welcome to my warriors Gemini This special reading this week congratulations because you were the first videos to be published Gemini Sagittarius and Aries week of November 25 to December 1 and That’s why today I will make This special reading will only be for the first three videos week so is that if your video yet It is published today day can hope this week that I do The following videos the following recalls publications share for that is the smartest weekly video and that way then I’ll do this gift to the first three signs and Geminis here we will see about your dreams when they will make your dreams Actually what messages have your guides spiritual for you these are the new cards and I’m premiering the with I will call you responses the angels so you’ll be here giving the response from your guides spiritual to see then you will be your dream which is the way you are indicating your Angels in what time will do your dreams come true and we will also ask a question if you’re on the road right and then we see also with letters of the purpose of life if you’re in the right purpose in what you have what to do remember to subscribe to activate bell for you to reach all my cj notifications and are here in my tarot channel these videos are going to be published every week for the first three positions of the cleverest videos Let’s see what the overall message for you and warriors Gemini says You have to keep your message Angels have to maintain an attitude positive could be going through a situation in which it is leaving back certain things look like that some of you might have some any delay or during this month November may have experienced some kind of situation where you feel that they could have I stalled the importance of this Reading is also does not have a time determined the day this get your hands reading is because it is need to hear this message so It is that it is like those called Timeless has no definite time is when you need it and listen you speak here you have to keep the situation positive why you just happen now or some earlier time will not be that will define your life to fulfill your dreams do not miss the You hope because there seems to be here Gemini warriors who are lose hope already are changing his mind changing his mind about your dreams and you are indicating here that will not give up Gemini still continues to struggle continues ahead so you can definitely achieve those goals and you can make your dreams reality And speaking of those dreams my dear Geminis Warriors Let’s see what time you indicate here your guides your spiritual guardian angels you’ll actually be doing these dreams let’s take then for you this week what message the date the time when these dreams are to actually it is doing for you and look you indicate that you are ready and that’s right now you’re seeing this Gemini reading my warriors are ready to make your dreams come Actually you’re waiting for I do need to have an attitude positive You need to keep faith with hope you’re not feeling or say here are your angels defeated and you are ready to receive abundance for everything you’ve been expecting progress all you You need to be within reach all you have to do at this moment it is to decide that you are ready to stay with a very positive attitude that good let’s see if you’re on the road right to achieve your dreams this could indicate that perhaps you you have to do something extra you have to take a look and additional road Geminis effectively seems that no 100%’re on the right track there certain things you have to do here so you can then straighten your way straighten the idea of ​​where so you go and maybe find yourself in now as a dead out and feel like you’ve tried and why you are saying here the cards that keep you positive not lose hope because it seems to have reached a dt andy a cul de sac where they no know where not to take know what why do here when you are asking when we ask your guides if you’re on the right track They say no because you have to then reshape the way in which you are You see things so you can that way towards a better way so you can get out of that obstacle of that block it is also in some sometimes tend to stay much in your mind and not leave it so for you fulfill your dream They are indicating that you have to look look at other alternatives before seeing the letters love life purpose get you out of my advice advice book tarot j is in the description if You want to buy what you can buy in Mexico USA in several other countries think of a situation where you find in these moments and this also read no time is for when you fall in this reading for then here is that you’ll need the message think of a situation in your life I I’ll stop here and says takes command It is in your hands as you indicate to change for that you’re saying manifest so that Gemini Warriors can not stay idly have to give your efforts have to take the reins of your life and can get ahead and to that for some of you this message relates also it says it will be difficult So you were thinking but You will find the courage to do what you see letters oracles my book j tarot tips you can have it you is always easier to open the book and receive a message you are there indicating that if you’re going to achieve to make these dreams come true though Gemini trucks me let me know if you You liked this gift for being the video first week because if They want to keep being the first I invite you to always share this video so that so can you receive the message that you are waiting look speaks here about the purpose of your life the purpose of your life spiritual and me are indicating that As for your spiritual beliefs You are building correctly path needed to reach a we are now fairly high level talking about your spiritual journey the purpose of your life first saw your dreams we are now seeing the purpose of your life in a way spiritual and me are indicating Geminis definitely spiritually You have to keep doing things you’re doing at this moment because you’re getting ready for a lift here talks about you go You are receiving a title might become a title as given by some entity or it could be a title granted by people who are around you Gemini my warriors who start call master teacher can reach be even a guru letter the constructor is talking to you that you You have innate abilities to build and create and you’ll be able to reach all these sales and all these dreams You are working spiritually for rise and you’ll be seen as a spiritual teacher for some of you you can even begin to consider in teaching or healing could You are thinking of taking classes reiki to do distance healing or healings with people who are your around and this is indicating you you manage to heal people and to you through which dictates classes you do healing sessions or by seminars here speak of a Gemini It is connected with its elevadamente spirit and you have a purpose in these moments my warriors Gemini and the universe is here to tell you that you can definitely do and you have to claim it because this is yours nothing and no one is going to bring in these situations in your life much less will block you what corresponds by divine right for you Let me know in the comments if you find it I liked this reading also surprise Leave me your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing these meditations and these meditations and that way then I connect you and your spiritual guides part in these moments you shown I recommend following videos and here at the top is the link so you can visit my website consultations and there can see all queries that offer their different prices and you can also visit the rest of my page section It is my book store I am available you jot and lots of light and progress decree

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