DIY Gemini Underquilt – In the field review

all right getting the hammock set up
here I’ve got the gemini underquilt I’m fixing to uh right now it’s as a
double quilt I’m gonna undo it all and it’s not that cold tonight and basically
what I’m going to do is go ahead and remove the the second layer the inner
blanket caster and turn it into the blanket the top quilt with the foot box
so that’s what I’m gonna do here got our stuff here we’re getting things in order
and basically we got our thick pots going here kicking on the stuff here
getting things water bowl in here getting ready to eat so right down from
the creek down here and got a nice little area to set up in so that’s the
game plan here tonight so when it’s nice tool Hollow and next when we’re gonna
get up and head up the trail it’s kind of heading up the mountain there to see
old rack alright just got done eating here got my set up here I’m going to
show you something I did with my gym and I under cool here got a tip after I put
it online and as I said hey put something on here to hook on the cabin
so I just made another took the grosgrain and a little button and lined
it up so I can flip it over here just to keep my my hammock spread out or Die
underclothes spread out and tonight it’s probably gonna be I don’t know 5 55 60
degrees tonight so I’m doing the single Pollux underneath and then the castor is
the top quilt so we’ll see how it goes tonight looking forward to a good
night’s rest we did about I don’t know hey miles with you today
you’re 10 miles today so I’m looking for a good night’s rest on all right we’re here on day two my trip
campsite it’s about 7:30 in the morning my internal bones are telling me it’s
about 48 degrees outside I’m start gonna have us a clear day
today see the moon up top there so I was anticipating a bunch of fog like we had
yesterday they said we couldn’t see hardly squat in the morning for first
probably till 11 o’clock so the fog was so bad it looks like it might be clear
so uh got me some hot chocolate in my do it yourself cook stove here kind of warm
up my innards and pack up camp and then we’re gonna hit the trail and try to hit
up toll alright guys 7 a.m. here just after 7 a.m. getting up moving out it’s
really give me an update on the Gemini yeah wonder quilt
I’m just sucking down the trip in it last night and man it’s been working
fantastic first night was like Center probably 48 degrees or so and I just
used the under cloud and use the for Pollux and castor as the top will work
great the underclothes stayed in place tonight
last night it wasn’t as cold just did the same set up we’re fantastic even I
mean things weren’t so good with it then even my cousin he purchased an
undercooked and his was slipping out from under him so when he woke up there
was nothing under so uh just this Gemini’s holding up pretty well so I’m
pretty happy with it I feel like that was a good project and overall worth for
the time and effort put into it Urmi well so here’s the jim and i right here
in action and see it gathers well around the my hannassey hammock there this is
this is a classic bottom entry hammock by the way and I was kind of concerned
if I was gonna have yes so in the nest they’ve got a setup
we’re right in the middle of the under cool here it’s velcroed and you unveil
crow that and you velcro it actually to the the classic entry on the hammock
there but then I saw in the video when it’s really cold they recommend not
velcroing that to the hammock can just leave it attached together as a full
under quote so really you just kind of slide this out of the way and pull this
open and just you know push the undercoat out of the way as you get in
just kind of you can reach your hand out and pull it back and this also helps I
added this to it these little loops they hit on my guidelines coming from the
from a hammock so it does a good job and and overall I’ve been very happy with it
so that’s what it looks like you can action out here in the wild so I’m very
pleased with it

7 thoughts on “DIY Gemini Underquilt – In the field review

  1. I am glad to see it worked out for you. I did have one of those throws that I had bought from Bed Bath and Beyond a while back, was going to make an over quilt. Now I will do the Gemini. Your videos were real helpful. My shock cord came in the mail yesterday and tonight just finished the snap loops for the clews (if I got that right) So hoping tomorrow to put the first under quilt together. Went looking for another throw to make the insides and Costco and Bed Bath and Beyond did not have any. You are right there were other sellers but they wanted a fortune. I think Amazon 2 pack was $90, save another $60 and you can get a Hammock Gear econ 20 degree under quilt for $150. I have a Blackbird XLC and have the two bug net pull outs. Good idea for a snap strap to each of them. Thanks for the review. Bruce from the city of orange in orange county California

  2. did you have to use anything else for warmth at that temp (pad, sleeping bag, etc) or was the gemini good enough alone?

  3. Hi Boone Down South…thankyou for your efforts all around on this project and your videos. Good job!!
    I have same Hennessy in both classic and zip. Just beginning to make pollux etc as gathering materials as want something lighter for summer months other than my commercial underquilt (HG). Interested in tie out modification you did…appears simple kam snapped geosgrain about 6 inches long? and slightly towards head end by few inches. So no sliding out on you at all then? and have you stayed with that set up of made additional modifications since last year. Reason I ask saw another member of Hammock Forum place kam snap loops on both sides of tie out and secures with adjustable paracord he said to allow to tighten or loosen around Hennessy tie out and indicated worked great? Also Jacks R Better Nest UQ utilises a ladder style (two loops) at same location to accommodate different size Hennesy's which is another interesting possibility.. As an add on… I tried using the HH Super shelter sil-nylon weather protector only this past month and slid a Costco throw blanket spread out by itself in there experimenting and worked fine as was around 55 degrees and simple as heck (just kept in place with clothes pins) and used other as blanket inside hammock. May kam snap in near future if get urge but kinda like the KISS approach with weather protector from SuperShelter for classic. Anyways will see how I fair out with project. Thanks again.

  4. How long did it take you to make that and how much would it cost to purchase an underquilt was it worth it doing it yourself

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