Full Moon in Sidereal Sagittarius Releasing Practice 6 28 2018

hello hello hello everyone hello and
welcome I’m Phaedra, I’m the artist and astrologer of Mystick Physick Astrology
and I used western sidereal astrology in my practice to help you reconnect
with your soul purpose and to really remember why you came into this world in
the first place because it’s so easy to get distracted and forget. So with the
broadcast, with our full moon in Sagittarius releasing workshop today of course where
I’m at is currently the 27th of June our full moon is truly full the 28th so
we’re just a little bit of ahead of schedule with this broadcast. Thanks for
joining me and Laura it’s good to have you on. So my aim with the broadcasts is always to
provide guidance for you on how we can consciously use the energy of the
transiting planets to affect our lives in a positive way, so it’s about
responding to our transits consciously instead of reacting unconsciously, which is so easy to
get caught up in. Let me know if you can hear me and see me okay, hi Sarah, hi
Danielle, good to have you Amanda, and I’m glad you could make it I saw that you
weren’t sure if you would be able to. So I’m going to refresh my browser just
quickly if you’ll bear with me hopefully that doesn’t throw our internet
connection out while it refreshes, i just want to be able to catch comments if something happens to
the broadcast, I want to be able to catch your comments in the group and
respond to them but welcome it’s good to have everyone here I’m really kind of
excited if you’ve been on my broadcast before you know how much I love the full
moon releasing practices because it is so freeing and so liberating to
consciously decide I’m, I’m ready to move beyond you know whatever it is you
choose day you’re ready to move beyond and the full moon is a wonderful time to
do that. It’s your 20th anniversary today that’s right Danielle you did say that.
Congratulations, I hope you are doing something fun for that. We had ours last
week so we had quite fun time we kind of made a week long
and celebrating it we didn’t have plans to take you know a cruise or a vacation
like a lot of people do when they have landmark anniversaries. We just stayed
home but we sure made make sure we had a fun time celebrating our anniversary. So congratulations, so
welcome to the the 20-year anniversary Club, right? So I have this refreshed
I’m gonna go ahead and and pop open the video here we go and I have you all with
me and my notes . So today! Welcome to Mars retrograde everyone! I know a lot of you
are feeling it rather personally, especially it seems like the last couple
of weeks for folks who have Aries Sun or Rising and for folks who maybe have
Scorpio Sun or rising a lot of little irritations and things have come up so
try your best to be patient over the coming two months it’s going to be a two-month
long transit and Aries and Scorpio you’ll feel it, there’s not really any
escaping it. The rest of us, it has more to do with whether that transiting
retrograde mars is going to have some kind of contact with a planet or
personal point in our natal chart but you may find that delays are much more
frustrating than they normally would be that little silly things that go wrong
are much more irritating than they should be. We’ve got two months of that
so just be aware and try to choose to breathe deep, to ground yourself, to
practice patience, and especially to practice forgiveness, and by all means
please do not pick any fights, don’t start any fights, and don’t react in
anger if someone else starts a fight with you. Reacting in anger and starting
fights is not going to serve you. What will happen if you do that during the
retrograde something is going to come back to bite you on the butt. Yes breathing, just
breathe Danielle, that’s exactly the right thing to do. So tonight we’re doing
our releasing practice for the full moon in Sidereal Sagittarius
and so for those of you who might be new to the broadcast or if you’re just
coming back after an absence, if you don’t have your sidereal natal chart I
would encourage you to get it–let me throw a link I think I have it right
here on my notes. So get your chart and you know even if you normally practice, say,
tropical astrology don’t worry too much about using a chart that you maybe aren’t
familiar with or that doesn’t resonate with you and the reason I say that is
because you’re still going to be doing your releasing practice for the same
house as you would be if you were doing this for a tropical zodiac and so it
still is gonna be in alignment, we’re just working with a little bit different
energy tonight. Johna says, “I’m here with one ear bud in doing bed time for the
kids I’m listening.” I’m glad you could join us Johna, that’s wonderful. Let me
see if I can actually get you guys this– ah, there we go–so what happens when I
squish my browser down so far I can’t see the comment box where I can comment
on the live stream. But there we go if you need that just jaunt on over to the
website real quick and plug in your birth data and you can get a chart with
your sidereal natal placements. We’re working primarily with your ascendant so
the rising sign today, however these practices that we do, the the new moon
intention setting and the full moon releasing, you can do them with your Sun
Sign and your rising sign and I do encourage you to do that
because it gives you two opportunities every month to take advantage of
