Fasted Cardio, Sweet Stuff and Fortune Telling

hey guys what’s up good morning it is
Monday my nose is stopped up we’re getting
ready to head into the gym let’s go get this fasted cardio thing going I’ve got
my meal packed up for the day what else do you got going on I have to wrap a
gift tonight or tomorrow because we have gifts for our grandson and a few other
things that I need to wrap up so that’s what we got going on at today what are
you guys doing let me know can you believe Christmas is like less than a
week away what the heck hey guys my workout is done I did fasted
cardio I’m a little bit upset though because my Apple watch like did not
calculate half of my workout I was using a new app and it’s like cut off like
after five minutes of the one machine I was using so I was not happy about that
so it did not calculate what I wanted it to but I do have my 30 minutes total
calculated on the watch but I actually did more than that because of how it was
calculating there isn’t anything here so it’s showing 198 calories burned 231
minutes of exercise and 2 hours of stand time because it’s only 7 o’clock so even
though I did get up at 5 o’clock this morning but I was kind of like
pitter-pattering around the house for about an hour before I finally got out
of the house but I did get out of the house so that’s like the main thing like
hey dawn and what else yesterday I hid all of my numbers so I’m
very happy about that I set my calorie goal a bit higher than what it’s been so
my calorie goal was like to burn 180 calories and I decided to increase that
to 400 so that was a that was a bit hard yesterday because I had to take the
watch off for a while and charge it but I got 402 calories and made sure I hit
it before I wouldn’t spend I got 31 minutes exercise in 16 hours 16
hours of the stand time so that actually made me very very happy I was very happy
with that my thing with work is I need to get up from my desk and I need to
walk once an hour I need to like stand and walk because I’m not I’m not getting
all my stand time in the way that I would like to and see like at my old job
I could like get up walk to the bathroom by the time I walk to the bathroom you
know and walk back I definitely had a minute of stand time this the bathroom
is like 3 to 4 steps from my desk like it is legit like really really close so
I’m not getting up as much as I’m used to so anyway it’s just trying to like
recognize the changes and adjusting them plus I’ve been drinking more soda and I
do not drink soda but I’ve been drinking soda and I need to like kind of bring
that back too there’s a couple things I need to work on so that’s what’s going
on there’s anyway I’m totally rambling it’s been like 3 minutes so let me go I
need to go home and you know get ready for work and get my food in my cooler so
that’s good hey guys oh what’s up it is what is today Tuesday and it is 3
o’clock ish so my day is almost over this is the first time I’m coming on
here so I apologize but I want to show you guys some really sweet stuff that I
got today and I feel like all sweet and like important and stuff ya know what I
mean and yes that is one sitting back there if you can see that it is why I
got it from a co-worker trying to get on her good side you know wine makes
everybody happy right right hey dude and dudettes what is going on
oh my god I have so much to tell you guys I’m so excited I’m not excited what
is going on with my hair alright I am so SuperDuper excited you guys have
no idea so my boss is giving me my Christmas gift tomorrow she’s taking me and my coworker to a
fortune-teller it is so exciting oh my god I’m so excited you guys have no idea
like this is the coolest like work gift I have ever like gotten in my entire
life like what I’ll work it with people who understand my love of
fortune-telling and all that kind of good stuff and um yeah hello Christmas
so oh yeah I’m loving life life is so good and and I have something coming up
this weekend hey I’m really really scared to say it do you want to say it
I’m gonna go over to Greg he’ll explain cuz I’m not gonna do it because I’m not
gonna jinx myself she’s kidding a Jeep Wrangler oh my god
dude he says we are I don’t know I’m gonna wait until I actually have it to
be like dude yo I got a Jeep but they haven’t seen my way of thinking
yet but they will he’s got this and what color will we
eventually paint it pink oh my god okay so yeah oh so I had a Jeep Greg got me a
Jeep Wrangler for my 30th birthday yeah I’m over 30 and so I had a Jeep Wrangler
for my 30th birthday and then I had it for a couple years and then Greg was
like I want to get you a new car he didn’t want me to have the Jeep no
more okay so when I got the Jeep I got a Jeep with no a/c it was supposed to have
a CD player but the CD player didn’t work we didn’t find out about that until
