Journey To The Center Of The Milky Way – Planetarium Show

a red and rocky landscape similar to the surface of math this is the Chilean Atacama Desert dry lifeless empty but not everywhere on a mountain 2,600 meters high far away from city life Ethan’s Very Large Telescope has the best view of the night sky anywhere on earth the telescope’s encased in these gigantic domes are the most powerful and advanced ever built they can see objects four billion times fainter than we can with the naked eye and with them we can delve further into the depths of our universe than ever before the glowing band of the Milky Way home to our son to our solar system and to billions of other stars and solar systems these are the constellations Scorpius and Sagittarius the Scorpion and the archer just two of the 88 that creep across the night sky modern visible-light and infrared telescopes can peer deep into the veil of gas and dust that close our view letting us travel to the center of our galaxy v in the center of the Milky Way pregnant with gas and dust the stars are on the move over more than 20 years a hundred stars have been followed by The Very Large Telescope and the keck telescopes these staff have revealed the hiding place of a powerful monster at our galaxy’s heart a black hole 4 million times more massive than our Sun the exact nature of black holes is a mystery they have baffled history’s greatest scientists and become the stuff of science fiction black holes will consume anything that strays into their part and some of the most interesting stars in our galaxy are caught in our black hole’s gravitational grip but this black hole will not be satisfied by the swelling of stars a giant gas cloud several times the mass of the Earth is accelerating towards this invisible beast and at more than 8 million kilometers an hour it is dude by studying the Stars center of the milky way we have discovered a mysterious for that his heart but the journey does not end here retreating from the center the latest infrared observations let us unveil huge portions of the Milky Way the very large telescopes neighbor vista is the world’s most powerful Infrared Survey telescope it has the power to transform our view pierced by the infrared version of vista the veil of dust all the way now the dark dust clouds that once engulfed whole region’s of the sky have all but disappeared this infrared image is one of the biggest astronomical images ever produced showing 84 million stars 84 million stars with 84 million mysteries waiting to be solved are there planets we have delved deeper into the Milky Way than ever before and found many answers and millions of questions left to ask those telescopes will continue their mission to dig into the skies solving and discovering the mysteries of the Milky Way I had throughout the only burden it doesn’t have TV coverage of the baby and it man you got the black up now and you’re gonna start getting a TV picture never fail us we are getting a now one all right what happened

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