releasing something that’s not serving you or making an initiation or setting
an intention for something that you do want to manifest in your life. Thanks for
joining us Tracy we’re just getting started so what
I normally like to do early in the broadcast is kind of run through what
house the lunation is falling in for each rising sign and then I touch on the
themes of that rising way if you want to work with those themes–or excuse me I
touch on the themes for that house–and that way if you want to work with those
themes you know what they are even if you’re not super familiar with house
systems or super familiar with astrology don’t worry about having
anything memorized, right. But let’s talk a little bit first before we jump into
that about what this full moon is bringing up this full moon is in
sidereal Sagittarius and it’s rather challenging, this particular full moon
Jupiter rules it we consider Jupiter to be “The Great Benefic” he brings gifts, he
brings good luck, he expands what he touches, he’s kind of like the protector
of the zodiac right. Well this time around he’s facing some challenges from
other planets so right now Jupiter is in Libra he’s catching a challenge from
Mars in Capricorn right now exactly at the full moon
and what can happen because Mars is retrograde right is that Jupiter could
just be serving to amplify that aggressive nature of retrograde Mars,
that irritable, cranky, argumentative nature of retrograde Mars and so this is
something that we’re contending with right at the same time that Mars has
stationed retrograde and when any planet is stationary they’re even more powerful
right and so yesterday was a tough day for a lot of folks. Hopefully that will
calm down here and then a couple of days so like I said just try to practice
patience especially with folks that you love and folks who are close to that you
work alongside of in your daily life because that’s where you’re going to
feel this most. And what I want to also remind you coming into July we’re
entering a full-blown Eclipse season and typically what we experience with
eclipses is that they can influence us, they can have an effect of up to 60 days
before and after the exact date of the Eclipse and so some folks are feeling
these eclipses already. Eclipses are kind of challenging, they bring about change
and it’s change that we don’t have any choice but to deal with. It’s just gonna
happen, it’s beyond our control and so you just have to basically adapt to this
changing environment and so what I want you to be cognizant of
is for some of you, you’re gonna be feeling that strongly tonight you may
have felt it pretty strongly at the new moon we had two weeks ago. Typically what
happens is when the luminaries the Sun or the moon transit the same degree that
the Eclipse is going to happen in, even if it’s that same degree of a different
sign, it activates that Eclipse energy for some folks and so tahe a deep breath, be
patient, spend a lot of time you know in meditation if you can or taking time
just to go out in nature and do some grounding just to kind of give yourself
a chance to move through all of this energy that we’re dealing with,
especially as we come through July, in a way where it’s a little bit more
manageable for you. And so you might be noticing tension in the houses that the
July eclipses will be activating for you. It’s totally normal, okay.
The tension will be mostly over by the end of August, for sure over by the end
of September so just kind of breathe deep, buckle down, get your hard hat on,
right because by then the eclipses will have run their course. As we come out of
August and September we’ll know exactly what those changes are we’ll have a
chance to survey our new environment, our new surroundings, and we’ll be in a
better position to to decide how to proceed at that point in time, okay? But
thanks everyone for joining me. What I want to do now is have you grab your pen
and paper hopefully you brought your pen and paper with you because we’re gonna
write down what it is we’re letting go of tonight and then we’re gonna release
it either by burning our paper or by tearing it up okay but what I want to do
right now is run through, by sidereal rising sign, what house this particular
full moon is falling in for each of you and what the themes of that house are
and then we’ll move into talking a little bit more directly about the
archetypes and themes of Sagittarius and how we can use this this full
moon to let go of what’s not serving us any longer. Johna says, “right when I’m
packing and moving.” Yes that’s exactly the kind of change in Eclipse can bring
their permanent will life-changing events. For instance, and I will be
following up with all of you because I do have separate broadcast specifically
about eclipses planned for the first part of July but just kind of a “for
instance”, Johna, in 2010 in July 2010 we had an eclipse that conjoined my
ascendant within about a degree or two, and that was–it was at that Eclipse that
I quit smoking. So it was a permanent life change for me. I actually did that
intentionally. I chose to quit smoking at that Eclipse because I knew that I, I would be riding the power of it and I was one of the best things that I
ever did, one of the best ways that I ever used any kind of full moon energy
was to let go of an old habit and step into a new life and new identity as a
nonsmoker. I’ve never regretted it, I’ve never had another craving for a
cigarette ever since then. It was the best thing I ever did.
