Hi gorgeous people welcome back you with amira from This is your june monthly video for each individual Astro sign I do suggest that you look at your sun sign moon and Rising sign and some people also like to look at their Venus sign. I just had a couple of small announcements for you That you can skip if you don’t want to hear them So it’s just for those people who’d like to hear the announcements. I have opened up an inner circle group And that’s for people who want to accentuate train? Learn how to do different things in the esoteric arts From mediumship to card reading to a Miroslav oracle card reading to coffee cup readings to connecting with you angel z’ and guides to Understanding and being their own their own advisor. There are an esoteric advisor So what I’d like to do is to help you become your own Psychic your own life coach your own esoteric advisor where you’re not going to need to have consultations with people once you know and feel and can access the information that you need Through your guides through your dreams and through everything else So there will be a link here below to join my inner circle coaching group, and I do hope you’ll join me I am a number 11:11. So my messages come through thick and fast and They are channeled from spirit so I just think you once again for joining me and for being here, I really appreciate it and Without you the channel wouldn’t exist. So I do appreciate you being here subscribing to the channel and also supporting my talented other psychics here on the channel or astrologers Celeea is an amazing psychic. She’s has a voracious Personality she reads the Cuban coffee cup. She does you a special Cuban coffee cup reading where she does the cup for you records it and sends you a very detailed reading about it I’ve had nothing, but great things said about Celia same with Anastasia Anastasia is amazing. Even when I don’t get bookings Anastacia always gets bookings and she has repeat clients from all over the world and She uses her angel cards and different cards that she’s drawn to she is a naturally gifted and very talented psychic medium and She’s also an astrologer as well So book a reading with any of us join my inner inner circle and learn more about your own Individual gifts and talents and expand on those and together. We’ll move into the next year, hopefully So lots of love and blessings everybody here are the science and I wish you a beautiful June moving forward and if you’re going on vacation Happy holidays. Ciao Hi Gemini, happy birthday Gemini Sun Moon rising and Venus. Happy happy birthday to you I feel like this is gonna be one of the best years for you birthday wise and also with your solar return So I feel like things are on a roll and I feel like I’m getting the message cup of life So I just feel like this is going to be an amazing month amazing celebration for June moving forward and you’re going to have one of the best or The best birthdays that you’ve had in a very long time whether that’s just because you feel really tranquil relaxed you’re enjoying yourself or You’re feeling You know excited Celebratory, you’ve got lots of you know amazing things going on or you’re just in a very good state of mind a very good place right now, but this also applies for Gemini rising because when this the Sun When the transits come across your ascendant That is the Sun goes over your ascendant It’ll hit your ascendant so it’s like your birthday even if your birthday is not in June and you’ve got Gemini rising when it hits your Ascendant the Sun that’s like a minute or a major birthday or the start of a new year Astrologically for you, so, you know, you’re gonna have an amazing month. I just feel cup of life. I don’t know what that means but it might mean something to you and It came in thick and fast, so I don’t know what what it was talking about But it did come back in again and again So I just thought I’d let you know what that was, and I’m going to do a spread for you now There you are Gemini the page of swords Gemini Libra Aquarius Male or female feeling like things are moving forward things are taking off in a new direction finding new directions to go in as well Pointing your sword in a new direction you might have a fellow air Sun coming in around you as well you might be feeling like you’re making a move in your career or In your life, you’re being a master of crafts a craft master Even if you’re not working You might be doing some sort of craft or handiwork that is being noticed or you feel like you’re on point with something But you’re creating and manifesting. It could even just be Manifestation new ideas new beginnings here. You are again queen of swords Gemini or Gemini Libra Aquarius Okay, your star is definitely rising. So you’re on point was something you’re on track with making big changes in your life you’re about to make a major change and You’re going to be thinking about it. It’s going to be very successful it’s going to be something that you’ve thought through and You’re thinking about it’s not something that is going to come out of left field I don’t think no it’s definitely it’s definitely a move It’s definitely a trip and it’s definitely something where you’re going to feel extremely passionate about You’re going to feel like you’re in your element of fire energy passion energy This could be you if you have an element of fire in your chart or it can just be signifying that you’ve got this amazing feeling of stability feeling of sunniness inside of you Going forth you could even be going somewhere where there grow Sunflowers like Italy or somewhere like that The full moving on okay starting from zero in a sense but I don’t feel it is starting from zero I feel it’s starting the next chapter. You’ve got the chariot. That’s moving forward You’re taking off in a new direction the death card. So I feel that you’ve got three major arcana They’re the Wheel of Fortune as well for the magician five. So I feel like you’re on point I feel like everything that you’re doing and the world Temperance as well. So I feel everything that you’re doing is on point I feel like it’s well thought out you’re making moves. You’re making changes you are You know looking at something quite you know Intricately and making your decisions this is big decision time But you’re making the right decisions if Wheel of Fortune is with you. The world is around you I feel like a lot of you will be traveling going somewhere on a trip or moving A distance whether it’s interstate or overseas. You’re going to be moving somewhere at a distance in June. So That’s beautiful Wheel of Fortune moving forward new starts new beginnings for your particular year