How to Draw a Crystal Ball With Pencil – Crystal Sphere With Graphite

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and I’m
very very happy because my new book, thanks to your help, has hit the best-seller
list of Amazon. This week we will be giving away 5 signed
copies of it, to participate just follow the instructions that I will give during this
tutorial 🙂 The book begins with a description
of the basics of drawing, including the materials and
how to use them. The correct way to hold the pencil
to give different effects…. how to mix colors, how to shade
with pencil and with pen, and then from that it goes
to a wonderful series of projects and shows, step by step
how realistically render different surfaces and textures. Today we will take a fairly
simple one, which is how to draw a crystal sphere, with pencil. Very good! Let´s begin! The first thing we do is
to give a tone to the paper, using the graphite powder,
that I keep when sharpening my leds. First we test it on a scrap
piece of paper, before we use it on the good one, also to
get rid of the excess graphite. I’m applying it with a chamois. And in this way, we give a tone
to the paper. And then using a glass of water
we draw a circle, you can also do it with a compass. We mark lightly were some
of the shadows and lights will go. Here will be the reflection of a window,
we can do this with the kneaded eraser, or with an eraser with fine tip. The list of materials is in
the information below the video. And now with a led holder
or a pencil with a hard led, a 2H, we begin to shade. In regards to the raffle for the books,
I actually made a mistake, we will not give 5, we will give away 10 books,
in 2 raffles… one on Facebook and one on Instagram, 5 books on each one. It is very easy to participate! You just need to go to Fine Art-Tips Facebook page,
share the photo of the cover of the book that I have there, and after sharing,
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from today Tuesday 27th and will end this Friday,
the 30th of October 2015. The winners of both raffles,
will be announced this Saturday on Fine Art-Tips page on Facebook. I wish you the best of lucks
and I want to thank you for helping me recommend
this artistic book. Coming back to the drawing
as you saw, we give it a light shading with the pencil following
the shape of the sphere and we pull lights simply erasing the graphite, that we put on
original, as we have a gray tone on all the surface, when we
recover the white of the paper with an eraser, this looks
very bright! By the way don´t forget that you
can still participate on the raffle that we launched last week in
which you may win one of the original drawings, contained
in the book. To participate, buy a copy of
the book on pre-sale on Amazon, this needs to be by the end of the
2nd of November, because on the 3rd the book will be released,
and send a copy of the receipt by email to: [email protected] We reinforce some shades
and the shadows lightly. When you are using this
drawing technique it is very important that you don´t touch
the paper with your hand, that is why I´m using another
paper as protection. We give it the last touches
… and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please
give it a LIKE, share it to your friends and subscribe
to Fine Art-Tips. You know where to follow me,
the links are below. And I will see you
on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

92 thoughts on “How to Draw a Crystal Ball With Pencil – Crystal Sphere With Graphite

  1. Ciao Leonardo non ci sono commenti per il tuo disegno è solo stupendo ps ho partecipato anche io su Instagram speriamo bene sarebbe bello averlo con la tua firma sogno che si avvera ps a tutti i partecipanti in bocca a lupo ?!!!! 😊😊😊👍👍🇮🇹🇮🇹

  2. You've really captured the circular nature of the crystal ball using the shading and details. The highlights make this absolutely gorgeous, and I love the way only a single window bends around the ball.

  3. wow…. that just amazes me!! that just so gorgeous picture!
    I would love to win your book, i'm also an artist big time!! you are my mentor and never miss your session video every Tuesday's!! 😀💕

  4. your techniques are the answers to some unanswered questions that I have been searching for. I would love to win this book or heck even buy it, it seems I can follow your technique naturally. Thank you

  5. Wieder ein wunderschönes Video*-*
    Ich liebe deine Kunst, niemand anderes inspiriert mich so mit seinen Videos, danke^^

  6. Oh…. you are very welcome!!!! I'm still learning how to win your book and still can't figure it out what to do….. Leonardo

  7. Thank you for the detail explanations… You are such an inspiration.
    Congrats again on your new published book, and super good sales!

  8. Thankyou Very Much

    I've learned Water drop And crystal Type Arts From Your Tutorials Thanq And Your Videos Are Awesome 🙂 🙂

  9. I've always done some type of art but painting (watercolours mostly) are my passion for the last year or so , Sad I missed the giveaway would love a copy of your book right about now lol but I never feel right buying myself stuff at christmastime :/ have a fabulous holidays to you and your family and congrats on your fabulous book you did a great job with the very clear layout 🙂

  10. Thank you I really appreciate your comments! And this time I have a favour to ask you: If you already bought my book, can you please write a review on amazon? And if you did a drawing from the book, I would LOVE to see the picture of your drawing in the review too! Thank you and have a colorful day!

  11. Simply amazing. I'm brand new to drawing as a new hobby and have found the most enjoyment and learning experience in your videos. Thank you for sharing your time and talent-

  12. gracias por los tips, realmente me ayudan bastante, estoy aprendiendo a dibujar y tus tecnicas son grandiosas.

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