Full Moon in Sidereal Leo Releasing Practice • 03 01 2018

Welcome to our Full Moon in Sidereal Leo releasing practice for tonight, for tonight’s full moon. Give me just one moment I’m going to refresh
my browser here if I can find the refresh button so that I can pull up the live stream up on
my laptop so that I don’t lose your comments and I thanks everyone who’s
joining me. I’m very excited about tonight’s releasing practice let’s go ahead and
get started so I’m refreshing my browser to pull up at the live stream so that I
don’t lose comments but again thank you for joining me and I got my notes
already so I’m just gonna get them all prepped and we’ll get started with
tonight’s Full Moon in Leo releasing practice. So for those of you who don’t
know me I’m Phaedra I’m the astrologer and artist of Mystick Physick Astrology
and I use at western sidereal astrology in my practice I use it to
help you reconnect with your soul purpose and remember why you came and
mainly with the full moon and new moon practices with the planner with a lot of
other things that I do that I offer my aim is to provide guidance on how we can
consciously use the energy of the transiting planets to affect our lives
in a positive way and so that’s part of what all of this is about. So welcome,
thank you for joining me I do have the live stream pulled up here and I can see
the comments so I’m gonna dive right in if everyone can see me and hear me okay
so tonight our full full moon is exact at 16 degrees Leo at 8:51 p.m. Eastern
time so gosh I’m in Mountain time there’s two hours difference what so
that’s what 6:51 my time so we’re just past the full moon. But it’s in Leo and so
that’s stimulating this this creative type of energy in everyone where you
might have the urge to do things or make things or create things or get things
that you want to do out into the world and the full moon is definitely the time with
that impulse to take action and definitely do, it’s a good time for you
to wrap up things that you’re working on and get them all finished and released
out into the world. So let’s start with and grab your pen and paper what we’re
gonna do first is we’re going to go over what house this particular full moon is
happening in by rising sign starting with Aries I will touch on the themes of
that house to give you a moment to jot them down some of you might be familiar
enough with the houses and with your chart that you don’t need this part but
for anyone who’s new we’ll just run through this quickly and then we’ll talk
a little bit about the Leo archetype and Leo themes and then we’ll work that
those concepts those ideas into our prompts for what we can consider letting
go of a releasing tonight form our full moon releasing practice. So if you have Aries
rising this is a fifth house full moon for you so creativity, children, or
romance, hobbies, risk-taking activities, sports, things you do for pleasure
basically. If you have Taurus rising then this is a fourth house full moon so
home, family, and real estate, also your parents. For Gemini it’s a third house
full moon so travel and communication, neighbors, siblings, or immediate environment, that sort of thing. I’m actually going to write this down–third house–because I’m
Gemini rising and I always forget by the time I get to the end and I have to go
back and look and you know because of the work I do I can’t keep track of
these things that easy oh come on, do you how many new and full moons I have going
through my head at one time? Forget it, I gotta check. So Cancer, if you have Cancer
rising this is a second house full moon for you in your your house of earned
income and possessions also expenses and for Leo this is gonna be a first house
full moon so identity, personality, self-expression, the physical body, and
your the way you present yourself if that makes sense.
And then for Virgo twelfth house so your unconscious mind, privacy, secrets, retreat,
seclusion, those sorts of things, it also governs
institutions of seclusion and so sometimes the new and full moon are
related to activities that have to do with those kinds of institutions when
they happen in the twelfth house. For Libra it’s an eleventh house a full moon so
friends, organizations, hopes and dreams, my personal favorite you guys know that
that’s my favorite though I say that every time I’m sure.