Six months later we had another Eclipse –because they do come in pairs about six
months apart, right–that December and that Eclipse happened a week after I signed
papers to buy our house and so that was another major change of life. And so
these are some of the kinds of events that you can experience, but sometimes
there are events that you can’t control. Someone else may leave your life or
someone may come into your life that has an impact on it going forward. So just
know, July will be kind of rough and some of you may be feeling that right. So if
you have Aries rising, jumping in to the the rising signs, if you have Aries
rising this is a ninth house full moon for you, and ninth house governs higher
education, long distance travel, long distance communication so things like
publishing, broadcasting, or even live-streaming like
this, it also governs religion, law, and philosophy okay. Now what’s interesting
is those same themes are the themes that Sagittarius rules and we have a full
moon in Sagittarius and one thing I wanted to kind of call out to you as not
terribly coincidental to my way of seeing the world
Justice Kennedy announcing his retirement at the full moon in the sign
that governs law right full moons bring about endings and culminations
and his tenure on the Supreme Court is now ending. So just kind of an
interesting parallel, those are the kinds of things you’ll notice the more you
kind of pay attention from an astrological perspective to events that
happen in the world. If you have Taurus rising this is gonna be an eighth house
full moon for you so this has to do with other people’s resources: this is things
like investment earnings, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bonus or Commission income.
Not income that you earn from the work that you do, okay. And it also has to do
with debts that you might have and then some other eighth house themes are death,
rebirth, and transformation and so some folks might experience the full moon in
that way. Bree says, “but July was rough last year, I just want a chill July.”
Yes it was. Yes it was. I was just looking back at last year’s notes about
this and it seems like the the summer months that we’ve gone through are when we
have a higher number of planets retrograde and last year we had our
Eclipse season. We were kind of entering the early stages of it in July and then
it reached a crescendo in August so we’re kind of dealing with that a month
earlier this year than we did last year and yes I just want to chill July too, I
totally understand. If you have Gemini rising this is gonna affect your seventh
house of partnerships and marriage, long term committed relationships, and your
relationships with other people in general. The seventh house describes how
you interact with others and it can also describe especially specifically the
descendent–which is the exact opposite point of the
ascendant–what we reject about ourselves specifically right. And so sometimes that
might be what you want to work with instead of things of partnership and
marriage. But keep in mind that does include business partnerships, any kind
of a long-term relationship that you might have would fall under the seventh
house. If you have cancer rising it’ll be a sixth house full moon for you so
work, health, pets, your daily routines, employees if you have them also fall
under the sixth house. And then for Leo we have the fifth house as your full
moon, so creativity and children, romance and true love fall under the fifth house–
not marriage right that’s Venus’s domain, that’s seventh house like we just talked
about, the archetype of Libra and partnership–but the fifth house is the
natural house of Leo and Leo rules the heart okay so this also has to do with
pleasurable activities, hobbies, sports, and also risk-taking and gambling are
governed by the fifth house and I would suggest to that if you are, if you do
gambling in any way you might want to stay away from doing any sort of gambling at
this particular moment just because it is kind of challenging in that way, okay.
