GEMINI NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

hey everyone welcome to you November
readings this is Lauren with the clarity cure how are you guys I know it’s kind
of been a while I missed October Tarot scope readings I do apologize so
much I’m not going anywhere I’m still here I just was working on a couple
creative projects with my daughter and time just got away from me so I
apologized profusely this channel is for you guys so I’ve been playing around
this last year I don’t know if you’ve noticed but trying different readings
who’s my future partner og which I’m gonna do this month for November but
general and love readings let me know below in the comments what you prefer
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god bless you guys i want to wish you a wonderful holiday season I can’t believe
this year is over already but the time has come and we’re moving
into a brand new decade and I’m really excited about that and you’ll notice in
a lot of the readings there’s a lot of endings and new beginnings so let’s
clean up what we need to and move forward into 2020 and be happy healthy
and successful thank you very much and we’ll see in the next round okay bye bye
okay Gemini let’s take a look here what’s going on already can tell you oh
yeah yeah yeah it’s not gonna be good but this has given you a heads up please
do not fall into any trap of feeling less than feeling like you need to make
amends unfinished business because this is what this relationship is this is the
energy coming in with this person okay your future partner is not always
somebody that is the perfect partner okay I do hundreds of these readings
there it’s a general reading somebody needs to hear this it may not apply to
all of you but I will tell you without a doubt this person coming in is
definitely a Libra okay not only do you have the Libra card here but this is my
Libra card as well the two of swords and this person’s not available this is
about sex this is an invitation for a physical encounter you’re going to be
asked out on a date possibly meet this person through a friend got the high
priestess underneath that very interesting that’s my Virgo card this
person’s coming in quick with the ADA wands here
definitely definitely sometime here in November it’s going to be communication
news coming in possibly even unexpected feeling like there’s a lot of this
moving fast moving momentum forward you can probably meet this person and be
like oh my god I’ve been waiting to meet somebody like this delays are over like
I’ve you know it’s it’s gonna be swift it’s gonna feel like things are chaotic
but but in a good way to like you are ready to you know get to know this
person meet this person it might even feel very romantic at first because my
night at cops is very romantic he comes across as my knight in shining armor so
who’s my future partner and what are they like you received a higher font now
he could have a lot of tourists in his chart to be a tourist or a Libra but I’m
really feeling strongly brand energy here for sure without a doubt they’re
definitely closed off in a lot of ways and you may be picking up on that but I
think this is more about a sexual attraction especially with the devil
card here this is you know blockages restrictions this person is not being
very open with you now they could be very come across as a very spiritual
person the higher font is somebody that is very conventional you know very
follows the norms and structures here but they’re not really ethical if
they’re just physically attracted to you or it could be just some fatal physical
attraction I don’t mean it I’m not laughing I’m just saying that it’s
almost as if God’s giving you a warning here okay I think this is a Libra I
think the energy here is God giving you a warning
that’s the higher font that’s the message coming through could be somebody
even possibly from work as well hierarchy okay maybe one of the
higher-ups in the company that you work for maybe you work for the government
maybe you work for a egle institution okay this is having to
adapt to thier ways okay but you got this attachment to the outcome you’re
really gonna have to be on your toes and what’s healthy for me because there
could be some addictive behavior here with money property prestige sex okay
attachments to something mmm yeah just more more physical physical attraction
here fatal attraction I know I you remember that movie I mean that was not
funny that movie but the disappointment without a doubt is what’s breaking my
heart here for you Libra so just Libra Gemini’s so just be
on your toes it’s always nice to kind of have a heads up because we sometimes
can’t see the forest for the trees when we’re involved in a relationship that we
think looks pretty good on the outside especially if it’s it’s a brand new
relationship but I think not only having a heads up that you mean a Libra but
somebody that’s very somebody that comes across very what’s the word I’m looking
for traditional very structured in their ways is gonna like be a ding-ding-ding
okay this person wants you this person definitely wants to be with you okay but
there’s no successful outcome here the chariot is your obstacle card this is
you feeling victorious being in the driver’s seat being faced with the
decision to move forward this person could have be married as well that’s the
other thing they just said this person’s married maybe you don’t know that maybe
you do know that and you choose to have an affair with this person but it’s
going to only end up in our take for you Gemini but you get it you
know just don’t have any delusions that this person is potentially going to be a
soulmate because they’re not there’s no real success here because the chariot is
your obstacle you’re not gonna be able to get over this conflict because the
chariot is rising above of being successful and you know taking action in
a particular situation but not as your obstacle this is just not going to move
forward into a a committed loving available relationship it’s gonna be an
affair if anything okay this person is probably married whether you know that
now or not when you encounter this person you got a lot of great clues here
in this reading that’s saying Libra Libra you know so I think all in all in
the end Libra you’re gonna come out squeaky
clean here every journey is a lesson right sorry it’s not true love for you
this month but somebody needs to hear this the queen is boy I think you’re
gonna sever ties and that’s what you need to do that’s what the card is
