Jason Ragosta & The Devil’s Hand

deviled eggs deviled ham
double food cake the devil is in the
detail give the devil his due devil in
the deep blue sea devil’s advocate I
think you see where I’m going with this
straight to Hades I imagine splendid
observation old chap
welcome to Creature Features the elegant
optimist to your left would be my
majestically trite Butler Mr.
Livingston the adorable enfant
terrible on your right is my impish
charge Tangella and I dearests viewers am
your devilish and somewhat diabolical
host Vincent’s having once been the
frontman for a musical troupe entitled
Prince of Darkness I can say with some
degree of certainty that I know a good
deal about this bloke that goes by the
name Beelzebub and after having
destroyed more than a few unsuspecting
eardrums under the banner of the
aforementioned moniker I would not be at
all surprised should I ultimately find
myself in a position where I shall
endure the prospect of eternity at that
place that is somewhere somewhat south of heaven oh that is indeed true I had all but forgotten about that
Tangella has brought to my mind that my
altruistic and rather substantial
donation to the Brentwood orphan puppy
dog shelter has more than likely
disqualified me from being damned to
heck but enough about me back to the
devil and tonight’s film namely The
Devil’s Hand this is an absolutely
terrifying film actually it is not but if
you were an impressionable youth during the
year of our Lord 1961 this film could
have very well brought you to a
disagreeable state of mind and a cold
shudder so I’m told
I haven’t yet seen it myself so I shall
not imply that I have any words of
wisdom to enlighten you about this film
though the few moments of it I did
happen to see appeared somewhat rather
meh that would be an understatement but
forget about the film because our guest
tonight is our old friend filmmaker
Jason Ragosta he’ll join us to chat about
his new film ZTV Sympathy for the
Devil and it’s prequel comic Undead
Empire he’ll tell us all about the
making of that film why he’s so
fascinated with devil’s and zombies anh he
might even treat us to a preview clip or
two so don’t go away
shall be another night of satanic movie
fright right here on Creature Features
stay tuned
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it’s that time again you know what it is
it’s Creature Feature time and we are so
happy that you are here with us but we
are almost as happy that we have Jason
Rogusta again with us you know you’ve
been on what two three times twelve this is my
third time third time you know I can’t
imagine another movie star we’ve had on
three times so you’re like special we
should have like a a trophy or something
for people who have been on three times
or more maybe a shrunken head a shrunken
head or like a special candle gift all
right well in case you did not see those
previous two episodes Jason is a
filmmaker and you do other stuff as well
right yeah you like do a bit of drawing
drawing comic books oh comic books so this
comic book we’re going to talk about you
actually drew I did I wrote and
illustrated and colored and did the
whole deal he’s here to tell us about a
movie and a comic book and this is called
so my short film is called ZTV Sympathy
for the Devil Sympathy for the Devil please allow me to
introduce myself but no I’m introducing
Jason Ragosta all right so we’re gonna
watch The Devil’s Hand tonight yes and you’ve
seen this film I have I have not I
watched like 17 seconds of it well you
know I typically don’t like
black-and-white films no no it’s true
I’ve got all the cones in my eyes to see
color okay and black and white films
make me feel like I’m like wearing
glasses or something so I only wear them
to read alright so we’re gonna watch
Devil’s Hand we’re gonna talk to Jason
and we’re gonna come back and entertain
you some more so you guys stay with us
we’ll be right back after the next break
who are your friends my date for the
afternoon you’re 20 minutes late
sorry you hear that he says he’s sorry you think I should marry a man who’s late for his
appointment she’s proposing again only
for the 17th time you waited all your
life for the perfect mate what’s 20
minutes more you should get over that
inferiority complex what’s wrong nothing
I didn’t get much sleep last night or
the night before the night before that
why don’t you see your doctor I’ll get
some sleeping pills that may have
wouldn’t do any good huh let’s get some
lunch you haven’t got much time left on
your lunch hour there’s no rush why they
make you the boss or something I quit
the other day you didn’t tell me that you
said that this job was your big chance
in electronics of it you could develop
some of your own ideas you said it was
the kind of security you wanted for us
to get married I know what I said be a
little patient with me honey
how could I explain when I myself
couldn’t understand it to dream about a
woman night after night a woman I’ve
never met never seen before and with
each dream she became more real more
alive until it seemed that if my hand
reached out I could have touched her
some wills stronger than my own brought
me here
nothing was familiar to me I’d never
been here before and yet I wasn’t lost
an unknown force was guiding my steps
leading me to this courtyard there was
something here that was drawing me close
like a magnet
I could feel it pulling me close closer
and then I saw it
that’s it that face it’s the same face
of the woman who comes to me in my
dreams it’s fantastic darling it’s
probably just a coincidence that she
alright well then let’s go inside and
see what pose for it
more than likely someone you know and
that would explain everything
mr Turner I have the doll ready for you
you you know my name well I pride myself
on my memory
you left your name when you in this
picture for the portrait doll remarkable
resemblance don’t you think yes yes but
there must be some mistake mistake oh I don’t think so let me
check your order excuse me
Donna I didn’t bring that photo in he
just mistook you for someone else I
don’t understand this first I dream of a
face then I see that face on a doll
now I’m told I brought that photo in
you’re making too much out of it Rick
there’s just been a misunderstanding
somewhere but he knew my name do you
walk in your sleep no and I’m not
leading a double life are we trying to
convince me or yourself
what I’ve brought you here if I were
only kidding Rick don’t be so touchy
you’ll see there’s a perfectly logical
explanation for all this some of your
friends have weird ideas of humor maybe
one of them is playing it Rick that’s
sure looks like you it is me where do
you get these ideas what are you talking
about the doll of course
honestly Rick it was sweet of you to
have it made for me but why all the
mystery we went through so much trouble
just to make it a surprise Donna I
didn’t order this doll
darling you must have and I’m telling
you I didn’t the instructions all
checked mr. Turner everything is exactly
as you wanted it should I wrap it or
send it to miss Bianca Milan the lady in
the photograph take a good look at this
picture and miss Trent here oh yes I see
what you mean there was a slight
resemblance slight that’s me nearly a
coincidence I know the lady who brought
this photo in look mr. Lamont Francis
LeMont mr. Lamont there must be some
mistake I didn’t bring in any photo I
didn’t order any doll in fact I’ve
never even been in here before
if you say so sir perhaps I was mistaken
it’s paid for so I’ll send it to miss
Milan Rick if you’re playing some sort
of a game I don’t find it very amusing
so let’s take my doll and leave Donna I’d
look just wrap this one up I’ll take
this doll and this one I’m afraid is not
for sale if you care to leave a photo
I’d be happy to make one up for this
young lady but she is the lady
no sir she is not
come on Rick let’s go
Did you know dragging chains can
spark a wildfire?
