How to Read Tarot Cards : The Meaning of the Lust Tarot Card

Hi. This is Anubha Gupta on behalf of Expert
Village. I’m now going to be talking about the Strength card. The Strength card is a
very slow moving card. As you can see there is a number eight on the card which says that
the movement is very slow. But at the same time there is a lion and you might wonder
what that lion is doing in this card. These are the situations that the person needs to
tackle, and they are very difficult, that’s the reason the lion’s there. But at the same
time there is an infinity sign over her head also which says that there is success on her
head. So she is going to be able to tame it and take care of all of the problems that
are in her life. But if it is coming for your financial condition, you have to work really
hard and get them out.

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