Hoe je een milky way NIET moet eten!

Lion….well that’s maybe a second choice I think milkyway is better but then you have those people (and I think we’ve had the exact same conversation in an earlier stream) people who nibble the little edges off and then they’re left whith this chunk this white chunk, sauce like thing from the milkyway some even start kneading it, some just eat it with saliva and all and then i think- did u just say “fucking gross”? fucking gross *laughs* why would you knead it, your hands are already dirty and then you knead it in? If you’re already crazy enough to do that, to nibble around it, then you don’t know those boundries anymore either, Timon Nibbling some edges off every now and then is ok right? not entirely, not everything two edges I get that the upper side is yum yeah but the upper part?, just munch on the sides a bit don’t squirm guys he’s not coming alright now we can play normally [laughing] who the hell kneads it in to a ball, you must be totally insane [laughing] a psychopath [laughing] just out of your mind That would be a good psychopath test ♪ ♫ ♪ [robot voice] I have been saving up my white milkyway sauce for nearly 4 years, [robot voice] for the ultimate munching session [disbelief] He’s saving it 4 years How many are you planning on having at the end? What kind of huge chunk do you have right now I want to see a photo of that thing half dried up saliva Like, some are brand new milkyway, but some are old discolored and everything there’s some molten chocolate in there just gross He’s got his ball and he takes a bite And he’s ready for his munching session I’m also imagining that it’s gotten all hard Yeah, of course all dried up *laughs* That it’s not even yum and soft anymore People are saying “block him” *laughs*

33 thoughts on “Hoe je een milky way NIET moet eten!

  1. Het leek ons een geinig idee om zo nu en dan wat live stream fragmentjens te uploaden op dit kanaal om wat EXTRA content te bieden. Wat denken jullie?

  2. Kennen jullie ook mensen die verkeerd een Kitkat eten? dan heb je er 4 naast elkaar en dan breken ze er niet 1 voor 1, maar eet het gewoon zo op😂

  3. Don't Shane me dats echt lekkerste manier om milkyway te eten. Kneden daar in tegen…. nee maar dat spul d'r in los is ziek lekker oke 😭😂

  4. ik vind het zeer betreurenswaardig dat jullie de laatste tijd geen aandacht meer geven aan het yt kanaal en overstappen naar twitch…

  5. Ik heb dit echt gedaan, ik dacht dat niemand anders dit zou doen maar jullie maken er zelfs een video over

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