Only you can prevent wildfires.
welcome back to Creature Features we are
watching The Devil’s Hand with filmmaker
Jason Ragosta you know this man is gonna
be like Spielberg one day for Maki I’m
hoping no no I think I think one day
you’re gonna send me an invitation to
like the Academy Awards I’ve never been
me me neither
yeah I’m hoping no I think you will go
before I go and you’re gonna have to
invite me cause I can’t invite you maybe we can get go
together that would be fun
I could like I could get a limo that’s
all right so this film lady in white
dancing in the clouds
that’s not very devilish not yet but the
whole doll connection is this like a
voodoo film I don’t want to spoil yes spoil it but
there are some very long pins in it I’ll
just say that very long pins and some
rubber knives pins and needles all right
we’re gonna find out some more when we
get back to the film but first we’re
gonna talk about your film tell us this
whole thing how did it all come to be so
what is ZTV so it’s like zombie
television so it’s like a new station
you’re planning it’s a it’s a fictional
broadcast station within the world of the TV
alright and basically this whole thing
takes place after a zombie apocalypse
kind of ravages America and it’s
America’s chopped up into all these
quarantine zones that kind of separate
people and then people have to fight to
retake the country and this is entirely
your concept it is yeah yeah you’re the
brain of this
you know zombies are quite popular they
are I think I think you’re gonna make
like several hundred if not several
hundred thousand dollars that would be
we would like that very much so all
right so this is a chapter of that story
it’s a short yes it’s basically a proof of
concept short so we can pitch the
feature yeah so you want to make a big
long movie we do yeah yeah and then
hopefully more movies after that because
I’ve already got kind of a prequel
worked out of where the zombies came
from and a bunch of stuff that
happens after that and that’s part of
what we’re exploring in the prequel
comic as well as ZTV Undead Empire yeah
that’s great because you could like
actually storyboard
within a comic yes which is what it should be
right yeah and then just hand that to my
DP and be like go for it that’s wonderful he’s
gonna be the next George Romero that
would be amazing
no I think George I like George Romero
but you know he’s he’s got a vision
that last film the the The Boy in the
Dark yeah amazing absolutely incredible
thank you go back to our episode I don’t
know which episode just look for Jason
again and you could see The Boy in the
Dark a wonderful film thank you all right
so when we come back we’re gonna show a
clip from this new film and you’re gonna
get a sneak peek preview right
absolutely right all right off we go
back to The Devil’s Hand and you guys
stay with us
That man he’s fighting he just stood there looking at me I don’t understand this
Rick what is it? oh help me take it easy
Dr. Wright report to clinic at once please Dr. Wight report to clinic
how is she Doc I just had dr. Moore
corroborate my diagnosis
it’s a coronary condition a muscle spasm
of the heart how bad is it it’s hard to
say at this stage thankfully her
symptoms are a bit puzzling it all
happened so so fast
it usually does mr. turner
try not to worry we’re doing everything
possible for her right now she’s resting
quietly under sedation you better try to
get some sleep yourself you’ll be able
to see her tomorrow
Thanks. Doc
Rick Rick Im here
what’s the matter
can’t sleep
relax Rick
Lets enjoy each other
what should I do to entertain
Shall I sing til your head throbs with the sound of my voice
Shall I dance Rick until the bloods races through your veins
Do you find me desirable?