For Virgo rising fourth house is the house that this full moon will be happening
in for you and so that’s home and family, it’s real estate, it’s later life,
it’s also your parents okay and it can be one or both. Now fourth and tenth
house typically rule the mother and father and different ways of approaching
astrology assign those two houses differently. What I typically encourage
folks to do, if you’re looking at a single parent, look a little more closely
at your natal chart because your personal natal chart is what I found
will give you clues as to whether the fourth house rules your mother or father
and the tenth house rules the other. But you’ll see those clues in your natal
chart. And then for Libra, third house so communication,
local travel and transportation, this is communication and
travel that’s going to happen in proximity to you, in close proximity, so not long
distance that’s ninth house. It also governs childhood education, writing, your
siblings, your neighbors, and your immediate environment so like your
neighborhood and your community fall under the third house. If you have
Scorpio rising this is going to be a second house full moon for you so wealth
and possessions, movable assets–not real estate–and money that you earn by the work
that you do, and then it also governs expenses, okay. Danielle says, “don’t forget
the transitional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter.” That is correct, we do have a
couple of signs that have kind of multiple rulers and I don’t discount the
traditional rulers even though we do have modern rulers for those houses
because I found that the traditional rulers are quite often relevant even in
a modern examination of transits. For Sagittarius of course this is first
house. So a first house full moon is going to deal with issues around
personality and identity, self-expression, your physical body and appearance, your
image, right and the role that you play in the world. So this is how you interact
with the world, it can also be like your mannerisms, your your way of expressing
yourself. And then for Capricorn this will be a twelfth house full moon, so
privacy and seclusion, spirituality, unconscious mind, retreating from the
world. And then the twelfth house also has to do with institutions of seclusion
so this is relevant for folks who work with prisons or correctional facilities,
hospitals or nursing homes any kind of residential facility or even like a
boarding school, that would fall under like the twelfth house.
Aquarius, eleventh house is this full moon, so friends, organizations, and hopes
and dreams and so this is a fantastic opportunity to kind of give birth to a
dream if you have Aquarius rising. And then for Pisces, tenth house: career,
awards, recognition, achievement, status and reputation as well and that can be
status and reputation for good or for ill so keep that in mind. So if anyone is
joining late if you want me to recap for you
what house and themes this is going to touch on for you by rising sign just let
me know what your sidereal rising sign is in the comments and I will jump back
and recap that for you. And what we’ll do now is kind of jump in and talk about
the sagittarius archetypes and Sagittarius themes and that will help us
explore how we can put this particular full moon into use. So Sagittarius is a fire
sign right, it’s action-oriented, it’s passionate about ideals, adaptable to new
and varied or different experiences. Sagittarius, the energy of Sagittarian
energy is expansive, it’s open, its idealistic, it’s friendly
and fun-loving. It’s jovial, that’s the word we associate with Jupiter–it’s a perfect
word to describe Sagittarius. But it’s also it’s the energy of exploration in
the sense of it seeks out the new and unknown and the point of that is
expanding our knowledge, expanding our understanding of the world, and the
knowledge that we have to draw on as we move through the world okay. So as far as
archetypes, Sagittarius talks to us about the philosopher, or the teacher, the free
thinker, the priest, the traveler and Explorer. It’s also the lawgiver, the
benefactor, or the student. Sagittarius seeks understanding and that
understanding is what brings about wisdom so it represents a higher state
right and that higher state exists beyond knowledge learning it’s what
happens when you’re able to synthesize knowledge learning and experience.
Those two pieces when you bring them together result in wisdom right. It also represents faith, but not only in a religious sense. It represents faith in
humanity okay. For contemplation–this is an interesting thing–so I have learned
my lesson I keep this book right at hand it’s gonna be backwards on the live
stream but I would encourage you if you don’t have this book get a copy it’s
Steven Forrest’s The Inner Sky and in it he talks about both the positive and
negative ways that different zodiac archetypes can be expressed but in that
book one thing that he observes is that Sagittarius isn’t the archer Sagittarius
is the archers arrow and I feel that that’s a very significant shift in
understanding Sagittarian energy, to see it as the arrow and not the archer
itself and so let’s talk a little bit about what does that arrow do? Well it
shoots high in air right and that vantage point that it achieves from way
up in the air gives it an overarching perspective of everything that’s below
right so then it’s able to seek its exact destination from that elevated
perspective and it can seek that destination with an absolutely
unwavering singularity of purpose from that higher expanded perspective. And so
if Gemini, which is the opposite, the counterpart of Sagittarius,
if Gemini is the detail-oriented, the analytical and if Gemini is specific,
Sagittarius then represents the big-picture perspective right, the
wholistic worldview, the taking a step back and getting a new perspective which
is especially important to do when we’ve been up close and personal with
something so long that we no longer see it for what it really is. Danielle says
“goals” and yes, it’s that aiming at a target right. And
so ultimately Sagittarius is about the growth and expansion of your mind okay.
