JC keeps a close watch on Leo’s suspicious business activities | Sandugo Recap (With Eng Subs)

Dad. Good evening. Hey, JC. What are you
doing here? I just wanted to visit Dad. You should become
a police officer instead of slaving away at the gym. At least we’d have use
for your muscles. I’m pretty content with
my job, sir. Dad. Can I talk to you? I need your help, Dad. Can I have all the files on your
missing persons case? – Why?
– I’ll compare them with… some human trafficking files,
that could be linked to a syndicate
I’m investigating. But I thought you were
on vacation? Dad. You know I still work even
during my vacation. Tell me the truth, JC. Why were you sent home? I got suspended. I got suspended. Why? I was charged with misconduct
for the interrogation. What did you do to
the suspect? I punched him. I pointed a gun– – I told you–
– Dad, I did that so he’d talk. If he hadn’t tipped us off, they would’ve carted
off the victims. – I had to–
– But it was wrong. What you did was wrong. You not only got
yourself suspende but you also jeopardized the
case against him! His lawyer could use that
interrogation in his favor! It would be
inadmissible in court, and he could be set free. Then he’ll go free. I’ll just find another way
to arrest him. All I know is that I saved
innocent people from those bastards. That’s what matters to me. Careful. Take care of yourselves there. I’m sure you’ll get
good jobs in Taiwan. Thank you, Sir!
I don’t know how to repay you! – Don’t mention it. Go on.
– It’s so nice here! Take care of them.
Make sure they eat. Thank you, Sir! Thanks again. It’s so nice here! – Rico.
– Yes, boss? What’s different with
this batch of girls? There are no cops
around them now? No. The girls saw my face. They shouldn’t have
seen me, remember? Are you going to
keep messing up? No, Boss! Because you screwed up, I had to personally supervise
this shipment. Do you understand? Ouch! That hurts, boss! It should. Because next time, I won’t just do this. I’ll use all the bullets
of one gun on you. Okay, boss! I’m sorry! Do you understand? Yes, boss! Ouch! Go fix yourself. Do it. Now. Ouch! Girls! Bye! – Take care!
– Thank you! Need something, dude? Um… Just a glass of water. – Bernardo.
– What? Do you know any place
for rent that’s cheap? No. What about in your
neighborhood? There’s no vacant space there. Sir. Refill this. Scotch. I’ll call a waiter to
attend to you, sir. You work here, right? Refill this with Scotch, neat. You heard him. Scotch. Right away, sir. Everything okay, sir? Yeah. Thank you. Thanks. Here’s your Scotch, sir. You must know me by now. Mr. Leo Balthazar. I know you very well. Did you find anything inside? No, I didn’t. Come on.
I need your help. Stop acting innocent. What did you find out? That it’s full of arrogant and
power-tripping rich people. That’s not what
I wanted to know. You went inside to
spy on Bernardo, a person of interest
in the case. Come on.
Tell me what you know. What for? So you can use it against me when you tell everyone that
I’m insubordinate? No. I’ll even help you get
your suspension lifted. Oh right! I got suspended so I need
to find a job and earn money. That’s the reason I’m here. – Mom… Dad.
– Yes? Why are you still up? Why are you late? I just got home.
Where have you been? I just got off from work.
I’m on night shift. Your father said the chief
had you take a vacation. Why are you working then? Are you on an
undercover mission? I didn’t hear a thing.
Forget I was here. Sit down. Dad. I’m looking into a suspected
member of the syndicate. Oh my. If that’s the case, what should I tell the others? That I’m a casino dealer. You’re doing undercover work
without the agency’s sanction? That’s dangerous, JC. Don’t worry about me.
I know what I’m doing. Really? If you do know what
you’re doing, why is your arm bandaged?
Let me see that. It’s nothing. I beat up some guys who
tried to harass Grace. I saw Silver earlier,
and he told me what happened. The guys were in bad shape. One had a busted lip. Dad. I was just protecting Grace. Don’t get mad.