Would you kiss me if you could would you hold me close
dreaming I must be what do you want
who are you the man in the doll shop
told you Bianca Milan
the address is on the back of the
photograph get it Rick and bring the doll
So simple why torture yourself any longer
I’ll be waiting for you
now you’re not to get excited but I
always get excited when I see Rick
well I don’t blame you he’s quite a man
you have three minutes mr Turner
how’d you feel like a steamroller hit me
well that makes two of us didn’t tell me
before you had trouble with your heart
at me I didn’t until I fell in love with
you that will teach me never to be
jealous again well that’ll be a help
what are you planning
I’m not supposed to get you excited tell
me Rick yesterday I told you I didn’t know
any more about those dolls and you do
that was a truth Donna last night I had
another dream vision whatever the devil
you want to call it the same girl only
this time she spoke to me she said if I
wanted to find the answer to all this
all I had to do is bring the doll to her
why isn’t she helpful well I’ve got to
see her don’t you see I got to find out
whether she’s really or not once and for all I
got to get this thing off my back I know
you have to see her darling I guess I can’t
help acting like a woman you’ve been
honest with me and I do believe you but
but what please be careful
of what I mean it Rick there’s more to it than
just well call it premonition or woman’s
intuition if you like but I’m afraid of
what afraid I’m going to lose you to a
dream to a dream that might be real
you’re the only real thing in my life
who prescribed that best medicine in the
world good for whatever ails you well I think at
the time I’ve wasted on vitamin pills
take care of yourself darling I see you
Rick be careful of the doll
ah mr. Turner I do hope I wasn’t
indiscreet yesterday no no miss Trent
the young lady who was with me was just
a little upset at seeing her photograph
in a doll of course may I see the
name on the back of that photograph the
one you think is miss Trent yes I’m
sorry but the darlin picture were picked
up by the owner this morning well and
I’ll take another doll one of Miss PN
I anticipated your coming back I will
show you you paid me when you place the
order did I in full good day mr. Turner
miss Bianca Milan mr. Turner I’ve been
expecting you do come in l
you know I was coming of course you were expecting
me to deliver this thank you
the resemblance is amazing don’t you
think shall we have a drink I prefer a
little conversation like my questions
and your answers there’s time lots of it
help me
this is our first drink together we
should mark the occasion with a toast
the first of many things together
such as dreams and portrait dolls
and the sweet mystery of life
I hope you’re hungry I thought you might
like to dine here just the two of us my
server Eman that’s very well with
Occidental dishes you may serve us now
Emmett and I cannot speak I’m a little
speechless myself I found him in Tibet
he belonged to an ancient cult of
worshipers who believed sacrifice brings
immortality his town was his sacrifice
the world has many strange religions
forgive me for being so persistent but
what made you so sure I was coming here
tonight I invited you and you accepted
let’s be more specific I’m here for just
one reason I know why you’re here Rick
then you know about the dreams naturally
the simple process of thought projection
or thought transfer thought projection you’re
telling me that you danced and talked to
me from from this apartment and I
received your image and voice in my room
your doubt to me of course not
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so I don’t quite understand this Tangella
you’ve got a friendly one and a mean one
with the I imagine they do not get along
they do
how can a lamb be mean look at the face
he’s got like fangs I’ve never seen a
lamb with fangs indeed
you should call him fam fanged
lamb I don’t know how you doing Livingston you all right
I’m quite well thank you it’s important
to me all right welcome back to the show
we are doing letters because a Jason
stepped away to take an important call
perhaps how he was scoring
I hope it’s Hollywood you know he
deserves to have like a place down there
a nice place not like my old place we
shan’t talk about that I think too much
traffic anyways it’s time for us to do
that thing called letters because you
send them to us and we have to read them
it’s the law what do you got for me
a letter an email this is an email and this
is from Gary Jordan in Dayton Ohio we
haven’t heard from Dayton Ohio in quite
some time ever you know I’ve never been
to Dayton I want to visit this place one
day all right he goes hello I stumbled
across your broadcasts on YouTube
awesome program I’m a baby boomer in
Ohio and we had several horror host
programs all were great fun you know I I
hear this off in Ohio I think was like
the center of all horror hosts that’s
where the most of them came from I think
astronauts as well I could be wrong just
want to say I enjoyed the program keep
up the great work folks
Gary Jordan Dana Ohio well Thanks for
writing Gary and I will hope everything
is well on Dayton next up is an actual letter this one
came in the post this one is from
Rochelle Cristolois in Oakley
California and oh she wrote this on
little notes look at this look it’s got
photos of dogs and cats it’s cute all
right she goes to Creature Features
Vincent we are addicted to your show
there is nothing else on TV like it you
know we’ve heard that before but always
in the negative
this is I think meant to be positive
there right you know right keep up the
good spooky work sincerely Rochelle and
John Oakley California Bob Wilkins rules
well thank you so much for the kind note
Rochelle and I love your stationery it’s