And so as part of what we want to play with, so that growth and expansion of
your mind that comes through the expansion of experience which happens
through travel, it happens through learning, it happens through
contemplation, and then you bring that expanded point of view back down to
earth, to mankind, like the arrow, right. So what I want you to do now grab your
paper and your pen. So considering the house that Sagittarius occupies in
your natal chart what I want you to do is to ask yourself whether being small
minded or less open to new ideas, new experiences, new information, or other
points of view is holding you back from growth or from achieving what you want
in your life? Is there a belief or an ideology behind that that comes from
early childhood conditioning? Something that perhaps you’ve outgrown, that’s not
serving you any longer? Is it possible that that belief was
taught to you rather than being–sorry about that
I had a reminder go off on my phone right in the middle broadcast I’m going to have to
remember that I have it set for 8 o’clock so obviously it’s 8 o’clock–but
is it possible that that belief was taught to you rather than being a
natural conclusion that you arrived to on your own, through your own
understanding, and through your own experience and your own exposure to the
ideas of others outside your native culture, outside your belief system, or a
conclusion that you came through through your own contemplation. (Reading comments) I’m “creeping you out right now”. How so, Bree? I’m curious now. And so what I want you to think about is, if
there is a belief like that, is it still serving you? Or is it
something that you can let go? And I want you to consider, based on the house that
Sagittarius occupies in your natal chart, ask yourself where are you staying small
instead of stepping into your fuller, larger role in the world? Where are you
not sharing what you’ve learned, what you’ve discovered, and what you’ve
experienced that can benefit others. And why is that? What is it that you need to
let go of or release in order to step into your larger purpose okay. So what I
want you to do is write down on your paper what it is you wish to release
okay we’re gonna spend a few minutes doing that, I’m gonna recap these prompts
just quickly for for anyone who might need a recap. Ask yourself whether being
small minded or less open to new ideas, experiences and information or points of
view is holding you back from growth or if it’s holding you back from
achieving what you want or manifesting what you want? Is there a belief that
comes to you through childhood conditioning or that was taught to you
that’s not serving you any longer? Can you let it go? Are you staying small
instead of stepping into a fuller, larger role in the world? Where are you not
sharing what you’ve learned through experience, what you’ve discovered, or
what you know that can benefit other people and why is that? Is there a fear
behind that? And I want to bring up fear specifically because right now we have
Saturn touring Sagittarius and Saturn specifically speaks to our fears okay
and so for some folks this may specifically be a time of facing a fear
related to the house that Sagittarius occupies in your natal chart okay. So
write down what you want to release on your piece of paper everyone take a few
minutes. I’m going to jump in and do mine and then we’ll reconnect
here in a moment and do the fun part, the releasing. Tracy says Libra is your
rising sign, so Tracy for Libra rising let me scroll back up if you need a
refresher on this that’s third house so local travel, nearby communication–short
distance communication, childhood education, writing, siblings, neighbors,
your immediate environment, so like your neighborhood or your community are all
governed by the third house okay. Good to have you with us Dylan we’re just kind of
finishing up I think? I know I’m done–I want to see if anyone else is
done–writing what it is we are letting go of with tonight’s full moon
and so I want to share with you what I wrote down. So I didn’t really think
about this beforehand. So this totally is it’s like spur of the moment, it’s totally
spontaneous and for me this is this is a seventh house full moon it’s
relationships and–so it’s interesting about relationships when you have a full
moon there–we often talk about how a full moon brings about a culmination or
an ending. Well, it doesn’t always bring about an ending to a relationship,
sometimes it represents the end of a stage or like reaching a milestone and
so for instance in my case that was my 20th wedding anniversary last week right
and so for me approaching this from that point of view of relationships and how I
interact with others, I’m really kind of digging into my my Gemini ascendant, my
Capricorn Sun here, I have Saturn in Gemini right on my ascendant and so the
dynamic here is that Gemini gets a rap for being superficial right. Well, I can
tell you that in my case because I have Saturn in the first house, because I have a Capricorn as my sun sign, it’s it’s it’s a very “buttoned up tight” kind of–like I
