Fortune-Telling & Love Compatibility គួរជឿគ្រូទាយរឿងស្នេហាអត់?

Those two kids, If they stay together, It’s going to be a DISASTER! Fortune-telling has been around, For thousands of years. Fortune-telling includes reading the birthdays, Tea leaves, Palms, Or cards. Sometimes, Before letting their children get married, Parents would seek a fortune-teller, To read their children’s birthdays. If the fortune-teller says they’re not compatible, Parents might break up their children, Which leads to a lot of heartache. Because fortune-telling is a spiritual belief, There has yet to be any concrete research, Indicating whether or not it’s real. I love science, And I believe in things that can be explained. I believe that your future is yours to make, Not some fortune-tellers. Let’s think about it. If fortune-telling is real, Then why haven’t fortune-tellers, Tried to prevent thousands of lives, Lost to major tragedies, Such as 9/11, various bombings, Or recently, the shooting in Las Vegas. Some may say, It’s because they were looking for it. But how come some fortune-tellers claimed, To have known about the events, AFTER they have happened. And for those who have sought fortune-telling, If you go to 3-4 fortune-tellers, Asking them to predict the same thing, Would their answers be the same? If you truly love someone, Then why can’t you take a risk? Some say if you get married, Your financial future will suffer, Or you won’t be able to live happily together. But a relationship belongs to two people. If you try to understand, And love each other with all your heart, Will you still not be able to live happily together? If that’s the case, What about people who are read as “compatible”, Based on their birthdays? How come some couldn’t live together? Love is sacrifice and full of risks. And it belongs to two people. It’s not the decision of a third person, Whether that person is a parent, Or a fortune-teller. I’m not saying that parents aren’t important. But at the end of the day, You will be the one to live with your partner, Not your parents. It’s your happiness. It’s your life. Even if you end up separating, Would you rather not have stayed together at all? Or would you rather stay together, For the amount of time that you have together? From my understanding, If you truly love someone, You would rather spend even one day together, Than nothing at all. Besides, when getting married, No couple thinks, They’re going to end up getting a divorce. But it still happens. People change, And so does the relationship. A relationship is like a plant. If you don’t water and fertilize it, Even if your birthdays are very “compatible”, The plant will still die. Going back, If you truly love someone, Why are you afraid to take the risk? Nothing is permanent. You won’t know unless you try. But if you believe in a fortune-teller, You won’t find out, Because you didn’t try. Love is too short. Don’t live in fear of failure. If you fail in marriage, You can get a divorce, And start over. No one wants to get a divorce, But it’s a choice, Other than staying miserably together. Remember that your life is yours, And you decide which path to take. Don’t let someone else decide your life, And your love life. I’m not saying spiritual beliefs are false, Because there hasn’t been any scientific evidence, To prove that they don’t exist. But there has also been no evidence, To prove that they do. Whether you believe it or not, It’s your choice. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to leave a comment below, Especially if you’ve encountered situations, Where two people’s birthdays aren’t “compatible”. And before you leave, Don’t forget to click “See First”. Bye!

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