very nice to get like paper as opposed
to bits in the email but it’s all the
same to us all right one more last one
speaking of email no there’s one more
after this oh we’ve got two more it’s
it’s a 4-letter night tonight you like
those right four-letter nights no she
likes four-letter words all right this
is from Randy Cubits in Coeur d’Alene
Idaho that’s a that’s quite a ways up
north right quiet it’s close to Canada I
mean I bet Randy can like go up to to
the store and be in Canada Randy his
name’s Randy huh he’s he’s getting
British on you Randy don’t listen to him
all right
hey Creature Features I just ran across
your show on Bitchute you know we
just started doing this so there’s
another thing like YouTube called Bitchute
and it’s like a backup to YouTube
and you could see us on there as well I
love it and it reminds me of watching
bad movies when I was a kid in Wisconsin
I was 10 years old when TJ and the Ant
all-night theater oh I see had bad movies
after midnight in the late 70s and then
it became the Ned the Dead show I have
missed shares like this and we’ll watch
you on YouTube every Saturday night love
you all and mostly tangella she reminds
me of my daughter
you should he’s got a daughter
that looks like you I hope your daughter
does not cause the havoc that this one
does it’s quite possible all right
thanks for writing Randy and next up
second last right another letter
oh another postal one we love getting
these all right this one is this an
actual name an actual name William
Direwolf in Mill Valley California we
know where Mill Valley is William
Direwolf what a fantastic name he should
be like like a publisher no a writer of
stories or films oh he’s an illustrator
look at this it’s it’s us the vision of
us we’re gonna do a close-up of this one
but that’s what we’re looking at
all right let’s read this dear LVT I
think that’s Livingston Vincent Tangella
we get poor TV reception so you are the
only show that comes in on our TV you
know that’s an honor for us so I know
you don’t like it but we do nonetheless
I watch your show often I enjoy the good
cast and Vincent too I like that you see
what he did there I see what he did
you’re the best horror show host that
all TV gets so we love you and I’m the
only horror show host right all right
and so in this he goes where’s my pet
bat I really couldn’t tell you and
Tangella says nothing I love this we
should put this up on the website if
it’s all right with you sir all right
well thanks for writing thank you for
the wonderful illustration one letter
left right thats it that’s the last one it was four
last one all right if you’d like to send
us mail you can use the email address
you see appearing down here or if you’d
like to send a actual stamped envelope
with writing as Mr. Wolf did you just
send it to the address you see appearing
here either one will get to us Livingston
will look through it he will laugh at all
the insults to me and then he will
present them to me and I will present
them to you we’ll be right back with Mr.
Ragosta but first we’re gonna get back to
our film The Devil’s Hand so you guys
stay with us
maybe I’m a little dense but I I don’t
understand all of this what puzzles you
what’s the one thing why me you appear
to me why does a woman with your
attributes have to go to these extremes
to have a man visitor her why didn’t you
just whistle or something would you have
answered perhaps not but then I’m going
to be married there’s your answer then I
had to condition you wear down your
resistance make you want me so I visited
you through a mental projection you may
not admit it but I’m firmly planted in your
subconscious could be but what’s so
special about me to put you through so
much trouble I saw you I wanted you that
made you special you can’t always have
everything we want I can this this thought
projection is it a special power you
have or can anyone play
will you prepare a drink for mr. Turner
myself Emmett relax Rick make yourself
recognize him me it helps in
concentrating to have the image of the
person to whom one thought are directed
we gave you the recipe dr. Jekyll mr.
Hyde you’re amused I’m sorry I’ll take
you seriously I promise
tastes like Devil’s brew
I can bridge any distance between us no
matter how great or how small
concentration is essential
I can tell when I’ve made contact with
you what my thoughts and my image have
reached you just relax and close your eyes
while i concentrate oh great
open your eyes Rick
you can see me quite clearly now tell me
what you see I see
I see through you your transparent
guess no shadow no reflection there are
disturbances around you
wind thunder lightning
you’re not real
your turn around Rick I’m here behind
what are you don’t you know your Ishita
a witch
your evil but beautiful fascinating
listen Rick as I once was you would not
have looked at me I was unhappy and lost
until I discovered Gumba the devil God of
evil I belong to a cult that worships
gamba you met the high executioner at
the doll shop Frances Lamont he gave
you this power of thought projection
it’s more than that I’ve been given the
power to control my destiny
I’ve had everything I could offer until I saw you
I wanted you just as much as you want me
now you’ve already begun to forget Donna
you really are a witch
She-devil whatever you are I want you you must
become one of us first anything we must take the
oath to gamba tomorrow
now there’s a meeting in progress the
high executioner will perform the rites
at midnight we must hurry
come on Rick
welcome the ceremony is underway good
evening Francis Mr. Turner wishes to
join us I should perform the rites after
the sacrifice shall we go in
our goddess of love Bianca was our
living image
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welcome back to Creature Features we are
still watching The Devil’s Hand with Mr.
