Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Pisces Compatibility

For a very sensitive and compassionate lover
it’s the Pisces. Pisces are very mystical and Pisces are, they aim to please so to have
a Pisces as a partner or as someone in a romantic intimate nature, Pisces are very, very good.
They’re usually uninhibited; they seek to please their mate. They seek to be compassionate
and gentle and most Pisces are pretty smart and if a Pisces has experience then they will
use all that experience to make sure that the intimacy is very satisfying and very pleasurable.
As far as getting along with other signs, it would hurt a Pisces to think there are
signs out there that can’t get along with his or her sign because the Pisces are extraordinarily
intuitive and very sensitive and so Pisces actually feels if they can get along with
other signs, but there’s a lot of signs that the Pisces nature can’t really deal with the
straightforwardness of a Sag tends to hurt the Pisces nature a lot to where, you know,
the Pisces will take a long time to forgive some awkward comment. Leos and Pisces don’t
get along well at all because of the mutability which is the changeability of the Pisces nature.
Pisces are good with a Taurus signs good with Pisces. The Virgo sign is good with Pisces
because of the need for affection and Pisces can really lavish on a lot of romanticism
and a lot of affection. So Pisces like Aquarius and Aries feels if they can get along with
all signs because of their high level of compassion and their high level of nurturing and caring
and they tend to be taken advantage of and Pisces usually choose the wrong mates because
Pisces will get involved with someone who is really in need and it doesn’t mean that
they’re highly compatible, but if a Pisces finds like a wounded Aries, you know the Pisces
will do everything they can to fix up the Aries and make sure that everything is fine
and then an Aries person once he or she gets on their feet can be, could just storm off
and leave the Pisces in a lump. So Pisces really need to use their head a little bit
more in who they get involved with and who they don’t.

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  1. It really just depends on what your moon, your venus and maby even what your ascendant sign is.

    I'm a pisces with a Gemini moon, Taurus ASC, and a Venus in Aries. So to me the qualities of Taurus an Aries sound nice, while Gemini and Leo seem a little too superficial, show-y and dommineering for me.

  2. aeris aer minpuitve and sneky. when ever i meet one the try to take advantage of me or screw me over in some way. then they act lik lil bitchs and try to run when the get what they want from u. they some evil MFs

  3. we do get along quite well with taurus, but I don't trust aquarious. I think they are cold with no feelings, just interested on sex only.

  4. This guy is the most right on instructor that I've seen on here. The first sign he mentioned that pisces are not supposed to get along with, was the one I was thinking. I stay clear of Sagittarians, I hate them. They are such a stuck up bunch of people, that think there way is always the right way. I will never date a Sagittarian.

  5. I kinda get what you mean. I attract Sag.s like a magnet My father and step father are bolth Sag.s and I see at least three more on a daily baises. One of them has a aries moon so its kinda hard to cope with when your a pisces.

  6. Lunaange u should have no problem as scorpio girls are the best! very compatible with pisces, especially scorp girl pisces boy. advice, he prolly won't jump out at u, he'll be understated and aloof/allusive so look closely and handle with care.

  7. As do I.
    Piseces is the end, the "old soul" and Aries is the beginning (baby, new soul)
    Also the Aries is very self-sentred and selfish, they always need to come first, Which is a turn off for a Pisces who always comes last, but doesnt mind let others be infront as long as they apprecaite it. They are also very controlling people and say anything without thought. They also LOVE to argue and fight, which is not good for a pisces who hates confrontations, we seek peaceful environments.

  8. Pisces get along easiest with Aquarius then other air signs. It's because the connection we have. Aquarius is the second most highly evolved spirit, Pisces is the last/most.We share a common bond of peace and Love for all. Aquarius use his advanced mind to see a better future of possiblities, and Pisces feels the need for change.

  9. Just like the typical child or adolosence, Aries are "know it-alls" They have thier opinion of how life works, yet it is a very naive way of thinking. Yet if you try and dis-agree with them, they are MORE then willing to start an arguement or fight over thier opinion, and just like the RAM, they will head butt thier opinion down your throat forcefully.
    As the "baby" of the zoodiac, I strongly believe that people born under Aries, are very fresh souls, they need to be taught true life values.

  10. As far as Aries people…yea.
    I mean i do appreciate some of thier abilities and admire them. But when it boils down to it, Pisces is an old soul and Aries is a new soul….we are on very diffrent levels.

  11. i can't agree with u in this one! pisces need a romantic and loyal soul…and aguarius is very individual and free spirit. pisces can give a lot but we have to know that we have tight bounds with our partner, and it's hard to have that kind of relationship with aquarius…

  12. lol. i dont think i can go that far. they're are too sensitive and will cry. i cant do that. btw i no ur being sarcastic, but just sayin'

  13. But anyway, the problem with em' being too out there is clearly one of communication. I'm not big into the belief of astrology as much as I am interested in sociology and psychology. Particularly the Jungian/Myers-Briggs typifications of the personality. But basically, I fit the description most nearly equivalent to that of the pisces, so it works out that way.

    That "out there"-ness is something I personally never realized until I saw someone acting the same way. And Argh, it is annoying…

  14. haha hmm..dunno really. it was just a random name i came up with. i lilke cheese and i was smiling at the…cheesesmiles!! 😀

  15. that true, im a pisces and i dont really like leos, nmost of the leos i've met are very self indulgent, and i can't tolerate when all they do is talk about themselves.

