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  1. I'm not sure about this one. Speaking of 4K, when are you going to start making videos in 4K, my Gracie! Gr8 reaction as usual! 🎥🍿🌺

  2. The song that you made reference to while critiquing the trailer, the Gemini trailer is actually from his son Jaden Smith. so I’m thinking that’s why they put that song in the trailer.

  3. Umm, I dont get it, all this talk about 4K. I goto the Paramount Pictures official Gemini Man trailer and its only 1080p, not 4K?

  4. David benioff is writing this. Will Smith's character will subvert expectation in the last act and burn everyone but the main villain.

  5. This movie seems like a step back for Will Smith. It seems like one of his older not so good early 2000's movies. I think it was kind of funny that his son Jaden Smith's song was here in the trailer but it didn't fit particularly well. This seems like something I'd watch on on demand, not even Netflix.

  6. No…o No..not him again…written by David Benioff the famed writer of Xmen:Origins and Game of Thrones?… No…must ..get away

  7. The music was picked because of pure nepotism: that’s a track from Jayden Smith’s album.. the song is called icon.

  8. Undercut the scenes with Hip-Hop music… Classical?!? I strongly disagree, Grace. Besides, that's Will's son playing in the background. Perfect fit. And not because it's Jaden. I love the choice of music. Tsk. Tsk, Grace. My first big disagree with you. It's all good. We're all human.

  9. Hey! Its metal gear solid. Well will smith seams like big boss in this movie.
    Wonder what hideo kojima thinks of this cause there trying to make metal gear into a movie.

  10. nothing interesting about the movie from the trailer, cloning isn't new, total recall/lawnmower man/wanted… acting is cringe as usual from the father and son duo, may be later when jada smith starts her oscar boycott campaign then things might get interesting

  11. This movie is going to be another must watch movie featuring Will Smith. Epic action hitman style movie. Can't wait to see it.

  12. well, it's not hip hop, it's rap and its sung by will smith's son jaden smith but yeah it doesn't really fit.

  13. Why they use CGI he looks the same just shoot some scenes with beard and for other guy shoot the scenes clean shave

  14. The movie has an identity problem? We gotta stop expecting to now what a movie is about before we go see it…..Trailers shouldn't reveal a dam thing to be honest, I want to be surprise when I see a film and walk in knowing nothing.

  15. And you wonder why studios passed on this movie for years,ugh only Will Smith would ask to get credited 2x

  16. I thought 4K is just clearer resolution while Avatar capitalized on the wave of a new and improved 3D technology. Pretty different appeal.

  17. there was an image comic limited series a few years ago called "Dancer" had almost exact same story concept as this movie..

  18. I don't understand the criticism, it looks good, and Lee redeemed himself for the bulbous Hulk. I'll be there on opening weekend. Will Smith is a national treasure

  19. Great Reaction, still not sure about this one, ur excitement mos definitely helps get me a bit more pumped… Grace lay of the Hip Hop music, it didnt need classical music just the right Hip Hop…

  20. Does this look better than its gonna do at the box office, or is it just me? I’m gonna definitely see this!

  21. stop talking about birds of pray grace, is not that relevant and it will probably flop at the bo.

  22. They meet in a catacomb surrounded by skulls, indicating a long history of death… pretty much a dead giveaway that the two versions aren't the original.

  23. This, cloning the best assassin/soldier and sending him after the original, concept, gives me some serious Metal Gear Solid vibes.

  24. This movie looks really fucking good! You are getting a bit condescending in your opinion 4K is the shit! You sound like you don't want this movie to succeed.

  25. This film looks bloody terrible, I saw the trailer last night before the Joker, nothing in the trailer looks original or any good. Will Smith has lost his magic touch as an action movie star. The dialogue is also terribly clichéd. So no thank you.

  26. Note to Grace,

    Neat fact: that hip hop song is actually a hit song by Will’s son Jaden.

    By the way, I really loved this film in 3D HFR.

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