Jason Ragosta filmmaker
extraordinaire he’s a wonderful man
alright so this film this this doll
thing it is voodoo very very much so
with with needles big needles living
dolls you know it makes me think that
you know somewhat like predictive of the
future with these new like robotic dolls
they’re developing for unruly purposes
anyways enough about that I want to talk
about your film because he’s working on
this thing called ZTV Sympathy for the
Devil that’s correct
and you brought a clip for us I did set
it up tell us what we’re gonna see so in
this scene Doug who’s kind of like this
kingpin in this kind of prison within a
quarantine zone it’s like an open-air
prison he’s trading with this guy named
Paul who was there with his daughter and
things go awry during the trade and and
Paul pulls a gun on him and then Doug
kind of tells him how things really are
and hilarity ensues naturally alright
let’s take a look
stay with us
my goodness that was both intense and
humorous thank you I think that’s the
best way to deliver humor with some
intensity in front of it or should it be
the other way around maybe like humor
first and then intent no I like the way you
do it better thank you
this is wonderful so we need to find out
more about this film in the next segment
because this is not completed yet right
this is in the works we’re currently in
post-production on it we’re editing it
and fishing it up and then we will be
bringing it to festivals and we
currently have an IndieGoGo campaign
going on where we’re raising funds to
pay for all the post-production and
that’s important so we’re gonna give
details on that in the next one and that
I imagine has like prizes and credits oh
we have some awesome awesome
prizes your going to want to hear about this
but first let’s get back to the Devil’s
Hand right yes here we go Devil’s Hands
stay with us
tonight is the first night of the full moon
we must offer up sacrificed to gamba God’s
degree we offer a human for appeasement a human I
mean the guy to kill somebody not
necessary but a human is going to be
offered on the altar of sacrifice I mean
it’s up to Gumbel to decide how does he
make his decision it’s like Russian
Roulette except the odds are greater look up there in
our ceremony we use a sword
concealed in one of the covers hanging
from the wheel the wheel is spun and gamma
makes a decision the cover is lowered upon the
heart of the subject if the sword is in
the cover it pierces the heart
if gamba decides to spare his
subject the cover bends harmlessly it sounds like a
million laughs everybody get to play no
subject is selected when in doubt of his
loyalty during his test period have you
ever been in my loyalty has been proven
Oh worshipers of gamba the great devil God
hear me well tonight is the first night
of the full moon the tides rise to their
highest level and vibrations fill the
air it is a time for restlessness and
madness it is a time for death or gamba
decreasing gamba the great devil God
commands that one of you be tested a
human sacrifice must be offered the only
gamba can determine whether a life will
be taken the judgment is his bring in the
Oh gamba great devil God ruler of men’s
destiny we offer this lovely girl of a
sacrificial altar you alone in your
wisdom will judge her if she is unworthy
of her loyalty is in doubt then she must
be punished but should she prove
deserving and fit to serve you your
power alone will spare her
go great gemba highest executioner
supreme devil god of evil make your
decision shall the matin live or die
Gamba Gamba Gamba
gemba protects his own the girl lives oh
thank you great gamba you have proven
yourself well
it’s our turn now
he has been informed of our code and
beliefs yes hi executioner kneel
oh great Gambhir we offer a new subject
who has come to join us during his trial
period watch him study him and then test
him oh great devil God will you swear
absolute allegiance to the great devil
guard gamba I will will you follow his
commands without question though it
means someone’s destruction even your
own you will above all else seal your
lips and swear yourself to secrecy
I will you his sponsor will be held
accountable you accept this
responsibility I do it is done from this
moment on there is no turning back you
are one of us now a member of the cult of
the great devil guard gamble Guard this
privilege well
and is that all for now
a new life is going to begin for
you Rick take me home
You still don’t quite believe do you darling
you have renounce goodness
for sake and virtu
you’ll never escaped me darling I know it
god help me I want it this way
That makes eight straight it’s incredible right
Hoss party happens all the time I just
can’t get over it
yesterday you called me and said by
every available share today it started
to skyrocket last week you said sell
amalgamated industries and the bottom
dropped out just lucky I guess something
more than that someone is giving you
some very valuable tips well let’s just
say I have a good advisor goodbye mr. Bennett goodbye
This is your Mac. It’s a good
Mac. It does those things you
like, the music that you
love and most importantly, the
work that you do. Sadly though,
sometimes it does this.
Or this. Or this. But before you do this, try Techtool Pro your one-stop
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remains your things
that you love, music that youenjoy and important work that
you do machine.
Every single one of his medical
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taken care of.
We have phenomenal research,
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the generosity of
public which allow us to treatpatients regardless of what it
At St. Jude, families never receive a bill for treatment,
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Because of you. Because of you.Because of you, there is St.
Donate now at StJude.org
Jason Ragosta yes sir
famous filmmaker I’m confused with this
whole chandelier knife tossing thing
what’s going on yeah it’s a little
little silly is not a very well-built
prop it doesn’t look very dangerous they
spin the wheel it falls I guess it’s
supposed to choose whether it’s rubber
or of actual penetrative knife based on
the will of the god or their evil demon
lord so it’s like Russian roulette
chandelier knives yeah oh that’s that’s
common in some countries I mean you know
I think it is 1961 was a strange here
imagine to come up with things like this
who knows you know if it was in color
it’d be better we’d see blood or lack of
blood yeah lack of blood in this film I
don’t I don’t know if there’s any blood
