Effects of Sun’s Special Yogas In Your Horoscope [English Subtitles]

Music. A hearty welcome you all to the Saptharishi Astrology youtube channel. As a part of ‘Planets and Yogas associated with them ‘ series today we are going to discuss about Sun and its related yogas. Today we have ‘Sunil Pandey’ ji as a guest again. Today we are going to discuss about Vishi, Voshi, ubhayachar and ‘Bhudha -Aditya’ Yoga. Greetings, Pandey Sir. Today we are going to talk about Sun and its related yogas. As we all knew Sun is most important planet. Only sun got burning light within him and he is the reason for all the life form on earth. Even plants use sun rays in photo synthesis effect to generate their energy. As per scriptures Sun is Soul of the universe. Sun got the energy/light and rest all planets survive on sun rays. Here i’ll mention one thing. Sun and Moon are spiritual planets. Rest all like Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are physical planets. In order to give physical results spiritual planets might require support from physical planets. In our previous session we covered Sunfa Yoga, Anfa Yoga and Durdhara yoga related to moon. Same way now we learn about Veshi Yoga, Vashi Yoga and Ubhayachari yogas related to Sun. When any planet other moon placed in the second house from sun forms veshi yoga. When there are planets in the 12th house from sun then vasi yoga is formed. If there are planets present both in 2nd and 12th from Sun then Ubhayachara yoga is formed. Now we look at vesi yoga. Person born with vesi yoga is truthful, treats everyone equal, happy and will be long height. Yes sir. The person born with voshi yoga is skilled, charitable,strength, scholarly and respectable. Person born with ubhayachar yoga is courageous, king like. In early days there were kings but these days people with this yoga will be in important positions. Sun is Soul. If good planets sit aound the sun then the person obviously will be of good nature, soft and well behaved. Sure person is pure in heart. When such sun is afflicted then person will have to face lot of struggles. Sun is soul. When these yogas formed with good planets then results will be good. Especially ubhayachara yoga gives very good results if it is formed with good planets. If ubhayachara yoga is formed with bad planets then also it gives good results but only after much struggle. If this yoga is in birth chart then effects will last life long. But impact will be more during the dasa or antardasa of the planets by which these yogas are formed. If planets like Mercury, Venus or Jupiter is in 2nd from Sun, more than one planet or all of them present in the 2nd house with out combustion then it will give very good result. Such person will be very prosperous and wealthy. As per my observation i noticed quiet a few times, as sun represents soul when ever good planet surrounds sun with these yogas that controls ego of a person. But if this yoga is formed with bad planets then it won’t take much time to trigger such person’s ego. That is the major difference between when yoga formed with good and bad planets. Yes what ever you said is truth. Ego is because of Self. Same is said by Shri Sankaracharya in Viveka Chudamani. The rain which is produced by sun will afflict sun same way ego caused by Soul covers the soul itself. Sun is soul so it is true if he gets afflicted then soul will get effected. If he is with good planets then soul will be good and gives good results. Such person will not be effected by ego. Sun represents soul obviously he gives good results if associated with good planets and vise versa. Sun is also helpful for liberation. Planets who are causing these yogas to the sun if they are in their exaltation sign, own sign or at least in friends sign then results would be great. But often this question comes, Is it good if this yoga formed in 8th or 12th house? But you also need to consider there is Sun ascendant. Where ever sun sits it becomes sun ascendant and that house owner becomes ascendant lord. So it is not always bad if these yogas formed in 8th house. Yes it might happen if these yogas formed in 8th house person tend to progress towards spiritual path. In observation there are many people who have these yogas in 8th house and they are charitable,spiritual and good persons. So where ever is sun yogas have to be counted from sun’s ascendant. Of course its all together different when these yoga’s formed from ascendant, trines and quadrants, that defiantly gives good results. Exactly sir. I’m going to share one example here. Regarding Sun related yogas it is always said planets other than moon. But as per my observation If moon is placed either in 2nd or 12th from sun and mercury also placed either side of sun then such person will become more creative and will have unusual artistic talents. He or she will be sort of writer, posses good artistic and poetic talents. I’m adding this as per my observations. When we talk about yogas and their results in exaltation, debilitation or good or bad it all depends on many other factors, there is plenty of scope for research. When we discuss these kind of yogas it is all to help you. Viewer’s should check and test the facts with their own horoscope to get out of the bad effects. This your chance to make things right. Its very true. Astrology is all about experience and observations. People should try. Now we will look at ‘Budha-Aditya’ yoga. This yoga is really important, fantastic and famous raja yoga. As the name suggests this yoga is formed with Mercury and Sun. It is one of Rajayoga’s, it is formed when Sun and Mercury both conjunct. As you all knew Sun is king and Mercury is prince. When these two planets conjunct this yoga will occur. See ap per me basically astrology is related to spirituality. These two should go side by side. You’ll get all your spiritual answers through astrology. I wish to tell you something which is related to spirituality I will tell you a story related to sun. Some time back sun got angry with earth and increased his ray’s intensity. Arun the charioteer of Sun’s chariot saw this and took sun’s chariot away from earth thus earth was saved from sun’s excessive heat. This is just an example to see how sun gives good results when associated with good planets. Sun is krura planet. Which means where ever he sits he burns that house and sometimes he might also give good results of that house. We will understand this better with an example. If sun sits alone in 5th house person will have one or more than one child with very difficulty. Mostly its one child. But that one child will be unique and prosper so differently. Thus he will trouble the house as well get best results out of the house. If sun sits in 10th house or 2nd house he gives good prosperity. All i wanted to say through this story is if sun sits along with good planets like mercury, jupiter or venus they work together well and gives very good results. Suppose if mercury sits along with sun it forms the very best rajayoga called ‘Budhadiyta’ Yoga. And results of that