Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Capricorn Compatibility

The sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.
Saturn is considered father time dealing with discipline and karma. Capricorns tend to have
acute minds and they are very reliable. Capricorns aren’t tolerate of silly stuff. They don’t
like really wishy washy silly stuff. If you are going to work with the Capricorn learn
to be very clear cut, be to the point and you can work with them better. If you are
hymn and awe and be indecisive like a Libra, or flit around like a Sagittarius or Pisces,
Capricorns don’t really care for that too well. So the best thing to do is have a straight
forward approach with the Capricorn. Give him or her time to think it over. Don’t push
for any kind of weird antics like a Gemini uses different antics to deal with someone,
would not be real welcome to a Capricorn. Capricorns are reliable and they do like reliability.
Capricorns tend to be very self-analytical and self-conscious. Capricorns are the one
sign who are very fussy about who and if they are going to choose to be with somebody. They
usually take a long time to choose. A Capricorn can stay out of the dating realm for longer
than most the other signs only because of stubbornness. So if you need a reliable person
that you could be really straight forward with and not a bunch of silly antics then
a Capricorn is a good sign. It is a strong leadership skill as well. It is a good self-confident
sign. If you really want to play, be goofy and have like a tickle fight or a pillow fight
your not going to find that in the Capricorn person.

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  1. A person's star-sign governs *some* aspects of their personality. Love and relationships, however, are influenced more by your Venus sign (ie the position of Venus when you're born).

    So for example if a Capricorn has a Venus-sign of Leo, they'll be very playful and affectionate. If their Venus-sign is a Pisces, they'll be overly romantic and dreamy. And if the Venus is in Scorpio, they'll be sexual and intense.

  2. my sister is a capricorn and my dad is a cancer and i'm a scorpio, three of us get along just fine and really well. but capricorn sometimes cannot stand with geminis attitude (my other sister), they always fight. well my mother is a cancer, yes she's very home… capricorn and cancer work just fine also.:)

  3. actually, sometimes they are fine but when it comes to fixing ones attitude and an advice, my sister kinda rebel. So that was the only time they don't get along. My mom's best friend are also capricorn, capricorn kinda funny/playful/fun to be with while cancerian kind of motherly. hehe for my opinion. 🙂

  4. the guy in the video is serios and boring.
    i can be very gufy if i feel like it(it happens every day!!!), so it is not true that the capr. are boring people.

  5. Have you ever noticed that all capricorns have that wise look before you even know they are a capricorn
    Anthony hopkins, david bowie, kevin costner and my dad. they all have this mastermind look even if they aren't smart.

    Capricorn women are flipping horrible though

  6. a capricorn sun sign can NEVER have Venus in Leo..the only possible venus placements for a cap sun are: Scorpio, Sag, Cap, Aqua and Pisces

  7. Interesting .. I did not know that. Obviously a bad example on my part from my comment earlier .. but the point I made still applies – we're more influenced by Venus (oh and Mars) when it comes to love and sex.

  8. my fiance is a capricorn, and i am a virgo…. he hates when i try to tickle him …. lol .. this is really true 😛

  9. this video is soo true. im a capricorn but my moon is sagittarius. so i like ppl to b straight forward with me. but wen i set my sights on something, i will get it done.

  10. yo im a capricorn and i enjoy pillow fight plus wrestling in the bedroom, this dude seem goofy he dnt kno what he's talking about foreal

  11. This is confusing me,my husband is a capricorn(i'm a scorpio) & he is anything but a serious person he's the one always playing around acting like he's 10 with his bullshit or actually acting like a kid & i'm the serious one having to tell him to act his age!…maybe because he was born on the 1st day of capricorn??(the 22nd)

  12. @huera626loca i love this, im a cap and my sis is a scorp and we compliment each other very well! I can be very silly and she can be very witty/funny so we laugh A LOT!

  13. I think "cleanliness" is the one trait about us capricorns most people get wrong. A lot of capricorns I know are messy. My room looks like shit right now.

  14. Dark: This is true. If their is one thing I hate the most it's being tickled. I probably won't ever trust you again if you try that. I don't mind pillow fights though. Death tends to throw harder stuff at me anyway.

    Death: I don't like being tickled either. It's pretty painful actually. I'd rather get a shot from the doctor than be tickled for even five seconds. By the way, the harder stuff I usually throw at Dark are bricks, hammers, and some anvils on occasion.

  15. Earth/Air dominant Capricorn. 3rd house Capricorn, Mars in Sagittarius, Libra rising. The Gemini, Libra and silly/goofy possibly Sagittarian traits described here fit me better than the Capricorn description.

  16. I have Capricorn in every part of my chart, except Jupiter & Pluto in Scorpio. So trust me. CAN EVERYONE STOP SAYING US CAPRICORNS DON'T LIKE FUN OR TICKLE FIGHTS?! WTF!  We're serious WHEN IT COMES TO WORK – NOT WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE OR FRIENDS!!! We're goofy, fun loving individuals who love to BE loved. We love a good time, we're cuddly, and sentimental, and we're extremely emotional! We just don't show it to unworthy people. 

  17. I don't agree what u say about us sagittarius in this video , we are very consistent at work & get shit done. It's just a challenge for a Capricorn

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