And then for Scorpio tenth house so career, awards, recognition, and fame and
achievement but it can also be negative types of fame like notoriety the tenth
house rules your reputation and so things that happen to your reputation
both good and bad show up there. And then for Sagittarius this is a ninth house full
moon for you so long-distance communication, things like publishing and
broadcasting, higher education, law, international travel, immigration, that
sort of thing–and also religious matters fall under the ninth house and
philosophy as well. And then for Capricorn this is an eighth house full moon,
so other people’s resources–things like taxes, or insurance, or debts that you
might owe like if you have loans or credit cards. It also can be things like
inheritances or things that have been given to you or left to you and then your
partner’s income, or bonus or commission income if you earn any kind of income
through bonus or commission or even lottery winnings so like windfall monies
can fall under the 8th house okay. So not not money you’ve made by your own two hands, basically. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for joining me it’s good to have you on. So I’m
just running through what house this is falling into by rising sign Elizabeth
and if you know your sidereal rising sign if you want to let me know in the
comments I will tell you what house this is happening in for you and what themes
are that house is governing tonight. So Capricorn, picking up where we left off
Capricorn this is a–excuse me–Capricorn, let’s review this is an eighth house
other people’s money full moon and then for Aquarius seventh house so marriage
and partnerships and your relationships with other people in general Aquarius
and then for Pisces anyone who has their Pisces rising sidereally, this is a
sixth house full moon so work and health, your daily routines and habits both good
and bad, pets, employees, things like that that falls under the the six house okay.
And so yes if anyone is joining late and you need to know which house this is
falling into what the themes of that house are this particular full moon just
let me know your rising sign your sidereal rising sign in the comments and
I’ll review that for you just type in what your rising sign is and I’ll go
back and look up what house this is falling into for you. But in the meantime
what we’ll do is well touch on Leo archetypes and Leo themes so Leo is
fixed fire and the one way that you can conceptualize that is like banked coals
right not like sparks not like a raging fire but something that keeps a
steady sustained heat or a long period of time right there’s not a lot of
variability or “mutability” in it is the word that we would use. So Leo rules the
heart you’ve heard the phrase of lion-hearted, right? Leo the Lion hearted.
And is ruled by the Sun.It’s the symbol of Kings right. It’s also the natural
ruler of the fifth house and because of that through the heart through the fifth
house he rules love and activities that we do for pleasure things that we love
to do that we enjoy to do and take pleasure in, and so that can be a
lifelong love affairs with people or with hobbies, right? With activities that
we’re passionate about. The Leo archetype is the archetype of the artist, the actor,
the king, the leader of the people, the one who inspires right, which is
interesting because inspiration is the domain of Pisces and Neptune right but
Leo inspires in in much more of a “morale” type of way like an inspiring
to take action, an inspiring to take up a cause, an inspiring to rally around something common which is, you know, often the king
or the ruler, right. The leader of the people. The golden child
that’s another Leo archetype, So Leo desires recognition and that’s what he
inspires in us in that sense so there’s a there’s a strong need for love and
attention driving that and an intense creative urge behind the energy of Leo
and so Leo describes our creativity, our problem-solving abilities, our leadership
abilities and our style. He embodies the will. Hi Katie, it’s good to have you on.
so we’re just talking a bit about Leo archetypes and Leo themes we just
recapped what house this is touching in by a rising sign for anyone who’s
watching and we’re just about to here in a moment jump into our releasing
practice where I’ll go over some prompts to kind of get you thinking about what
you might like to let go of, release or move past or just kind of come out of
your life tonight right and so we’re working with ideally by rising saying
we’re working with the house that Leo falls in in your natal chart okay and so
we’re we’re talking about this leadership quality of Leo and how it
describes our creativity and our problem-solving abilities. It’s also
especially describing those those aspects of ourselves in the house that
Leo falls in in our natal chart. And one thing that I do want to mention right
here before we move on to our prompts is remember that you can do these practices
also for your sun sign so if you have a Leo sun you can do you know you can do
this practice for your for your Leo sun if you have Leo sun and then if you
don’t have Leo sun rotate your natal chart to a position where the Sun is in
the first house and then count around to Leo okay and you’ll do it for that house
if that makes sense. So for our prompts, for what we, for–to
kind of spur us into thinking about what it is we’re ready to move past or let
go: what don’t you love anymore? Oh, Leo sun there you go perfect so do this for your
first house Katie you can do this for your by rising sign and you can also do
it for your first house because that’s where you’ll have your Sun in your solar
chart okay. But I want you to consider what is it you’re not passionate about
anymore? What is no longer bringing you pleasure? Things that you used to enjoy
doing or used to enjoy period and that you continue to do, keep, or give your
attention to in some way but it doesn’t bring you pleasure any longer, it doesn’t
give you joy any longer. Do you have anything like that in your life that
you’re ready to let go of? To what are you giving away your will? Or your power?