saying you’re being upfront and honest being like buh-bye I’m not into it dude
you know or ma’am well whatever can goes both ways it’s a it’s a general reading
so this is being independent your thoughts not getting attached being
upfront and honest cutting the ties you know taking that sword here and severing
the the relationship okay not getting caught up and being emotionally wounded
here because this is how you’re gonna be affected and there’s a third party here
this is three swords representing going through the heart and I really feel for
most so you may not know that this person is married and that’s why they’re
coming through is a higher font oh yeah baby
they’re married okay and you’re you’re gonna sense that is just sexual
that there’s no real commitment here that it’s it’s false in the sense that
it’s just of the material world the flesh okay
and you know and maybe some of you might be okay with that and if you want to
have an affair or but with the ten of with this ten it’s not the ten of it’s
just unfinished symphony it’s moving on you know from difficulty when love
lingers so I do feel that you’re going to be you know kind of attached to this
person maybe see the situation differently then what’s really going on
so heads up okay and especially with the three of swords this is still feeling
bound up by what happened I think it’s gonna be a whirlwind affair you know
it’s gonna come in and come out or or be closed off or not play games with you
but be guarded and closed off may even keep you waiting
sleep with you you have an affair and then you don’t hear from the person and
maybe they finally text you so they had issues I feel like they have issues
personally with themselves that they’re in complete denial about who they are
you know first and foremost and definitely not being open to really
create a relationship with you okay they could even be putting off making a
decision to end it or continue with it and you’re like what’s going on you know
cuz sometimes this indicates no action right like you don’t hear from them at
all you maybe go out a couple of times right cuz it’s gonna be like oh I’m
crazy about this person look at this romantic gesture we’re dating and then
it’s like boom they go radio silent right or they ghost you right this is
like a like a ghosting situation it’s because they’re married yeah that bites
but that’s your future partner that somebody needs to hear that that’s the
next round of future partners coming in sometimes it’s love sometimes it’s crap
right but I love when these come into these kind of readings because you know
what to expect right without a doubt as clear as a whistle
that this Libra and energy is coming your way okay coming your way for an
affair all right mend your heart be ready for it you can change the course
of the outcome of the situation as well time is fluid maybe this has already
happened for you and you’re in this state in the month of November okay for
those of you not in the state just you know you’ll know you’ll have a little
bit of a heads up time to move on if you’ve already kind of been in this
situation and trying to figure out what in the hell’s going on you have the
power to choose to end it we could do let’s do a little clarifying here for
you real quick on this queen of swords get a little bit more insight yeah and
okay they’re saying that you know I’m going to speak your truth speak your
truth because that feeling of unfinished business might be looming over you right
now Gemini’s so that’s where the Queen is
coming in here saying bitch oh hell no speak your truth text them call them
email them yeah put the final nail in the coffin and end it because Oh what
did I just do Oh No hold on you don’t need to be treated that way you know
what I mean no way no how all right I’m gonna have to fix this
because that’s not gonna work here oh my god hold on Gemini mm-hmm all right
there we go oh this car just flipped down oh oh baby look at that I am right
on ok speak your truth whoa I don’t know if you saw that I flipped
out into my lap that’s crazy look at that mm-hmm like oh hell no nobody’s
gonna treat me like that right Jim and I I’m taking a crap this person is not
available this person is a cheat cheat cheat cheat
it’s cheater all right let’s get some mother inside here real quick for you what else does Libra need to Leaburg I
keep saying Libra what else does gem and I need to know yeah yeah they’re too
just emotionally devastating there it’s a 5 by the swords what a mind
mm-hmm I was gonna sign it my necklace is with this person knight of Wands this
is you moving in to take action that’s that’s the recommendation here just yeah
put a final bullet in it so to speak this is you overcoming obstacles here and doing what you need to do this
represents the speed of the situation so you’re gonna I would say you know
especially with this this could even feel a little chaotic as well when the
8a wands and the knight of Wands appear in the same reading or next to each
other or when you’re clarifying this is like whoa baby watch out this is super
quick lots of changes busy energy around you you might even be feeling confused
you know what am I gonna do to deter like you feel like you’re pressed to
make this decision and honestly yeah I would I would just do it king of swords
you know this is taking responsibility for your own actions this is maybe even
looking at some truths about yourself okay get into the heart of the matter
here speaking of truth cutting the ties cutting away the crap decision coming
your way and you need to take action to do that and move on
alright alright so queen of coins under there got a lot of Queen energy here for
you this motherly energy to to help you with that stability and the practicality
and those energy is to find the balance in your success to deal with the
situation alright so alright Gemini I hope you enjoyed the readings god bless
you happy holidays and we’ll see you in December take care bye bye

7 thoughts on “GEMINI NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

  1. It's a Taurus he's close off slow stubborn just send him a message. Allow love to fill your body and soul all day today.

  2. My ex is a Libra and he is a toxic, lying cheating mf…Not taking him back..I am being cautious though…Thank You. I will get a reading on the next man.

  3. The best reading about him and me. I am spiritual and ethical. Traditional minded too. I was warned on time. Just lust from his side. The energy resonated so nicely.

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