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  1. This is driving me crazy, but this is the same exact song as the one used in "Transformers: The Last Knight," right? Or am I going crazy?

  2. Not impressed with the trailer . Music , action didn’t work. Looks like they showed the biggest twist in the trailer already .

  3. So we have this movie idea let's have a younger version of an actor try to kill the older version of the actor. Oh so there is time travel? No no we will do cloning. Cloning? Yes cloning! So like a Sixth Day type of thing? No more like a Looper meets the Sixth day! So we are going to call it Recycle. No Gemini Man

  4. QUESTION – if I JOIN the paying service will I be able to view older movie news talks? My schedule does not always match up because I teach

  5. Will Smith and the rock have the same issues for me, way too much exposure and going to theaters to watch their movies isn't an event anymore… I will wait until their movies hit Netflix and watch them for free.

  6. Good god the special fx on young will Smith looks horrible lol the whole movie looks horrible. Will Smith is not a good actor

  7. the movie poster for this looks just like the "after earth" poster I would def tink they would wanna change that! lol

  8. “You made a person out of another person, then you sent me to kill him.”
    That’s powerful and best line of the trailer. ❤️

  9. I like it, I really do, but there's something kinda off about the cinematography in the trailer, maybe on full context it might look better

  10. i think its NOT trending because we saw this before, but it was called THE ONE & it was much more enticing than this one looks

  11. Bad Breaks for Ang Lee? Directed Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Brokeback Mountain (which got royally screwed at the Oscars) also Life Of Pi. Hulk was well made but did not get a really decent chance at the box office.

  12. Looper with more stunts and will smith. But cloned. And… Stuff, and er explosions. Edit evil government agency! That too.

  13. The Young Will has the Fresh Prince hairdo, that's one why to tell them apart, but yeah the years have been kind on his aging.

  14. Keeping an open mind here, but this looks like Looper with a clone instead of time travel and a whole bunch of better action sequences."Will" (LOL) watch it anyways. Ha Ha. Seriously, going to watch this movie, looks good.

  15. This looks pretty generic to me, no surprise it didn't make a splash in Avengers: Endgame Week whoop whooop!

  16. Lol it literally splashed the day of release and the second day in the United States as number 1 so idk what Grace talking bout

  17. 2:43 lol that did get a chuckle out of me XD… And yeah my thoughts exactly, Will Smith, Jerry Buckheimer…Nice shots but the music could be better yeah… Outside of the somewhat original premise, it does seem like a generic action movie…

  18. The script was first written in the 90s and it shows. Maybe it's just this trailer but does this look more like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie or John Wick?

  19. Ahh that's hot! Feels a bit self indulgent/shallow and that is a turn off. I WILL wait for streaming in that one.

  20. They did a fresh Prince Will with the flat top…It's because the timing it's not gonna get attention maybe trailer 2 after the Endgame buzz is over good thing the movie is in Oct tho

  21. We have a Will Smith hangover , we are tired of this good guy having a tidal wave of less than blockbuster to downright bad movies.and he tries so hard , each role he gives 100% but due to subpar writing or directing .

  22. Can somebody say metal gear solid but with will Smith as snake and big boss? 😳 Hollywood isn't fooling anybody with this I hope it's good for Will Smith sake

  23. I saw this trailer for the first time in front of Endgame. And my biggest takeaway was that I really couldn’t tell both of Will Smith’s characters apart. I agree with you, they’re way too similar

  24. I'm really up for this. Always been a huge Clive Owen fan, back to his Brit-indie days on stuff like Croupier and I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, so I love it anytime he gets in big films. Also really, really digging the visuals, and this looks like some of the most intense acting we've seen from a mo-cap'ed performance. The way Ang Lee seems to be shooting these scenes though looks amazing.

  25. How can you not tell the difference? One is Fresh Prince Will and the other literally has white spots in his hair. I'm genuinely confused why you can't tell the difference

  26. There goes Altered Carbon Season 3 .
    This film is the premise of the third Takeshi (Altered Carbon) Kovacs novel, called ‘Woken Furies’. I’m surprised they are getting away with making it.

  27. Grace, I think people are waiting to see more. I think a lot of folks were off-put by the Aladdin movie. They are smelling 'Dud" off of Aladdin. People are being a bit more careful. We'll see when the 2nd trailer drops. I'm loving it though. I already put Aladdin behind me. Gemini Man and Bad Boyz 3!! Let's go!

  28. he really likes that motorcycle trick, the younger Smith tries to hit him with it the first time and missed, then the older one uses it and hit… but, if the whole drive of this movie is he's fighting a younger/older version then meh, it was far more interesting in movies like Looper… (spoiler Endgame) we even saw older Captain American fighter younger lol

  29. My Favorite Will Smith movies.

    5) I am Legend
    4) iRobot
    3) Persue to happyness
    2) MIB 1 and 3
    1) Enemy of the State

  30. Metal Gear Solid: The Movie

    Solid Snake Vs Big Boss

    (David) (John)

    …No??? Alright, I'll just leave, bai :p

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