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What is up welcome back to my channel Let’s start a topic about prayers during divination the prayer is a bunch of sentences to read it silently. In many of the Chinese diviner especially with those that are practicing whether it is the ancient one or more the modern one they are very, very likely to have it a read before shaking the coin majority of them even burned incense before reading the prayer for me I don’t burn the joss stick but I read the prayer silently. Some Chinese diviner, especially the older age practitioner, they call it the mantra for inviting the God. It is a spell for getting the spirit to help you out but who is the God are they actually referring to? and do we really need it? Keep watching and you will get the answer. At the end of this video. In one of the King Wen Oracle classical called the true stalks method 卜筮正宗 bǔ shì zhèng zōng It mentioned about the prayer. it has been passing down from ancient time since so long from ancient time, the content of the prayer has developed into a lot of different versions. However, I do believe that even at the time, there is also presenting a different versions of mantra. Some may not be recorded in the book, but we just leave this historical subject behind. This series of video is not intended to do any historical topic. Let’s come back to the mantra now. Basically, most of the divination mantra has something similar to this humbly request Please listen to my calling, The ancestor of the trigrams fú xī, wén wáng, kǒng zǐ and the gods that hovering above me now Let’s stop for a while from here. If you have any specific gods that you believe for instance, you believe in Guan Gong 關公 then you will call out Guan Gong name If you believe in gautama Buddha, then you can call out Shakyamuni Some Chinese who religious is Christian, they will call on Jesus to help if they happen to be an Islamic, You may call the Muhammed If you don’t have any belief you may just call out the universe. Probably you would disagree with me here, but there is not a topic to discuss here. What I want you to know here is no matter who you call the predictions result will remain a very good consistency of accuracy So from here, perhaps this could enlighten you something you’ve never thought of before. Besides this, it also brings up a question Do we really need to make supplication to these gods? comment down below to share your thought Let’s get back to the mantra. After the supplication, you may need to tell the God your full name, your age, your location, and the briefing of your questions Once you have told all the info to the god then you can start to cast. This is normally how the professional Chinese diviner will do. There are so many different version of the mantra that I can’t show you all here, But I can share with you the version that I am using My version is something similar to the King Wen classical I have mentioned The true stalks method, 卜筮正宗 the one I’m using here is split into two parts. The first part is the mantra that so called inviting the god while the second part is the supplication let me show you now. tiān hé yán zāi kòu zhī jí yīng fù guì qióng tōng mìng yùn shǐ rán yù shì nán duàn bǔ ér jué yí wéi shén wéi líng shí míng wǒ xīn This has done the mantra part, and the following is the supplication part. guà shén zài shàng dì zǐ chéng xīn qí qiú líng guà xiàn zài guà zhǔ yào wèn qǐng cì wàn xiàng liù yáo duàn yàn rú shén yǐ jué yōu yí The mantra part was written in a Chinese classical format The content means. To the cosmos, speak to me. Please please respond to me once I knocked you Prosperities and honourable dangerous and vicious fate will be dictated. I’m facing a difficulty right now to all the spirits, come to my heart, to the god of trigrams your disciple me, Alfred sincerely asking for the hexagram, then elaborate your questions together with your hexagram setting then whisper again with the mantra To every phenomenon on the universe please makes my hexagram super accurate and help me to clear off my dilemma During my research and practicing life, many students ask me do we really need to have the prayers? If we need, which is the correct and best version? do we get evil spirit accidently? Are we going to get haunted by reading this mantra? Let me share with you about my situation and you can decide to use it or not most of the time my clients are leaving far away from me, most of them even not able to meet and never met before. So how can I cast for them? At some circumstances I will ask them to cast by themselves but it always worried me when I wanted to ask them to read a prayer. There is a lot of reason that worries me Some querents might worry that it is a curse spell Some may worry it is black magic This is especially awkward when some of the Western querents seeks for the consultation Many of the Westerner is reluctant to this kind of prayer. In the end, I decided not to ask my clients to read out any of the prayers What I asked them to do is to meditate and stay calm before supplication The results are still maintaining at a very satisfactory rate. This is why many of my clients not even realise there is an existence of the prayer before I tell it to use or not to use. Let’s have a look at the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of