sometimes have a difficult time communicating what I really think and
what I really feel in a way that makes me feel like I’m being understood right
and so what I revert to by default when faced with that kind of uncomfortable
dynamic is I just clam up and shut up and don’t. Don’t. And so for instance if
you feel like your relationship with me, if you’re someone that I know, if you
feel like your relationship with me is kind of superficial, like I don’t ever
really talk about deep important stuff with you, part of it is that Saturn in
the first house and Capricorn sun playing into it I’m a very reserved person
in that regard. I will talk to you all day long about stuff that’s not super
super important to me but when it comes to talking about stuff that’s super
important to me it’s like I get scared right and so I tend to not do that. And
so what I’m choosing to work with for this full moon, in my statement I’ve said
here that “I release my fear of sharing my most intimate thoughts and feelings
with others. I release my fear of open sharing and accept that any rejection
which might arise from speaking my own truth is serving to bring about honesty
and openness in my relationships.” That’s big and scary for me–but when you think
about it, if someone is gonna reject you for speaking your truth and standing in
your truth, that’s a relationship that’s built on a lie right. If you are afraid
of speaking your truth to that person or standing in your truth to that person
just to have them in your life that’s not a very honest or open relationship.
It’s, it’s a lie of a relationship right? This is a big step for me, thanks everybody for it, not what I was expecting to do tonight but what we do, now that you’ve written
down what it is you’re ready to let go of, what we do is we state aloud our
intention to release it. Danielle says, “ha I got Saturn on the ascendant in Aries” yes so you’ll state your intention. So what you
want to do is you want to take this to a fire safe place, that could be a barbeque
or a fire pit if you have one outside, or a fireplace in your house, I’ve burned
this in my kitchen sink before when I lived in places that didn’t really have
a fire safe place just so I could be, you know, near a source of water and kind of
have have it in a protected space right. So you’re gonna state aloud, “I release
this whatever habit, mindset, fear, person, it could be a person, that’s no longer
serving me. I thank it for the lesson that it brought to me and I release it
with love and gratitude.” So here we go I release this fear of open
self-expression it’s almost kind of a fear of vulnerability in a sense, right? A
fear of rejection. I release this fear that’s no longer serving me and I thank it or the lesson it brought me and I release it with gratitude. I had to turn down my ceiling fan. It’s hot, it’s summer here and I was like there’s
no way I’m gonna get this lighter to burn this paper with the ceiling fan on high. But you just burn it. And burn it completely, if you’re burning it. If you’re, if you’re
tearing it up that works too. Tear it up into little tiny itty-bitty
pieces and just let it go right but make sure if you burn it that it burns
completely. And here we go, wow this really wanted to be let go of because it
is just gone, one fell swoop, all done. There you have it. But be safe when you’re doing this. Practice safety please. I would not want anything unfortunate to happen just because
you’re practicing a releasing practice. Okay and then when you’re done with your
releasing I really recommend spend a few moments in reflection, in meditation,
spend a few moments with the gratitude that you’ve cultivated for whatever it
is that you let go of because whatever it was–no matter how challenging or
difficult it was while it was in your life–it taught you something and it taught you something valuable while it was here okay. Ah, that felt so good! So I want to see what everyone is saying here. So Bree of course said I creeped her out cuz it was spot-on.
I’m glad yay, I love it when stuff spot-on. Amanda, let’s see I gotta click
on the read more here, Amanda. “I release desires to rely on food
for comfort. I release negative thoughts of not being worthy of the blessings
that are coming my way. I release allowing anxiety to control all
decisions. I release my anger towards family and friends that are not
supportive towards my journey and I release the demand of perfection I place
on myself and not allowing myself to be proud of all accomplishments even when
not perfect.” I love that Amanda. I love that. What’s the saying they say, done is
better than perfect? There’s another one too, about perfect being the enemy of
something and I can’t remember how it goes, if anyone remembers that share in
the comments. Danielle says “funny I’m looking at the opposites instead setting
long-term goals I’m looking at short-term and Saturn is sitting on my
moon in Sagittarius yes and Saturn really wants you to be focused on the
long game that’s very true, very true. Thank you for
that happy Anniversary, Johna, I appreciate it.