Or where in your life maybe are you giving away your will, where are you giving away your power. Are you resisting or avoiding leadership in some way? Why? There’s the big one. Is there a fear or
some other thing that’s holding you back here? Or consider what have you created
that you’re resisting putting out into the world? What are you putting off
creating because it would mean that you have put yourself out there? What
is the source of your stage fright? And so what I want you to do is, considering
these prompts write down on your paper what it is that you are ready to move
beyond that you want to let go of tonight write it down write it all down
and and in whatever way if you want to do a list or just like you know short
essay or whatever it doesn’t matter however you like write it down and then
we’re going to step into the releasing practice. I’m going to review
these prompts just real quick for anyone who’s joining us late let’s
see where did we go? Okay so what don’t you love anymore?
What’s no longer bringing you pleasure yet you continue to do keep or give your
intention your attention to excuse me in some way? What or where in your life are
you giving away your power or are you giving away your will? Are you resisting
or avoiding leadership in some way and why? And is there a fear or some other
thing that’s holding you back in that regard? What have you created that you’re
resisting putting out into the world? What are you putting off creating
because it might mean that you would have to put yourself out there? What’s
the source of your stage fright, basically in other words. And so write
down what it is that you’re ready to let go of we’ll take a few minutes in
silence here to do that and then we’ll we’ll take step of moving beyond it. I’m
kind of excited about this. Hi Marsha, it’s good to have you on.
We’re just finishing up writing about what it is we’d like to let go of it
this evening for the full moon in Leo releasing practice and I’m just about
ready to share mine if anyone would like to share what you’re letting go of
tonight in the comments we’d love to have you share that and for those of you
who are watching live or even those of you who catch the replay so we’ve been
doing this for more than a year now we’ve been doing our live streams, the
new moon intention setting and the full moon releasing practice and I’m really
kind of curious what results you’ve had in that time and so if there’s something
that you think of that manifested for you that was an intention that you set
or something that you’ve really noticed ease around that you let go of at
one of the releasing practices I would love to have you tell me in the comments
I’m really kind of curious I was thinking today about some wonderful
things that I’ve managed to manifest over the course of the last you know
year plus and I was just wondering if anyone else has any stories they’d like
to share about fun things that they’ve managed to make happen for themselves
since we started this practice here in the group. So I have Gemini rising so
this is for me a third house full moon which of course has to do with travel
and communication, neighbors that sort of thing and also like your immediate
environment and under this theme of Leo being in the third house right and
creativity and things were ready to move past maybe maybe this is a leadership
issue in my own in my own behavior so my studio and my office are all in one room. Some of you might not know I’m an artist as well as an astrologer right so I paint and
the room that I have for my office it’s supposed to be our formal dining it was
the formal dining room in the house right so has these gorgeous hardwood
floors I’m like terrified of messing it up I’m terrified of getting paint
everywhere and so I don’t often make the time to do that in my life even though I
really love it it’s my other thing that I’m passionate about and I’d love to be
able to do it you know spend time doing it, if not every day then
at least every week right you’d like to be able to spend time on your hobby
every week or I guess it’s not really a hobby for me but you know something that
you’re passionate about and fifth house rules hobbies right and so we have we
have an extra building on our property that really is like torn up and needs a
lot of work but it’s going to be my future studio space so that my office
can be in the house my studio can be out of the house but it’s just a mess
right now and I can’t work in it and I’m ready to move past that I’m ready to
move past this cramped thing I’m ready to move into a space of ease and flow
and be able to be creative whenever I want to and so that is what I’m ready to
move past tonight, that’s what I’m ready to let go of and so what I wrote down here
tonight was I ready to move beyond having my studio in the house and
with little room for creativity and so that’s what I’m letting go of this
evening and I’m curious if anyone wants to share if–if what you’re working
with this evening is too private that’s fine don’t worry about sharing but if
you’d like to share what it is you’re letting go of. I know sometimes the the