after we got the car and then they were like too bad so sad then yeah I have
four tires at the top honestly so my Jeep Wrangler I got to tell you
guys this story because it’s kind of funny so I got pulled over like two
years after I had the Jeep for not for doing a rolling stop because like I left
work late at night and when you get down to the bottom of the hill like there’s
no traffic right there’s nobody coming straight at you and you can see I mean
there’s no traffic if there were um buildings but nobody had rented out the
building so there was no traffic at all so I like got to the stop sign I like
did like a rolling stop and I just kind of turned so I got pulled over and the
cops took my license and he bring in my stuff and all that kind of stuff and he
came back and like I’m just gonna give you a warning and he let me go so like
oh okay cool so I don’t know like not even a month later I’m at the gas
station I’m getting gas and this guy’s like hey your tags are expired did you
know that and I’m like what I’m like oh when I get home I’m yelling at Gregg cuz
he knows that my tags are expired like this is his fault he would have got the
mail what what’s the deal I go home and he’s like I never got anything so long
story short he went to Motor Vehicles and they were like we don’t have any
information on them tags so the place that we got my Jeep never they took the
money for the tags which we have a receipt for but they never turn them
into Motor Vehicles so what they did is they pocketed the money so I was going
around on non existant tags so when I got pulled over for the rolling stop the
cop obviously never pulled my information because I didn’t get in
trouble he didn’t say anything to me nothing because the tags were
non-existent they did not exist so much so that when Gregg went and took care of
everything they were like well we’re gonna have to Bill you for the tags and
then penalty fees and he’s like no I don’t think so I have proof that I paid
for them and then they were like oh well yeah well that dealerships no longer
in business and we don’t really know what to do so you can keep the tags so
they let us keep the tags because technically they didn’t exist and they
gave us correct tags so it was like a whole lot of process with the Jeep but I
love the Jeep it was a Jeep Wrangler soft top I rode around in the summer no
a/c I never complained about the fact that they had no a/c I mean like I just
I loved my Jeep I loved it but it got to the point where we had to replace the
top replace the UM tires and Craig’s like I’ll buy you a new car and at the
time my daughter was at home she was in high school she was going out to the
mall and had friends and I’m like okay well you know a car with four doors is
probably appropriate so we bought that and then like two months later she ran
away and I didn’t even really need the cars or whatever but I’ve had my car now
for five years so I don’t have to get rid of it but Greg said if you find a
job close to home I’ll find you a jeep and we buy a brand new Jeep but the
brand new jeeps aren’t like crap I don’t like them they’re not like a original
Jeep I want a two-door Jeep I want the old style
I don’t want an extended Jeep you know that’s longer I don’t want a forward to
were like to me and that’s not a Jeep Wrangler if you like that cool but I
don’t so the Jeep were looking at is 2004
it is old-school its grinning we may paint it pink I don’t know but I’m
really excited and rambling and I think I’m rambling for like yes every minute
so I’m gonna go ahead and I guess stop and tell you guys what’s up and I’m
gonna go get my fortune read tomorrow oh you guys don’t even understand I love
that kind of stuff so yeah so that’s what we’re gonna do I just
I’m loving my job I’m loving life things are good I was having a little bit of an
emotion Christmas is emotional especially as you
get older like holidays and I don’t know it can get a little bit emotional but
I’m good tonight so we’re good we’re gonna have a good time
Christmas is gonna be good right babe yep we’re gonna have a yeah we’re gonna
get a Jeep Greg doesn’t really care for the Jeep he drove it around and he’s
like I said how do you like it he’s like it’s a giad jeeps are so plain but I
don’t care I love it I love it I love it so I don’t know I’m hoping to take it
out to the mountains this year all right I’m totally rambling let me stop all
right I love you guys I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll let you know
how everything goes with the fortune teller lady I’m so excited how excited
when people talk about like oh you know I have the best boss ever I’m what Greg
said dude stop rambling I’m so excited I love my job I love my life I love my
husband sometimes I love him all time you thought this okay

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