Gemini Love Reading November & December 2018 by Sloane Rhodes

hi Gemini it is Sloane Rhodes here with your
love and romance reading for mid-november through the end of December 2018 this is
going to be my last ah what is my hair doing that this is going to be my last love
reading for the year is this for Gemini Sun Moon and rising as well as Venus and
I’m gonna if you like to look at your Venus sign for the love readings and if
you don’t know what those are I do have a couple links on my resources page on
my website Sloane Rhodes dot com so you can check out a couple of different websites
there to find that information out okay Gemini let’s go ahead and get started
and I’m not in the office today but I do have the sacred geometry deck with me so
I’m gonna pull in one card from the sake of geometry and then one card from the
afterthoughts Tara let’s go ahead and let’s get the cards new beginnings very very nice we see here the baby – maybe for some of
you that there is a baby on the way certainly you are Wow you’ve been
working even do some hard work here because we are at this new beginning and
whatever this new beginning is it’s gonna be very foundational for you it is
gonna create greater sense of structure more confidence for you but I see it
will also help you align you know we have beautiful some rainbow here all of
the chakras represented in more harmony in this new thing that is that is being
created during this particular time frame for some of you it may be a new
relationship for some of you it may be actually a new thing that you and your
partner do together possibly a baby or just something new
that the two of you are working toward it could be a new home this kind of
thing a new business that you’re working on together and it’s going to be very
very important that you continue to nurture this new thing nurture yourself
if you are the thing that you have been working upon nurturing all the ways in
which you have been trying to create change in your life continue to do that
it’s not over yet you know you we’re at the beginning phase here and even though
it’s for the far as I feel it in terms of number 31 is really in reference to
what is becoming again what is becoming will be very very foundational for you
helping you to feel more aligned and a greater sense of reciprocity and I think
you do have a lot of ancestral help with this especially from the feminine line and the same goes for you know single or
coupled it’s important that you do whatever it is the two of you are
creating if you’re in a couple try not to announce it to the world yet and if
you are in a new couple or you’re making changes just for yourself as a single
individual no need to shout it from the rooftops
allow it to just kind of be in its gentle state like like when you have a
newborn baby you don’t bring the newborn baby out and let everyone hold it and
touch it and you know expose it to everything you let it you know
strengthen this immune system first and this is the same for you here whether
you are single and will join your your single dumb as you work on self or if
you are starting a new relationship or if you are coupled and the two of you
are just breathing new life into your relationship it’s the same energy here
it’s really really beautiful yeah I’m just really drawn to the fact that it’s
just so tattered so you’ve obviously been going through something and this
particular card is adhere to another card because I spilled water on this
deck a long time ago so I do feel an extra strength here because it’s a dual
layer and I feel like you aren’t working possibly with someone else very strongly
even if you’re singled it may be that there’s a spiritual partnership that is
backing you someone has your back on the spiritual and it could be that someone
has your back in the physical as well helping to strengthen these this new
beginning in you which is really really nice yeah I really feel a spiritual bond with
someone here with all this sort of starlight around either that or you’re
just feeling extremely inspired to create this new foundation this new
beginning for yourself you’ve been very courageous
and so give yourself credit Gemini alright let me get the card from you
know taro I think it’s kind of a magical time for you after a period of shredding
and shredding and shedding old ways justice okay so this energy Gemini is
for mid-november through the end of December 2018 and then from the after
tarot this will be what occurs sort of after this energy as we approach the end
of December okay here we go the pool new beginnings and the fool now in this
deck we see that the fool has indeed taken that leap of faith and has fallen
off the edge of this cliff but as we see here it’s not as I feel it it’s not so
much that the fool is feeling scared or being foolish is that the fool has faith
the fool is enjoying the moment even amidst what feels like something that
could be scary and I’m also aware of the sirens you
know in the background and it can feel like that like you know the sirens were
like Danger Danger Danger and the fools like smelling the flowers not out of
naivete necessarily but out of faith that he is going to be okay but you know with any new beginning you
have to shed remember as I said here shedding and shredding the old ways and
here he is dropping his knapsack everything that he held dear on his new
journey he’s releasing but he’s taking time to be present to smell the flowers
without having an agenda necessarily that things have to be a certain way and
giving up some measure of control here Gemini and he’s got his faithful friend
up here so it may feel scary it may be that you are taking that leap into a new
beginning and you’re gonna have to have faith and you are so lightening your
load releasing agendas expectations and self judgment here as we go into at the
end of December new beginnings again very foundational for you but it does
require that leap of faith alright cool reading for you Gemini
alright so I hope you found that helpful I will see you either on the weekly
spiritual guidance videos that I released every Sunday it’s spiritual my
spiritual self mastery class you go in heart it’s a wonderful class for helping
all of us to identify when the ego comes in and tries to distract us from the
more heart centered energies and then or I’ll see you at your private appointment
or over the Sloan Academy where I have my online courses and all of my readings
here on the YouTube channel are available on the audio podcast so you
can listen to them while you’re driving and etc so there’s links below much love
to you

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  1. That is such a pretty dress! You always do a great reading! Thank you, Sloane! Love you! What deck is the New Beginnings card from ?

  2. For quite a while, of late, my moon sign has been resonating the most. Today, it’s my rising sign resonating from your readings. Can u explain why, Sloan Rhodes, plz? Thank u so much….Sending California lots of love n lite!❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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