in it strangely not much of a horror film giveing out
spoilers your like me no it’s good you
know some people need to be warned
before things happen it’s like a trigger
all right enough trigger warnings let’s
talk about you your film and how you
financing this part now you shot it yeah
and this is we’re talking about Sympathy
for the Devil ZTV yes this is a series
he’s gonna it’s gonna be like it’s gonna
be like a whole series like Star Trek
movies right hopefully yeah right except
zombie movies zombie even better yeah so
to do this you filmed it and you you you
put together lots of money to film that
part but now you’ve got to do the big
part which is edit right yeah so we
spent all our money which is not
advisable but the quality of it is so
high that I think it was well worth it
originally I wrote it as a found footage
film and now we’ve shot on the Alexa
Mini in like anamorphic you know my DP
Pasquale Combs Konoch did an amazing job
we used to heiser this is the lens that squishes
and then you have to stretch it out and
it looks good I’ve seen ya ya it’s beautiful behind the
camera way behind the camera not
actually behind the camera yes so the
film has exceeded every expectation I
had and and now we’re doing the editing
we need to do the editing the post color
special effects yes special effects as well
and then the score which we actually
have some really beautiful music getting
made for it’s gonna be with live
recorded musician which style classical like classic
film score you know it never goes bad it
doesn’t yeah you know if you use like
synthesizes or something like that you
know it’s like out that’s like in
nineteen eighty DS seven and people
like it dates yeah it’s like same thing
with mobile phones if you see a mobile
phone in in a film you could date the film by the mobile phone yeah or the flip phone all right so
to do this you’re using IndieGoGo we are
yeah we’re crowd funding through
IndieGoGo and we’re trying to raise
money so we can pay for the rest of the
film and get it completed so how and
when you do these things there’s like
different levels yeah and people get
different prizes they get credits they
get all kinds of things yeah yeah and
we’ve got a lot of great stuff program
t-shirts posters alright let’s give out the address for that so what’s the how do we find it so there area few ways
to find it to go to IndieGoGo and search for ZTV
Sympathy for the Devil and then the
other one is to follow me on instagram
or twitter which is just my name Jason
Ragosta Jason Ragosta yeah
or follow us on Instagram on Instagram or
Twitter either go there check it out and there and there will be links yep and
then on Facebook there is ZTV The
Prezerve with a Z instead of an S
you can follow us on Facebook oh you’re
gonna make me do it again ZTV
prezerve prezerve yes with a S instead of a
Z with a Z instead of an S instead Z
of an S in prezerve you get that I hope
you did off it goes alright so let’s get
back to the film we’re gonna talk some
more about that process when we come
back but first we’re gonna get back to
The Devil’s Hands stay with us
there we are their you should feel very
proud of your protege
he’s passed every test so far not once
is he weakened and attempted to contact
this miss Trent I never thought he would
your confidence in him is quite
admirable my dear I am a little
surprised at what mr. romance of yours
has lasted longer than the others I’ve
always come back to you Francis of
course that’s why I can afford to be so
tolerant of your brief affairs you will
keep this one brief won’t you my dear
your Rick will receive the morality test
I hope he merits your belief in him
well if it isn’t Rich Turner Bianca
private property
what are you doing here Im lost where’s the nearest bar looks like you’ve had enough
Rick I’m in trouble isn’t there someplace
we can go and talk
come on all right coffee still had would
you like some this is what I need
you better drink this cheers
what’s your problem
how do you get out right how you get
your soul back devil God gummies got
your soul too
don’t you want it back you don’t know
what you’re saying you’re drunk you’ve
been sworn to secrecy
we are your own sect don’t say anymore
why did you tell on me
what makes you think I want I could type
you don’t belong in this any more than I
do you should have thought of that
before you joined you don’t know they
play with evil like were some kind of a
new toy cut all the goodness out of you
and you forget what it’s like to be kind
you become a robot without any will of
your own things they make you do but
suddenly they don’t have to make you do
those things anymore you’re doing
because you want to and then it’s too
late cuz you’re past all decency
shut up you’re afraid not for me but for
yourself oh I know the pattern well
Bianca has used two words for you hasn’t
she she’s giving you a taste of easy
money and showing you what you’ll be
able to do when you receive these powers
stop it
it’s not worth it Rick believe me I
know I’d give anything to go back to
live again without fear you’d better
out of here I should never have listened
to you go on get out I don’t want to
hear any more
tell miss Milan I’m here
whatever you’re drinking I’ll have one
my darling you’re trembling am i
Bianca what would you do if I told you
what nothing jesting what’s troubling
maybe I can help
well I’ve learned it I mean I’ve heard
there’s a disloyal member in the cult
why should this trouble you just kind of
confused she’s a woman there’s no
problem here
your duty is clear you must report her
what will they do to her it’s not your
she’ll be tested
that’s it isn’t it she’ll be placed
under the wheel Biance I can’t you must have you forgot your own loyalty will be tested
if you
love me you won’t hesitate not for a
darling I took a oath with you remember if
you don’t report this girl you place me
in equal jeopardy Rick darling
I couldn’t bear it not to see you again
you’ll be here in a minute darling just
relax all these dolls just staring at
Frank is quite phonetic about them
especially his own in his eyes his
doll is his soul gamba is pleased you’ve
done well Rick hey what is this I give
my report mr. Milan he’s very satisfied
you mean this whole thing was a setup
precisely their play some nice games you
may wait for me in the other room that’s
correct lets go Rick
Oh Bianca I don’t wish to detain you but
if you give me just a moment more
excuse me darling
that’ll be fine thank you Francis well you ready night Rick night
You sure you don’t want some?It’s chamomile. Listen, you are
extremely terrifying.
Just the scariest, undead,
subhuman thing on TV and I
really mean that.