Let’s see. I keep scrolling and then the comments reset. Maybe I’ll look at them
on my on my computer here. No, they’re not refreshing on my computer eitherr, that’s hardly any fun. Let’s see, here we go: “it feels like a ton has lifted off my
shoulders” yes, Amanda you are touching on what I love about the full moon
releasing. It’s like a weight being lifted, a weight that you didn’t know
that you were carrying because you were carrying it for so long you grew
accustomed to it right. Kind of like the frog in the water where if you put them in
boiling water you jump out right away but if you slowly turn up that heat–we
don’t realize, we don’t realize and we end up carrying things far longer than
we need to. And one of the other reasons why I encourage you to practice the
releasing is because sometimes it’s that simple act of letting go of something, of
making space energetically in your life that invites the new stuff to come in
and fill its spot, and lets you move forward right. It’s like cleaning out
your closet isn’t it? And so it’s very refreshing. And it’s funny because I do, I
really enjoy the full moon releasing practices is almost more than I enjoy the
intention setting that we do at the new moon. Ah, but it’s been lovely to have
everyone here, I’m so glad you all joined me and what I want to do now is just get
back to my notes, I want to see if I had any major announcements and I don’t
think I really did other than I wanted to make sure everybody knew the July
overview and short reports and the full horoscopes by sign are already up on the
website they’ve been up for a little, a couple of days now so they’re available.
They’re available right now for paid subscribers. So if you have a paid
monthly or annual subscription you can go in, you don’t have to wait until July
1 to read those you can read them now. If you want to sign up go ahead, you’re
gonna get a two week free trial. Or you can wait until July 1. July 1 they’ll be
free to the public and you can read them then. It’s just the advanced access
that you have to be a subscriber for and then Monday July 2nd 1:30 mountain 3:30
Eastern Daylight 8:30 British Standard Time and 5:30 a.m. Australian Eastern
Standard Time we’re having our Sidereal Insights Astro
Update and I will be talking more about what to expect as we move into July. July
is going to be kind of a challenging month because we do have those eclipses
like we were talking about the beginning of the broadcast, we do have Mars
retrograde the entire month and we have Mars going out of bounds
which is a whole other ball of wax. Out of bounds planets don’t live by the
commonly accepted rules of society and out of bounds Mars is no different and
so that’s going to flavor how we experience the retrograde and kind of
almost augment some of that and so we’ll talk a little bit more in depth about
that but like I said that’s Monday the second at 1:30 my time, which is 3:30
Eastern, 8:30 British Standard Time and 5:30 in the morning if you’re joining us
from Australia. And then of course I think most of you know we did launch our
YouTube channel earlier this year so please feel free to subscribe to the
YouTube channel. I upload all the edited versions of our broadcasts on YouTube so
if you miss a live stream on the Mystick Physick Facebook page or here in the
group you can always catch them on the YouTube channel or on the website, I’ve
been archiving all the videos on the website as well. And so thank you very
much for joining me it has been my absolute pleasure and
very lovely to have you with and my best wishes to all of you and I hope that you
encounter positive and exciting change in your life as we go through this
Eclipse season coming up. Thank you and we’ll talk to you next time–
let’s see wait a minute there’s more comments “Because my feed has been spotty can we rewatch somewhere?” Yes! I hope you’re just catching that, yes you can re-watch
this replay. With these broadcasts I do an edited version to kind of shorten up
that quiet period where we’re writing and then I do a little notice that this
is where you can pause it to do your writing before we get into the end of
the intention setting or the releasing so for some folks that might be a better
way to experience the replay. But yes, you can catch it on the Mystick Physick
Astrology YouTube channel, or once I have it ready to go it will also be posted on
the website at mystickphysick.com right on the blog okay. So thanks everyone for
joining me and join me again next time we’ll see you Monday the second. Thank

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