Killer Left Hand Abanico Techniques: Fun Friday #16

Fun Friday! So we’re going to do left hand abanico corto into the snake position. From there, I’m going to show you two techniques. So let’s get going. So, I’m going to poke a #7…..#6 with my left hand. Here. Abanico corto. Into the snake position. I’m going to disarm here. Now when he takes this… When he tries to block my hand, I have another abanico here. Wham! Right here! Wham! Okay? Let’s do that again. Okay, so #6. To abanico corto. Into the snake. Disarm here. Hit him right here. So let’s do the other technique, okay? All right. Let’s move over, Alex. We’re here. We have this here. Abanico corto into the snake disarm again. Now we have the lock here, like this here. Let’s do that again. Okay, so we have this here. Here. Boom! Into the snake disarm to here. We have this. I’m going to get my forearm out this way while my hip turns this way. And you get this, okay? So let’s review those two techniques again. You have this here. To here. To here. Disarm. Abanico hit. Here. Into the lock! To here. You have this here. This has got to be tight right here. I’m going to turn my hips this way and there he goes! So try those techniques. Hope that you like them! So for those of you who live in the Durham Region, and you’re interested in my classes, Email me at: Or text me at: And we’ll see you next week!

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