  16. well my ex-bf is a Leo & we're basically enemies now! but most of friends that are Leo, we get along pretty darn well but its just the stupid ex-bf i cant get along with! lol

    plus i got that from Seventeen magazine! xD

  17. pisces are fucking brats and when that guy was talking about experienced pisces, he was talking about the SLuts couse pises are sluts but in a undercover sluts thye dont kiss and tell. they love keeping there life a mistory, and leo dont get along with pisces couse leo are kings they like Dealing with Brats they see right threw that shits its all an act

  18. yeah that's true as far as wanting to save everyone but then it back firing on us.
    I've had 3 Leo boyfriends that were absolutely wonderful, untill they got back on their feet. Then all hell broke lose. Maybe it's best I do avoid Leos. Yet at the same time… Not all Leo/Pisces match ups are bad.
    I'll admit that although Scorpio is my ideal mate… I wouldn't mind trying a Virgo. I am very fond of them. ^.^

  19. @angelsmoonful
    From a personal stand point… I think SAGs are the sign to avoid LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! My sister is one and ugh!!! LoL Just ugh! However I have one now that is… A GOD in the bedroom. But he'll never comitt. So I'm fucked. Litterally and figuratively. *sigh*

  20. and Brother soon she'll drink your blood like a thirsty man drinks water. She will act like a cat. Hungry cat moves around you but when she is done. Gone… I bet you maters chief she is going to give you super "kick" of your life. sorry don't mind plz.

  21. Sags,absolutele spot on,If someone tells me I am sag I run away, I hate this sign. I love Leos, they are funny and very irresistible.He said pisces get on well with Virgos? Yes as a friend maybe, but I would never fall in love with Virgo, as partner they are too boring, too harsh with other people which I don't like, not really open-minded and I that I don't like either. I find gemini and Cancer as a great partners for me and of course Taurus, I love them too. That's my opinion as a pisces.

  22. @cheytown41187 Too stubborn for me. I don't have many friends among Aries. Why r u asking? I have to say, that it depends on each person individually. There might be Pisces who get on well with Aries.

  23. @renski336 because im an aries april 11 and i have a boyfriend well ex but were working things out and hes a pisces. Stubborn like ow i thought taurus was supposed to be stubborn

  24. @cheytown41187 Taurus? Yes, too. But they seem to be more open to learn from and listen to others, while Aries appear to me very reserved to opinions of other ppl. Also Taurus seem to have similar sense of humour to mine, while Aries have totally different or in some cases none. Bu as I said it's very individual too. Good luck with your ex, hope you can work it out. 😉

  25. I am a Taurus male and find myself very fascinated by Pisces females. I find them very loving, caring people and very mystical which also adds to there charm. I have a Pisces male friend and we get along very well. He is one of the best friends I ever had. Us Taurus males are very sensitive but, we keep it hidden somewhat we do like the finer thingss in life. Love is very important to us Taureans, we feel off-balance without it.

  26. im a scorpio and my boyfriends a Pisces and i love him but it seems that people say we are not good for each other because Scorpios are manipulative and selfish and that is BULLSHIT completely and iam nothing like that iam sincere and compassionate with my feelings and i love to please and make others happy its a shame people really think that about everyone in my sign there is bad and good in every sign.

  27. @zangoish last four signs are the old wise ones. gemini scorpio aries those are the babys. thats why u understand them, ur not ready for the real signs yet

  28. I am a Pisces (6th March) and i totally agree what this man is talking about… He is saying exactly everything of what i am. 🙂

  29. I'm a pisces and my best friend is a leo.
    And I used to date a leo as well, but that didn't work out because for some reason we always ended up with laughing and giggling and fooling around… seriously nothing could be taken serious.

  30. @TroWu I'm a female Pisces. I'm dating a Leo that was born in August and it's been ok for 3 years now. Sometimes he wants me to tell him what bothers me and I don't like telling him how I feel. He tells me he loves me and I love him too. He's like my friend and lover. He hasn't cheated on me. He does tell me I'm pretty. Even tho I feel like I'm not as pretty as his friends that are girls! (I know that I just wrote too much lol. Write me back if you want to)

  31. Im a pisces female and dating a gemin. maybe its because my ascendant is libra ( moon in leo), gemini guys always attracted to me – but it never works!! Im also very much attracted to Gemini but it is a match made in hell. Can Gemini and pisces get along? Both are dual signs and mutable..why is it so difficult? With cancers and scorpios its easier, but I hate scorpios being manipulative ….erggg

    Pisces rule 🙂

  32. ?? very superficial. you cant just go by sun signs.. my dad is a PISCES and my mom is a leo, theyve been married over 21 years so please, take the ENTIRE birth chart into consideration before making such a general assumption.

  33. I'm a pisces male , and that part about the Aries for me is completely true for me at least thats crazy. "fucking bitch"

  34. I think sometimes we are who we do not know. We also say things that somewhat not truely from us sometimes too, it is a pretty difficult feeling to tell, that is why it will take us longer time to reflect the whole thing though. Due to awareness not very enough. 🙂

  35. Why we are so sensitive ? I am almost allergic to all western made cosmetic, not pure gold Jewllery , and almost all cats, while other people do not feel it at all? Why ?

  36. I'm a Pisces and I always have the most fun with Sags, but I have alot of sag in my chart and I quite like Leos as friends (moon in leo). You can't go just by your sun sign, because I have never met a cancer that I've liked, never!

  37. I'm a Pisces and my best friend is a Cancer. Imo there is alot of truth between signs of the same kind (in this case water) getting along.

  38. I'm wondering what the relationship between a Aries(daughter 3/27) and Pisces (mother,2/27) would be like? I just had a little girl and I'm wondering what the relationship might be like.

  39. Pisces Compatibility

    Perfect Match: Cancer, Scorpio and other Pisces.
    Almost Perfect: Taurus and Capricorn.
    Opposites Attract: Virgo.
    Signs To Learn From: Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.
    NOT Compatible! Aries and Sagittarius.

  40. there are no scorpios in my world it seems… out of all the People i know, there's only one scorpio and she's a girl.. how sad

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