Guide to Reading Tarot Cards : The High Priest Tarot Card

Hi, I’m Anubha Gupta, on behalf of Expert
Village, I’ll be talking about the next card, which is the High Priest card. This card is
supposed to be one card which talks about a commitment on the basis of marriage. It
is just not getting into a relationship and enjoying it, it is talking about marriage.
There is a priest in the card which shows that there is some kind of God-fearing things
which are going to be happening in this relationship. If you are talking about the characteristics
of the person, this person has to be very authoratative. He has to be very conscious
about society, he wants everybody to be happy, but it really doesn’t happen. He is not going
to be very committed to you, he is going to be enjoying floating around here and there,
but at the same time, it eventually leads to marriage.

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