hope card provides additional
details about the person represented by the Dancing Queen: that they are likely
to be young, have blonde hair, and possess an optimistic worldview. The querent may
have a crush on this person. But if Hope is reversed, oh, if Hope is reversed, then the querent’s desires for this person are unlikely to
be reciprocated. And in the off chance that they are, then the resulting romance
is very short-lived. As in “summer fling, don’t mean a thing”! Let’s look at
another. Let’s go with the Scholar (which is Seven of Hearts) followed by Hope (the
Eight of Hearts). Here is another example of the Hope card acting as a descriptor
or adding clarification to a card representing a person. In this example, on
top of all the other characteristics we associate with the Scholar, the Hope card
adds that they are kind and generous, they have a kind and generous disposition. And
given the charming and magnetic personality of the Scholar, the querent
is likely to be drawn to this person. Now we have not yet studied the card in this
last example, but I’m including it because it showcases both the
transformative effect that Hope has when paired with a negative card, plus it
demonstrates how the similar secondary meanings of two cards can join to become
a primary one. This would be Hope (the Eight of Hearts)
followed by Sighs (which is the Six of Spades).
Now Sighs usually means anxiety and tears, but it also has a secondary neutral
meaning of travel. Specifically long-distance travel, as suggested by the
ship in the background. And since we know that a secondary meaning of Hope is also
travel, then this pair signifies travel. The visual elements of these two cards
join to form one large scene. Figures seated by the water looking at each
other. One could intuit that the querent will find solace by taking a nice walk
by the ocean, lake, or river. See? Notice how Hope looks at Sighs? And Sighs looks at
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