We were just asking. I did the right thing, right? To protect the defenseless
and the oppressed. You should have
handled it better. We have our own ways, Dad. Bottom line is I did
what’s right. Boss, I thought we’ll recruit
women working in Ilocos? Why don’t we do that? It’d be such a hassle
to do that. It’s easier to kidnap
women this way. Can we abduct that woman? Is she good enough? Yes. She just needs to
shower and get dressed. Let’s go! – Come with us!
– Help! Let’s go! Let’s go! Are you okay, miss? Let’s report this
to the police. Thank you for
the information, miss. I’ll endorse your case
to Velardo for now, okay? It happened so fast, she can’t
remember their faces. These abductions are
becoming more rampant. She could have been
the tenth victim. Luckily, you were there
to stop the kidnappers. What happened? – Why were you there?
– Dad… I was tailing someone
who I suspect to be a member of the syndicate. I was right. It’s related to our case. Mom? Mom? – Surprise!
– Surprise! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you! – Dessert, sir?
– You want dessert, Ella? Sure, I’ll have some. Sure, I’ll have some. Okay. Thank you. What would you like? Anything you want.
It’s your call. Okay then. Happy birthday, son. Thank you, Dad. What took you so long, love? I had to wait for him
to leave the office or he would have known
we’re up to something. I already told you
I don’t need a big party. Come on. Just let it go. Birthdays only happen
once a year. She’s right, JC. I think you just don’t want
to treat us to food. You got that right. How’s your
job hunting, anyway? I’m already up for an interview
in that hotel I like. I’m sure you’ll get hired,
my dear. Here it is! Here it is! – What’s that?
– It’s your favorite. – Surprise!
– Wow! – It’s my favorite!
– Wow, tibok-tibok ! Can I have a taste? – After the birthday boy!
– Fine! What’s tibok-tibok ? This is your hometown’s
specialty, right? Why don’t we try it? We can share. No, it’s fine. I don’t like it. It’s all yours. – I can pick something–
– It’s fine! I’m sorry. Tibok-tibok it is. You heard him. Thank you. Happy birthday to you! Who told you? Who told me what? Leo, are you okay? what was JC wearing
around his neck? It belonged to Aris. It’s a pity… He was gone too soon. You know what? If Aris was still alive… …he would probably be just as
handsome and as strong as JC. And he would’ve been
a pro basketball player. Either that, or a boxer. Were he and JC close? Yes. They were very close! In fact, JC looked up to Aris. Have I told you that he’s the one
who saved JC’s life? I don’t think so.
What happened? Remember when
Mt. Pinatubo erupted? It was a difficult
time for us. Yeah. The sky went dark. It felt like the end
of the world was coming! It’s all still
clear in my head. Everything happened so fast. It was a perfectly fine day. But everything changed
in a moment. Even though I was pregnant then,
we had to flee right away. All that walking and
moving around… …caused me to
deliver prematurely. It was Aris who
came out first. He was crying so loud. Not long after that,
I gave birth to JC. But he was stillborn. The midwife… …did everything she could, but she couldn’t get
JC to breathe. However, when the
two touched hands… JC came to life. All because Aris touched him? He could perform miracles? No. A few days after that, we had them examined
by a doctor. According to the doctor, there had been many cases
like that involving twins. For some reason,
the healthier one could heal the other through physical contact. I guess they have that special
connection between them. Whatever strength Aris had, he could give it to JC. That’s why he lived And… Eventually… Aris gave up his life for JC. There you go again, feeling guilty over
your son’s death. Lulu, I hurt my loved ones. Eugene… JC… It’s my fault my son died. I’ll forever feel
guilty for that. Boss, can I get some water? Ofie! – Yes, ma’am?
– What happened to you? Miss, you left your phone. Thank you Dad, our website
is up and running. We can get clients online. We don’t need a website. Operations are running smoothly. People these days
rely on technology. Why don’t you look it up? People book flights
and hotels online. They also shop online. Even food delivery
is done online. So, Dad, it just makes sense. Our clients can buy women
on our website. Besides, we’re expanding. We would be having
clients abroad. Just make sure
that won’t fail. Dad, I’ll show it to you
tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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