But, I am worried that you couldgive my kids nightmares if they
see you so I’m
gonna have to block you. So
that’s it. Oh, and tell the
zombies they’re
blocked too
I thought it was the nurse how’d you feel
fine nothing ever changes with me how bout
you okay
where’s miss Frank the nurse oh she’s
off my case I have a new one Oh Rick
I understand do you
it’s not a very romantic prospect being
tied down a bed darling no you
don’t understand please it’s enough that
you came listen to me Donna you may not
believe what I’m going to tell you but
midnight tonight you’re going to be
any discomfort you feel will disappear a
strength will return your health will be
restored at midnight
what makes you so sure just trust me
I know it’s a hard thing to ask after
what’s happened but
trust me I’ll call you tomorrow
thank you for dropping by Francis my
dear you’re an extraordinary woman but a
woman nevertheless it took a lot of
arranging that Marion’s a nurse twice
for a purpose wasn’t it it was my dear
however don’t you think this
relationship has reached its end no cuz
visited this girl today you think you’re
losing your hold on him if I lose my
hold on him how can you hope to keep
yours if he should leave the cult II
could be a threat to us what is it you
feel should be done get rid of the girl
let’s not be hasty we wait a few days as
you say are you going home not directly
no I have to go back to the shop for a
few minutes
good night my dear good night
what only be a few minutes
it’s remarkable the pains gone and
outside of being a little weak from too
much bed rest I feel fine
how on earth did you alright I won’t ask
any more questions
Rick will I see you again
Alright I understand
Goodbye Rick
Now how do you feel today fine that’s good I brought
you some coffee
if you need anything else just ring the
hello yes Mary
thank you
I meant prepare some drinks for us I’m
expecting mr. Turner
shopping at disguise the limit is a party
and we’re inviting you to join the fun
heading to a festival or planning an event
we are here to help
you can even rent out the shop for parties
or a private photoshoot with our fashion experts
and here’s something to celebrate
disguise the limit is now offering a membership package
with special perks like access to private events and great deals on rentals
call us for more information
disguise the limit it’s more than a store it’s an experience
welcome back Creature Features we are
watching The Devil’s Hand with filmmaker
Jason Ragosta you know being of you’re a
filmmaker I should be asking you like
technical background filmmaking
questions tell me something interesting
about this film so I heard that they
shot part of it in MacArthur Park in LA
well that’s not very interesting
there’s uh witches there I used to go to
MacArthur Park in Los Angeles you know
they don’t have like a dog law there no
leash law you there’s nobody with plastic
bags I’ll simply say all right well you
know I so what kind of camera do you
think they shot this on well it’s most
likely 35 millimeter film camera maybe
an Arri I mean most of them were on Arri
and the one you shot your film on
Oh is an Arri Alexa Mini so there’s like
a connection here there’s like a
technical connection could be except you
did not use film we did not because film
is very expensive no film is a it of a nuisance I imagine I mean it’s beautiful I’d love to shoot on large
format film like IMAX film cameras would be amazing like The Dark Knight that would cost millions of dollars
your going to need two IndieGoGo’s many yeah alright so comic book yes yes in Illustrator
I am yeah you know I’m I’m baffled
because you are like you do multimedia I
I do anything I can so the comic book
what’s the purpose why yeah so ZTV
The Undead Empire is basically a prequel
comic that expands the universe of ZTV
because I don’t have the money to
shoot all that so I can do it in the
comic and then hopefully do more films
later so it’s almost like a proof of
concept so a film company could look at
your work and say oh this has got legs
so if there’s any film companies out
there that are interested in such a
thing you know call me well you know
what’s nice about our show is that our
largest base is in Silicon Valley oh wow
and all the Netflix people are there a
lot of money there and I think like
maybe two watch our show so I think
Netflix should call you yeah hey so if
you’re one of those two people
please call me ring you up and get on board with
Jason or get Jason on board right
yes this would make a great Netflix movie right
could be amazing could be a series Netflix call
we got the website all right so what do
you say shall we end this film we’ll put
it out yeah merci let’s watch the end Oh
tell me what’s gonna happen all right
off we go back to The Devil’s Hand you
guys stay with us
Hello darling I got your message it sounded
Frank is calling a meeting at 10:30
tonight well what’s up you don’t
question Frank we just obey
aren’t you going to kiss me you witch
you beautiful evil witch
I’m never gonna let you go remember that I’ll never
want to go you remember that
what’s going on
you love me you know I do it’s hard
isn’t it how sometimes the things we do
so innocently it can be misinterpreted
like what for instance might completely
misunderstand your close contact with my
Trent lately
So that’s it it’s true isn’t it you’ve
been to see her you’ve spoken without her
phone listen to me maybe once I thought
I was in love with Donna but that’s over
with is it
what are you
I think I’d like to be sure how much
proof do you need
Every waking minute your on my mind even when I sleep I can’t shake your all around me here in the
rain and in the sunlight there as much
me as I tell me tell me tell me
I know what you are I know what you made
me but it doesn’t matter
nothing does
I can’t kiss you without wanting more I’ll
never have enough of you
if I thought id loss you id you’d what id kill you
we shall begin the great
Gamba has been offended he demands
retribution there is a traitor among us
someone in this room does not belong the
devil God has been betrayed
traitor hear me will you have been
discovered gamba knows which one you are
at midnight tonight you shall die Kambo
will be a bed we shall meet again here
at 12:30 one of you will not be among us
can’t you have emend shut that music off darling its so good
oh great gamba justice has been done
Joran worthy servant has been eliminated
let Gambas betrayer serve as an example
for the rest of you the traitor Lindle
did not believe he was here to expose us
he was going to publicize us and
maliciously attack the great devil
guards the danger is past the intruder
has been removed from our midst
one moment please you will stay
come here the light is better and
there’s something I want you to see
believe me Frank Francis I had know how
long have you been with us no over a year
over a year
