How To Start Your Fashion Company (Clothing + Accessories Lines) Trailer

Hello and welcome to the How to Start Your
Fashion Company (Clothing + Accessories Lines) Workshop. My name is Michelle Alleyne. I’m a fashion
expert and I happen to own Sit back, relax, but take tons of notes. Even though you’re a designer and you’re creative,
it is a business and you really need to start, structure, and form a working business plan. Have a look: if you’re a high end, luxury
brand then come up with labels and hang tags and packaging information that represents
your line as such–that it’s high end and beautiful. Getting the idea out of your head: you’ve
done your research, which is continuous, but how do you sell the line? How do you market this line? How do you make
the line? The way to find pattern makers: when you’re
sourcing in the fashion industry, it’s very underground. It becomes guerrilla marketing in terms of
finding your resources. I’m not saying you can’t start a line with
one style. To sell to the major retailers, they want
to see a collection, they want to have it be able to coordinate– the jacket works with the pant, that works
with the top and the skirt. Maybe you can pick up this booklet. It breaks
down the process of manufacturing. You really need to make sure you have access
to production. You want to also source factories. I’m always a little bit wary, though, about
sending samples without someone being there to take them right back because retailers may knock you off. Now, to tradeshow or not to tradeshow? So good luck on starting your clothing line
or accessories line. Thank you so much for taking our workshop.
Feel free to check out the list of additional workshops that you may need and hit us up any time for either workshops
or consulting. Good luck with your business!

23 thoughts on “How To Start Your Fashion Company (Clothing + Accessories Lines) Trailer

  1. Hi, such a great video. I have been wanting to start a clothing line since I was 25. I have drawings and samples that I made myself, but that's as far as I have gotten. I would like to share my ideas with you , and perhaps you can tell me if I may have a chance. Thanks again for the great videos.

  2. im starting my own clothing line from scratch,check out my channel,im vlogging my experience and just started

  3. Hello MShop NYC, I'm very inspired by your videos. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am in the process of designing my own shoe line for women. I would really if you could help me out with some of my questions.

  4. This is great Michelle! I have started my own online fashion shop. As a new designer in Africa, I am finding it hard to make sales! How can I make clients trust my brand and start buying? Michelle your advise is most welcome!

  5. Hi Lamoz,
    Promotions! Promotions! Promotions!
    You have to keep putting the word out about your company using all available channels. It's constant work that never stops.

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