That’s beautiful. Also new love coming to you from afar to over the seas far away connecting with people who love you who want you Who are in contact with you who are sending you good vibrations? Feeling the temperance. I feel there’s not so much patience, but it’s like Yeah, this is this just feels right. It’s balanced. It’s something that I’ve been Contemplating and it’s going to all come together. It’s like finishing one cycle and moving into another one We’ve got two wheels here the world and the Wheel of Fortune I’m actually moving overseas again in June and I’ve got Gemini rising. So there you go So that’s really interesting But I feel like a lot of you will be going on a trip on a summer vacation You you’re going to be going starting a new Trick in your life to do with something new starts new beginnings. You could be just moving your home as well Moving a house. All right There’s also an offer of love or offer of money. Love somebody who could be quite wealthy Of pinnacles could be a Taurus Virgo Capricorn male who sees you as a goddess or vice versa? you could be the male who has the money or the male who has the earth element and feeling like you’re getting better at your Finances and looking at this beautiful woman as being the Emperor So there’s abundance here just generally if we look at these cards generally There’s abundance here coming in. There’s offers of places where you can feel abundant places where you can feel like you have more wealth more prosperity and Offers coming in around those places as well as well. Let’s have a look at the star. Oh Wow, which is coming true We should wishing on a star also came up to wishing on a star You got the wish card and the star card. So you are manifesting. You’re refusing some sort of offers agreements you might have to let something go to gain something and the three of ones I’ll I often feel is the Import-export card goods and services over the seas. It could be the immigration card as well. It could be launching a website it could be getting Success through a website or through some sort of international world wide web type of activity Selling something you might have an East or core ecommerce store you might be selling goods or products or something like that beauty products or Clothes or sports equipment or whatever it is, but you’re going you’re going to be getting your wishes come true through that particular Activity or through your talents being the star through your talents, okay So you’re going to be getting your wishes come true, there could be some people who are not resonating with you, which is fine But the ones that are are going to be supportive. So that’s really nice really really nice Gemini Let’s have a look at the love Oracle. Okay, the love Oracle for Gemini All right, let’s have a look these cards are available on my website for purchase, all right Okay, this one’s slipping away Soulmate destiny. Okay destiny lining up a soulmate potential you love coming in new project new launch new love Brunette female could be you or a friend or a lover coming in around you brunette Female could be a young female as well somebody up to the age of 29 influence of fashion and music as well and Dating coming together for meetings business relationships dating work meetings interviews Okay the the dating Queen having more opportunities True love connection fun times coming in through those connections and through those opportunities You might meet somebody at a concert or an event. It could be a wedding. It could be a musical concert It could be as any sort of event that you might be hosting. It could be even your birthday party. Yay Okay, this reading can also go out to it can expand into some time moving forward long distance so looking at this is once again the Import-export this person could also have a foreign background. They could be in a foreign place. You might be having a long-distance relationship You might be sending your ships out over the seas exporting Okay, the Ice King is somebody who’s an entrepreneur he could be a boss father figure He could be somebody who is Authority he could be helping you. He could be popping up when you least expect it He could be an assistant in some Way that you’re trying to orchestrate things or he could be the authorities in charge so it could be a lawyer a doctor Somebody who’s Authority somebody who’s an authority in society Assisting you in some way. It could be somebody who’s getting you a legal custody or a legal visa, or some sort of contract Your hearts floating on air you’re very excited about what you’re doing whether it’s to do with a relationship or not It doesn’t matter because I feel like you’re extremely excited. You’re going to it’s going to lead to Many opportunities Gemini many opportunities opening up for you with this Selection of choice that you are going to make okay, so there’s going to be big opportunities opening up things that you’re going to go yes-no yes-no about you’re not going to take all of the opportunities that are going to going to present themselves to you, you might get offers of different types of houses to live in as well you could get Offers of new residence. Okay, you might have choices to make about where how and who with and you’re going to make up the right decision because you’ve got The destined things will come in when it’s all channeled in the right way, okay Past love. Okay. This is I feel like this is something not so much a person but an ideal a place a Situation it’s maybe moving on from the past moving on from somewhere where you’ve been before moving into You know calm waters This could be also past love reappearing in your life, but you may may not really think twice about it I don’t feel it’s anything that’s going to really disturb you Gemini or Upset or upset the applecart? I feel it’s all all good. It could be somewhere that you’ve been before that You’re going to revisit as well past love somewhere that you’ve been missing Or something that you’ve been missing or wanting to do that you haven’t done you might have had hopes and dreams about a particular project that you were doing or a particular place that you were thinking of going to or in In your past and you’re letting that go Okay, so I hope that makes sense to you. That’s a quite a nice specific reading for you so, I hope that makes sense lots of blessings Jim and I check your moon and rising and Venus if you Don’t relate and you’d like to cross-check something. Ciao for now many blessings


  1. Hey Amira.I’v bn sort of confused as regards my star sign.Am born on th 20th March , 2124 hrs.Am I Aries or a Pisces.🙏

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