prompt that we do get a little intense and so it’s not necessarily something
everyone is probably comfortable sharing every time but I’d love to hear if you
want to share what it is you’re letting go of but I am letting go of this
situation with my space it’s like stagnant energy and it just needs to
move and it wants to move so here’s what we do so I use my big ceramic fire safe
bowl here and I encourage you to do this only ever in a fire safe place so if you
have a fireplace or something like that in your kitchen
sink where you have water handy what you’re gonna do or you can even just
tear this up you don’t have to I light enough fire you don’t have to you can
tear it up but the idea is whatever you wrote down on your paper you’re gonna
release it right you’re gonna let it go into the universe not only
metaphorically and and but literally right and so we’re gonna do that–let me
scroll back down my notes to where I was–we’re going to we’re gonna kind of
say a releasing statement with it as we do it and you can you can say this in
whatever way feels best to you but here’s my example so I release this
situation of stagnancy with my studio I’m ready to move beyond having it in
the house with no room for creativity and to release those creative needs I
release this–in my situation it’s a situation right–that is no longer
serving me–but you can say pattern or habit or thought or behavior you can release whatever it is that you want to release right–so I release this with my
gratitude, this situation, for the lessons which it brought to me I release this
situation with love. And so that’s what you do and then you want to either burn completely or
tear it up you can go do whatever you want with it after that put it out in
the flowerbed that’s what I do with the ashes as I go dump them in the flowerbed
yes it’s really good for your flowerbed so this is the part where it gets smoky
but we’re just releasing it and it feels good so don’t do this on the live stream
if you can’t do it somewhere where you’re safe wait and do it after the
live stream is over okay if you’re gonna burn it and I’d like to make sure that
it burns completely and maybe that’s not strictly necessary but sure makes me
feel better right so release it and let it go I release
this pattern this habit this thought this situation here that is no longer serving
me I release it with my gratitude for the lessons which it brought to me I
release it with love and there it goes and so it’s all done it’s all you have
to do see it’s all gone feels good you feel lighter when it’s done and I love
it I love it this is I think I love this more than the intention setting we’re
just kind of funny but thank you for joining me in that and like I said if
you to share what it is you’re letting go of
tonight in the comments I’d love to love to hear what did you feel that you’re
ready to move past so we do have some announcement I’m just still trying to
make sure that everyone is caught up on the changes that we’ve had in the group
and with Mystick Physick since the month of February so we split up our–we were
used to be doing like kind of a an update portion of the broadcast when we
had our new moon and full moon practices where I would recap the transits for
the month, where we were, what was coming up we’ve broken that off to a separate
broadcast so now every other Monday I’m on the Mystick Physick Astrology Facebook page you can join me live at 1:30 mountain time 3:30 Eastern or 8:30 GMT
for a recap a bimonthly recap of our current transits, what to watch for, what
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and new moon of course we now just have our practice and that keeps it from
getting too long so don’t forget to head on over to the Mystick Physick Astrology
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free to send me your questions in in advance because I’d love to work any of
that in that you know that you’re really wanting to hear touched on and for
personal readings and booked I’m booking now for May so April is booked I have
three more openings in May if anyone is wanting a personal reading that’s kind
of our nearest time slot. Katie says, “thank you for this live stream is great have to
run thanks for the info on the event” That’s perfect Katie we’ll catch you
next time thanks for joining me and we’ll see you later. Also the March
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because this Saturn entered Sagittarius last February right and then he went
retrograde and now he’s come back in and so now we’d really be on this in full
swing since November and so what I did was I updated the Sagittarius blog post
with information by sign of how this could affect you so that anytime over
the coming two years plus two plus years because he’ll be in Sagittarius until
January 2020 you can come back to this this blog post if you need to to refer
to what this influence can mean for you if you need that and so I will go ahead
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full moon. Thanks, bye=)

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