when you can still be so foolish so
dangerously careless he lied to me to
our I didn’t know he was a newspaperman
here are some of the notes he was making
not very flattering are they if I would
have known I wouldn’t have sponsored him
I swear it would you be good enough to
get your doll from the shelf
No you can’t
hello doll shop yes she is
oh just a moment Bianca its Mary calling
from the hospital thank you hello Mary
thank you for calling I don’t think
you’ll be needing you any longer at the
how did you hear about it she was only
discharged here minutes ago discharged
that’s impossible
I see just a minute good run marry goodbye miss Rick
how nice of you to come for me don’t be
nice to me down here just making things
more difficult she just left mr. Turner
picked her up thank you Mary
it seems your first suspicions were
correct there’s no doubt now but it was
Rick who was in here the other evening I shall have
to use greater discretion and passing
out keys what do you intend doing with
that you don’t mind I have my own plans
for it as you wish
then this this gestures just for old
times sake
something like that
pretty fancy car belongs to a friend of
I know I owe you some sort of
explanation but there’s very little I
can say Donna I want you to leave leave
this town
move away far away from me but why I
can’t give you an explanation so it
would make any sense just believe me
for your own sake and for mine Donna I’m
asking you to leave
all right
can you hear me Donna yes
who are you it’s not easy to reach you but I’m beginning to
where have you been I’ve been calling you all
evening I’m sorry some things to attend
you might have at least let me know
don’t be angry darling I said I’m sorry
all worshippers of the great devil God
gamba another full moon is above us that
is a time to pass judgment the time to
offer sacrifice the time to test the
unworthy one among you must be called
upon to prove his loyalty to erase all
doubt bring in the subject
this young girl is to be the sacrifice
you stare at her without recognition but
there is one here who knows her she was
a part of his past a past he should
have deserted when he declared himself
to gamba I did I swear it why then did
you enter these premises one night under
the veil of darkness why then did you
remove the pin for the doll thereby
administering the pure I have not been
Bianca tell him you’ve got to believe me
oh great gamba he asks for your trust
this unworthy servant begs to be
believed it is for you to say
step forward
prove yourself it shall be your hand
that turns the wheel my hand
then I am to blame if the sword blame
this is not a question of blame this is
a question of loyalty spin the wheel
but why her test me if you must
that is precisely what we are doing have
you forgotten your oath of allegiance
you swore to follow the commands without
question so it meant someone’s
destruction perhaps even your own spin
the wheel
she knows look at her eyes it’s all her
I warned you of the danger but you
wouldn’t listen you speak of a choice
there’s no choice here that knife is set
to kill murderers all of you
Gamba Gamba Gamba
look out Frank
are you alright
what was I doing in there never mind the important thing is that you’re safe and free of it
are you free of it too
yes darling we both are
that’s what he thinks
and so ends The Devil’s Hand you know
Jason I I’m not too sure about the
ending of this film I mean it seemed
somewhat humorous but what do you think
Tangella yeah she likes any film with
dolls because she likes dolls and you
know especially creepy dolls these
qualifiers creepy dolls right oh yeah
you should see her doll collection it’s
hideous you ever need one for a film you
might want to okay keep that in mind well some of them are hideous right no she thinks there
normal alright so not a bad film maybe
we’ll show again sometime next year or
next five years who knows but I’m
interested more in your film so you’ve
got a lot of work to do still on this
whole thing we do but we’re getting
closer every day and once we finish the
film we will be going on to festivals
and then we will be shopping around the
film as a proof of concept to package
and raise funds for a feature smart move so these
these film festivals I understand
they’re a tough thing to get into well
there’s so many film festivals around
that it’s not hard to get into a film
festival it’s hard to get into the right
film festivals or a really good or you
know so what would be a good one for you
well I mean Sundance is always up there
TIFF is amazing South by Southwest TIFF
is a Toronto International Film Festival
Fantasia Fest would be amazing that is there a film festival that
specializes in zombie devil film yeah
there’s there’s so many festivals now
there are zombie themed festivals there
are plenty of awesome horror festivals
that we’ll be applying to and hopefully
they like all the all the gore and
horrible horrible things that we do we
have the drama we have the acting but
then we we this one bleeds cuz Boy in
the Dark sadly even though we had great
monsters and it didn’t get into one
horror festival and that made me very
sad one yeah that was so wonderfully
done I think if I had had the shadow
creature like stab him and we had blood
go everywhere it might have gotten in
and then you could wake up you know he
still wakes up from the nightmare
hindsight being 20/20 I probably would
have put some blood in there no no that
was a well-made film thanks I don’t think
they look at these films when you submit
them that just like a thank you for your
application ta ta somebody watches them
I believe don’t call us we’ll call you I don’t trust them
they’re very nice the people that run
the film festivals work really hard and
they don’t really make a lot of money
doing it and they they watch the films
they definitely do yeah if you say so I
believe I’m not entirely convinced I am
alright good things happening though
more films to come absolutely yeah have
you back maybe you can tell us how the
film thing went the film festival I’ll keep you
guys posted for sure I’m sure you’re
gonna have something new and yeah that’s
it thank you so much for coming thank
you next time you bring us up all right
for you our wonderful audience thank you
so much for staying up late and watching
the show with us we always love it when
you stay up late because if you didn’t
stay up late it would just be me
Tangella and poor Jason to contend with
this movie and it’s nice to have friends
watch it with us we’ll see you next week
another guest another movie see you then
so uh Jason you know this IndieGoGo
thing that you’re doing has me most
intrigued so if I were to make like a
large contribution to this this this
cause do you think you might like make
me the star of the film
um we already shot the film so um no

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