yoga, person becomes too intelligent, truth lover, charitable, good speaker and becomes research scholar. He is skilled in his work and bright personality. When ever yoga formed with sun obviously brightness is involved. If this yoga forms in trines or quadrant it gives very good results. As i already told you Sun becomes ascendant lord where this yoga forms he gives results according to it. If it occurs in 6th house difficulties will be there but also gives good results as well. Now we learn how this can be seen spiritually. Mercury represents mind and Sun represents soul when they both come together gives auspicious results. It increases person’s spiritual qualities like charitable, helping nature and truthful. They all come to the person naturally. Why because this yoga turns a person to seek for liberation. But we should understand one thing. As we all knew people say ketu in 12th houses gives liberation. But ketu in 12th house merely won’t give liberation. If someone has yoga to become IAS he/she simply cannot become IAS without proper study and hard work. Same way yoga for liberation will not fructify unless you strive for it. Once shri adisankaracharya said even if thousands of lives gone one has to remove one’s ignorance by himself. So if mercury and sun both come together your progress of both spiritual and material will be good. Our sages discovered astrology only for the sake and benefit of liberation. If we look at each and everything as a spiritual prospect then you’ll advance so quick in that direction. Sun represents soul and a spiritual planet too. Rest all 5 planets are physical planets mercury is in between behaves like a bridge. If look carefully mercury is friend of both sun and saturn too. He can go from top to bottom. Same way our mind can lead us to heights or can also drag down to the bottom of rocks. We will understand this better with an example. As it is said in Bhagavad Gita, ten senses are ten horses and heart is rein, rider is mind and chariot is soul. If mind is good soul get benefited. If mind is not good then person will run behind sensory pleasures and soul’s salvation can not occur. We understand all of this like sun is soul and 5 planets are physical planets and mercury acts like a bridge. If you think mostly of worldly pleasures salvation / liberation of your soul gets delayed or denied. But if good mercury combined with sun can lead your mind to spiritual salvation. Our Regveda says, “O man, earn money with 100 hands and donate money with 1000 hands”. It means do what ever you wish to do but ultimately proceed towards spiritual growth. If mercury combines with sun person will get both physical and spiritual growth. If one truly strives he/she might get both. Very true. If is look at sun it is a planet from where rest of the planets get light. Same way you talked about mercury, he is significator of mind. If mercury forms yoga with sun then such persons mind will altogether different from the crowd. Sun makes it bright in the crowd thus makes it a unique yoga. True. But venus also a good planet but this yoga is formed only with sun and mercury. Which means when our mind good and pure when it merges soul only then it shines. Thus this ‘Budhaditya yoga give great results. Some people say in this yoga mercury shouldn’t be combust. But the fact is mercury always keeps one sign forward or backward to sun. Mercury cannot remain far from sun more than 28 degrees of either side. He gets combust with in 14 degrees. So its obvious that most of the times he is combust. When ever he is in close conjunction in this yoga such good results are expected. So mercury combustion doesn’t effect much. In fact It actually gives good results when the conjunction degree is less than 14. Exactly sir. Which ever side of mercury is facing sun that side burns with heat nearly 350 to 525 degree centigrade. The far from sun remains that cold the other side of mercury. One more surprising thing about mercury if you wish become spiritual you can do that but if you wish to remain mundane that is also possible with mercury. But you’ll best utilize mercury if you wish to travel upward. You said it correct sir. One more observation as per my experience if this yoga forms in ascendant, 4th house, 7th house or 10th house it is good for material well being as well spiritual advancement. It is said mercury is a neutral planet which means he reflects the qualities of the planet he is associated with. Since childhood i get to hear one saying, ‘ the kind of people/ association you keep with becomes your character/mindset’. Such is the case, if planet like jupiter also combines with this conjunction of sun and mercury gives tremendous results in the realm of spirituality and material wellness as well. You said it very well. It it true if mercury sits with physical planets gives you material well being. But if he sits with sun alone he will drive you towards spirituality. It is very true if mercury sits with good planets gives good results vice versa. That is why our ancestors keep saying ‘keep good company it will lead you towards growth’. In fact it is very true especially with mercury which effects your mind. In astrology it is said mercury acts like bridge. He is friend to sun and as welll the physical planets and also friend of rahu and ketu. Thus he acts like a bridge That is why mercury is very important and this budhaaditya yoga leads person to spirituality as well material well being. We should read and learn spirituality along with astrology. Very true. Sometimes we have to include spirituality into our life otherwise we cannot understand exactly what that rushi is trying to say. otherwise we won’t gain. Even if we talk in common sense point of view apart from astrology, mercury represents our mind. So the company we keep defines our way of life. So if you wish you can do Ph.D or if you wish to do mechanics you can also do that. Its purely dependent on your choice. What ever we discussed until now in the series of yogas, viewers should take this information check their horoscopes and try to utilize this and should get benefit from this. In astrology we should learn about all the 9 planets and make use of it. See what ever actions we do now will impact our future luck. Apart from all that our good sense makes our fate/luck one day. Even at present someone going through hardship their luck will improve. I feel really good. Next time also we discuss yoga’s along with their spiritual aspects. Sure. Its important to cover both aspects. Also sir, if we take astrology into our daily life our perception will defiantly change and we look at things very differently. Astrology is not a tool its a life style. If we get to understand that energy it will help you in many ways. Its entirely upto us. As today’s session we learned about mercury with all our attentive minds, it helps us in many ways. Same way we’ll learn our future sessions. Sure. We will meet again in next session with another yoga series. Thank you. Music.

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