Four of Disks – Power – tarot card divination

The Four of Disks Power. It is the Sun ruling
the second decanate Capricorn. The Four, Chesed shows the establishment of the universe in
three dimensions, that is below the Abyss the generating idea is is exhibited in its
formal material sense as that of a fortress. Fours are always about consolidation and control.
It represents law and order maintained by constant authority and vigilance. Not a country
you really want to be in. Not a lot of freedom. For all that there evolved defences valid
only when violently reactive. You have to go out and patrol. You have to show everyone
else how many guns and missiles, ships and all the rest of it you’ve got. You have good
ones. So far as it appears stationary it is at the dead centre of the of the engineer.
Capricorn is the point at which the Sun turns again North. Capricorn is the point of darkness
and winter. The background is of deep azure flecked yellow suggesting a moat beyond this
is a pattern of green and indigo to represent the guarded field to secure it by the fortress.
The farm and everything else has the support the construction of the fortress. This card
goes on to the I Ching again which is the 2nd hexagram Hwan, the female principle. And
he talks about the cognate word queen quan, woman. Fool’s woman? he also compares the
a form of the worm as well. he talks about the castle, fortified space chaste, incest
chest, words that kind of have similar ideas. So then he goes onto the actual sound Ch.
if you are Hebrew or Arabic language it is gh. And it is to do with the throat. Sounds
may suggest the other throat. channel of respiration and nutrition, the other of reproduction and
elimination. The battle of the sexes maybe going on here, maybe some kind of way of male
and female energies combined to create something strong powerful. Full sex magic may be going
on here as well. Time for the five ofl Disks.

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