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Just like there is the Constitution of
America, and commentaries written by lawyers, all these can be used to
understand the Constitution. Similarly we use all the Vedic knowledge. So let’s
find out from the Vedas about God. Let us first go to the SamVeda, the
Kenopanishad of the SamVeda. the Kenopanishad says, (Sanskrit verse) You have come to know about God? Yes, I am seeking knowledge of God. In
that case, first know this. That person who thinks I can know God, has no
knowledge of God. That person who thinks nobody can know God, he truly knows God. What the Vedas have deflected us. They
say, if you think you can know God you do not know him. If you think you can never
know God, then you actually know Him. not in one place. Once again (Sanskrit verse) You wish to understand God? “Yes.” then first understand that if you understand that somebody can
understand God, then you have no understanding of God. if your
understanding is who can understand God, then you truly understand Him. The Vedas have
again deflected us. What is the indication out here – that you can never
know Him. The Vrihadaranyakopanishad says (Sanskrit verse) He is
incomprehensible to you. (Sanskrit verse) The Kathopanishad says, God is beyond your logic and argumentation. (Sanskrit verse) The Taitteriyopanishad says, your intellect cannot grasp God. Not only the Vedas. Come to the Bhagavad-Gita. Sanskrit verse (seventh chapter, 26th verse of Bhagavad Gita) Shri krishna says, “Arjun, I am “Trikaldarshi”, I have knowledge of the present, the future, the past. But (Sanskrit verse) me nobody knows. Again He says, (in 7th chapter, 25th verse of Bhagavad Gita). (Sanskrit verse) “Arjun, there is a curtain of Yogamaya that is upon me and a curtain
of Maya that is upon the soul. The soul is unable to remove the curtain of Maya.
How will the soul remove the curtain of Yogamaya? (Sanskrit verse)
The other religious traditions are saying the same thing. The Bible says,
“my thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways, for the heavens
are higher than the earth and so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts and
my ways higher than your ways.” And the Quran Sharif says, This is the ayat of the Quran Sharif. It
is saying, no one but Allah alone knows the difference between heaven and earth. The Gurugranth saheb says, my lord you alone understand who you are and what you are.
There was a Western philosopher, called F. A. Jacobi. He said, God whom we could
know, would be no God. If you could know Him you would become God.
So everybody is saying in one voice, “God is unknowable.” There was a Christian
Saint, called Augustine. He wrote many books talking about God, describing Him.
One day he was on the beach side. He found a little boy, filling water from
the ocean into a hole. He would repeatedly go take the ocean water and
put it in the hole. St. Augustine’s curiosity was aroused. What’s going on
here. He went and asked that boy, “what are you doing?” The boy said, “I am filling the
ocean in that hole.” St. Augustine said how can you do that? impossible!”
The little boy said, “but you are doing the same thing. you are trying to
describe the indescribable God. That is equally impossible.” So if we cannot know
God then how will we develop love for Him. On one side, the Vedas said you
need to know God. By knowing him, you will attain the Bliss that your soul is
seeking. And now that we strive to know Him, the Vedas are telling us you cannot
know Him. Why can we not know Him? let’s find out. What is the problem with Him? The problem is not with Him. The problem is with us, the knower.
What is the problem with us? Our instruments of knowledge are defective. you

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