Intuitive Energy Reading with Gregory Scott, UK based Divination Expert

Aloha & welcome to Conversations to Enlighten
and Heal. I’m your host KG Stiles. Conversations is sponsored by PurePlant organic
aromatherapy. Please subscribe, so you never miss a show. I’m excited to be speaking with well known
UK based divination expert Gregory Scott. On this webinar show Gregory will talk about
how he uses intuitive energy reading with tarot, astrology and numerology to guide his
clients to discover their spiritual soul purpose and make clear, informed decisions for the
future. After the show we were scheduled to have a
live Q & A chat. However, the Q & A chat was not active for us to use. If you’d like
to ask Gregory questions about energy reading with tarot, astrology and numerology please
leave your questions below this YouTube video of the show for Gregory. He’ll be happy
to answer your questions. Please join me in welcoming divination expert
Gregory Scott to the show. Welcome to the show, Gregory! Thank you so much for joining us. I’m delighted
to have you with us to talk about how you use your intuition to read the symbols of
tarot, astrology and numerology for your clients. 1) I thought it might be interesting and relevant
for everyone if you would give us a general forecast for the astrology and numerology
of today’s Moon in Gemini? I’ll review the moon astrology and you can give us you’re
general forecast for today. Is that okay? Here’s the astrology for today’s moon. GEMINI MOON square Neptune conjunct the Sun
in Pisces and the Gemini Moon is opposing Saturn. The Gemini Moon is sextile to Mars,
Venus and Uranus in Aries and trine to Mercury in Aquarius. Mars and Venus are trine to Saturn.
So what’s your general forecast for today, Gregory? How do you read today’s energies? 2) So what about today’s numerology? It’s
February 25, 2015. What’s your general numerology forecast and how does it relate with today’s
moon astrology? 3) I love that
you frame your readings in a way that’s
positive and constructive. Even what may seem at first glance a negative influence can have
a positive and constructive meaning. Can you talk about this and how it relates to your
being a guide to your clients in living their spiritual soul purpose? 4) What are the primary spiritual lessons
and life decisions you assist your clients with, Gregory? 5) Do you notice any spiritual trends developing
for us collectively? 6) What do you love most about being an intuitive
energy reader? 7) Can anyone learn how to be an intuitive
energy reader? Are there any prerequisites. 8) You have an online course for learning how
to read the tarot. Can you tell us about it? 9) How can people get in touch with you for
a personal reading, Gregory? What’s your website address? 10) Is there anything else you’d like to
share before we go to our live Q & A chat? I wanted to let you know my next ‘Conversations’
webinar show will be with the renowned astrologer Lada Duncheva on March 4th a 12pm Pacific
time. Lada will talk about the cycle of the ages. Through her slideshow presentation Lada will
show you the stages of evolution of consciousness through the ages. Lada is an internationally
renowned astrologer, lecturer and teacher and loved all over the world for her YouTube
astrology and esoteric lessons. Please subscribe so you never miss a show. Thank you so much for joining me for this
episode of ‘Conversations to Enlighten Heal’ with my guest Gregory Scott. Thanks again,
Gregory. It’s been a pleasure having you with us! Have a beautiful day everyone, a warm Mahalo and
much love
to you! Wishing you Happy Days always! Until next time relax, enjoy your
life and stay connected. Love -KG xo

4 thoughts on “Intuitive Energy Reading with Gregory Scott, UK based Divination Expert

  1. Hi KG! I see you got together with Gregory Scott! Something mystic should come up, eh? You're both really great astrologers!

  2. Thank you for having Gregory, I watch his general readings everyday.I find Gregory to be a wonderful gifted and skilled Tarot interpreter with refreshing insights shared through his personal life examples.

  3. I enjoy Gregory's readings everyday and also monthly video's, Someday hope to have a personal reading. Thank you very much 🙂

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