Gemini & Leo: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

Gemini and Leo are two signs apart in the
Zodiac, which means they’re Sextile — and that’s usually a good match for a love affair,
whether short-term or long-term. These two signs are good friends; they spark
each other up — just the way Air spreads Fire (since Gemini is an Air sign, and Leo
is a Fire sign). They have a lot of playful fun together. You know, John F. Kennedy, former US president,
was a Gemini, and his wife, Jackie, was a Leo, and you can really see how this dynamic
played out between them. So there’s JFK — Geminis like to play around,
right? And he definitely did his fair share of playing,
if you know what I mean. Sure, he worked hard but that doesn’t mean
he didn’t find plenty of time to have fun as well, with, oh, I don’t know — Marilyn
Monroe — another Gemini?? And supposedly Marlene Dietrich, and who knows
who else. Well, you can’t exactly blame him, can you? He was young, handsome, he was one of the
most famous and powerful men in the world at the time — but maybe even more than that,
Geminis are just flirts. They love playing and having fun, and they’re
known for having, shall we say, diverse tastes, romantically speaking. His affairs probably bothered Jackie plenty,
but Leos prize their reputation, so she put on a good face in public. Besides, I’m sure she and John had their own
fun together; Leo is a playful, youthful sign, too. But this sign is a little more serious about
romance than Gemini is — so Jackie is probably the one who was much more committed in this
marriage. And Leo loves being in the spotlight, so I’m
sure that has a lot to do with why she was attracted to this young, charming politician
— he was a Congressman when they met, and on the rise to the White House. Leos definitely have champagne tastes, you
know, and after JFK’s death, Jackie ended up marrying Aquarian Aristotle Onassis, who
just happened to be the richest dude in the world at the time — and who, rumor has it,
wasn’t any more faithful to Jackie than her first husband had been. But she turned the other cheek to his wandering
eye — so it looks like living in style was one of her top priorities. Yes, Gemini and Leo can be a really good match,
as long as Gemini is able to make the kind of commitment that Leo needs. Otherwise, these two are just playing around
together, having fun until someone — most likely Leo — moves on to find something
more serious, stable and permanent.

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