medicine In the first text of this scripture, Suwen (素問) as known as basic questions In one of the article called 靈蘭秘典論 Líng Lán Mì Diăn Lùn The Secret Treatise of the Royal Library This chapter talks about the function of the twelve viscera. inside this chapter. the doctor replied to the Yellow Emperor saying this xīn zhě jūn zhǔ zhī guān yě shén míng chū yān It means the heart is the organ, act like the monarch and handles the spirit and mental activity in another chapter of SuWen called 宣明五氣篇 xuān míng wǔ qì piān Paradigm of the five elemental phases It said, xīn cáng shén where it can be translated as the heart is the house of the mind. From this ancient medical scripture, we can see that the heart is the chief of all the Organ. This mean you have to concentrate enough to have a clear thought When you concentrate enough, you will have a spiritual transformation when this transformation occurs you can see the future more clearly, therefore creates wisdom. This is also why the I Ching scholars said that by understanding the book of changes, it will grow your wisdom, but how many really understand the meaning behind? Apparently becoming more wisdom is not something from the I Ching but it also from the Chinese medicine. From here you can start to understand how Chinese medicine can be related to the I Ching. As from now, you will also start to understand how is I-Ching link with the Feng Shui and your own destiny remember to subscribe and stay tuned with my channel you will learn a lot more from here. So to conclude when the old Chinese Diviners said inviting the God the God or the spirit here actually is the spirit that hidden inside your heart. In another word, you are actually inviting your own spirit to make the divination. Now you can understand why you need to be very sincere when you speak to the universe. If you divine with making fun of it, you are actually not activating your own conscious How do you expect someone who doesn’t believe in divination can be accurately predicted to the future. It’s like, how do you believe someone that doesn’t even believe to his own? This is why no drunk divination! Be serious! have too relaxed and in a good mood, bad and unstable emotions will not be able to get yourself concentrated. Once you are in a bad emotion, how could you make a wise action? We always hear that a bad emotion kill us, but you may not understand. Why is that happening now This is the philosophy to become a wise man. There are actually more strict rules to follow in order to maintain an accuracy rate, but it will not be discussed and disclosed in this channel. Now let’s just assume that there is a God up there in this particular topic. The question now is, does it really make any sense that you could easily be inviting the gods and spirits with the mantra that you read? I mean we are just a very ordinary person compared to the god God are higher level than the human. What making you so special? to let the god serve you immediately once you read the mantra? Do you know how many diviners are also consulting with the universe at the moment you’re shaking the coin not only diviners, but there are also many people supplicating at worship in every seconds. Go look at the church now go look at a Chinese temple now it is happening every second. every person on the earth is inviting the god So the god now busying running here and there to provide you and others with the information If that the case the god now is only a messenger instead of a saviour Watch till now, I think you should understand what is the prayer actually about It is a prayer to invite your very own spirit, A speech that calm you down and concentrate on the question. It is definitely not a religious prayer. Certain people like me. will get into the form very quickly and remain very high concentration after reading the prayer. It also lets you to have sometimes to communicate with the universe by reading the prayer burning the incense also serving the exactly same purpose. It is absolutely not superstitious. If someone saying that this is a superstitious activity. I may say that he or she doesn’t really understand what is the principle behind. This is why, during the ancient time, the bigger the doubt is the bigger the spiritual ritual will be so to read it or not. I’ll leave it to you.

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  1. I don't think a prayer is necessary, nor do I believe that the emotional state of the person who consults the Yijing has any influence on the outcome.

    The Qimeng Jieyao 《啟蒙節要》volume of the Bushi Quanshu, ‘Essential Instructions’, gives an invocation that is partly similar to yours:







    Regardless what Heaven will say,

    I will bow to its response.

    The divine power of the spirits

    when moved will induce them to communicate.

    Now this man named so-and-so,

    having certain issues and concerns,

    not knowing their auspiciousness or inauspiciousness,

    is unable to resolve his doubts.

    Only you, spirits and numinous beings

    can objectively observe this and pass down a clear report

    whether it is permissible or not.

    Respectfully I implore you to clearly inform about the matter.

    As you say, there are several versions of such prayers.

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