Jyotishi Motu – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Boss, why are you hiding a micro phone in this book? This is a book that tells you the future. When Motu reads it you will be able to hear him on this head phone and you will fulfill whatever he says aloud. He will feel that he has become a saint or some sort of an all seeing fortune teller. Then I will keep sending him all over the world to do good and will get rid of him. Hey son, stop! I see the radiant light of a great sage on your face. You have been born to do good for society my son. What? Truly, great sage? Son, this true sage never lies. No, great sage, forgive me. Take this, it is the masters magical book. Go and do good for people. Tell them their future. Whoever’s future you want to predict, open the book in front of them. And whichever page opens before you, read it out to him; that is his future. If you don’t believe it then try it out. Wait son, this is Sage Motu the great; he will tell you your future. Sage Motu, tell him his future. Today and right now, a coconut will fall on this mans’ head. Oh! True sage, you were right! This is really a magical book! Go now Sage Motu; First serve the people of Furfuri town and then society as a whole. Go son, my blessings are with you, go. Brothers, from today I am Motu the great fortuneteller; I will tell people their future and serve them. Motu, my friend, I have not given you any medicines to turn you into a fortuneteller. Oh my lord! I have 20years of experience in predicting peoples future. Motu, how are you going to do it? Motu, tell me my future. Son, you will get some money today. Really? Sage Motu! A wonderfully unbelievable thing happened, your prediction came true!! Look. Praise Sage Motu he is great!!! You said I would get money and I got it, see this!! May you live long son. How can this be possible? Motu, come, tell me my future. Today you will be saved from an accident. All right then, I’ll go home now and be right back. Sorry brother, sorry you would have had an accident just now; you got saved. What Motu said came true! I was saved from an accident, the kind man saved me. No!! This is not possible, something is wrong. How are you sage Motu, my son? You are doing good. Praise be to you my mentor, this is all because of your blessings. You have truly served Fufuri town son; you are here to improve society. Now, go all over the world and do good, go son, my blessings are with you. As you say great sage, I will leave at first light to go and help humanity all over the world. So this is his mentor, looks like he is the one who has done all this. I’ll follow this sage, come on Patlu, lets see what game this sage is playing? So this was sage Johns play, now the fun begins. I always had my doubts. Patlu, take this, I’ve made an exact replica of the book that Motu has. Now the fun begins! Save yourself John.The time has come to teach you a lesson. Sage Motu, Furfuri town has not been fully blessed yet. Today please predict the remaining of your followers futures, you can leave at night. I have organized everything for you; I’ve even given the tea vendor an order for samosas. What? Samosa!! Ok Patlu, my friend then I will leave at night. Sage Motu, I have heard a lot about your predictions. Predict mine too, tell me who I’m going to beat up next? Boxer, my son, if you beat up a man of small stature and a huge moustache, a dwarf maybe. Then no one can stop you from winning the world championship. But who is a short man here? Sage Motu, there is only one man here fitting your description, John. He is also short, will he do? Yes, someone short, John is short. What is happening? Looks like the microphone is spoiled. Brother boxer, look there’s John behind that tree. Brother, at least tell me why you are beating me? Son, if you beat up a thief then you will get a lot of money. Sage Motu, someone like John? Yes, beat up any thief. Help!! Someone call the police. Boss, run!!! Someone please tell me why you’ll are beating me up!!! Why are you’ll are beating me up? Sage Motu has predicted, our future will be full of money if we beat you up. Someone with the name “John”, who is short, beat him up and you will find a treasure. Stop Motu, stop!! This is not my book, this is not mine. Yes John, my mentor has given this to me and you are not my mentor. I am Motu, I am your mentor!! Look at this!! Look at this, I am your Mentor!! Where is that book? This one got me beaten up. John, here is your book, with the problem. This is the book, right? Your fortune telling magical book? Chingam sir, help! Put me behind bars but save me from them Chingam sir!!!! Patlu, I’m very sorry my friend. I got fooled into John’s trap. If it was not for you I would have been done for! That’s what friends are for!!

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