Divination: The Art of Predicting the Future – (Exploring Magic Ep.2)

with the previous video necromancy peeking interest surrounding the different kinds of magic and how they appear in both classical and modern storytelling it seems only fitting to devote a series to the exploration of magic and its many practices today’s episode will focus on the art of divination the ability to gain insight into future events through various different means and practices those who did watch the previous video on necromancy might be thinking this sounds quite similar to necromancy and that’s because there is some crossover in terms of being able to obtain information about the future when necromancy only really achieves us through communing with the spirits of those already past divination is a far more extensive practice of magic in this video we’ll be examining the different aspects of divination how it featured in past works of fiction and how it still features today before we delve any deeper just like necromancy we should first establish what divination is and the reasons for it being practised in the first place when we say divination we essentially mean the act of seeking knowledge about the future and the unknown through supernatural means as for the reasons why divination is practised I think the majority are quite self explanatory being able to obtain knowledge and information that is usually not available is quite a useful talent to possess some may just want the comforting feeling that comes with the knowing what lies ahead and some may actively seek to change their future the most common type of divination comes from interpreting different omens and signs sometimes these can be quite good and then again they can also be quite bad I’m sure many of us remember the divination scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in this particular scene professor Trelawney is teaching the students the art of Tessomancy which in the Harry Potter universe is essentially the art of reading tea leaves to predict the future the leaves in Harry’s cup perform a spectral dog known as the Grimm a symbol of death and an all-round bad omen now in the books Harry’s cup has more than just one symbol along with the Grimm we see a skull meaning there is danger in one’s path a falcon which represents a deadly
foe and a club which predicts an attack these symbols do foreshadow future events that take place in the story but they are all fairly vague and we as an audience are left to put the pieces together and essentially predict the future now the term tessomancy may only really exists inside the realms of the Harry Potter Wizarding World but the practice of reading tea leaves and grounds of coffee has existed as a form of divination for centuries and is often referred to as Tasseomancy or Tasseography Tasseomancy only really began gaining popularity in the 1700 and 1800’s and how far back it goes is quite hard
to say but if we consider the fact that tea itself was discovered thousands of years ago then it’s safe to say that it’s a fairly old practice most historians seem to agree that it’s an art that originated from ancient China as it isn’t something we really saw in
Western cultures until Dutch merchants had established a trade route with China around the 17th century before then we did see similar practices in medieval Europe but often it involved the mountain of wax and Led or any other molten substance that would form unpredictable patterns that could then be studied the process of reading tea leaves simply involves pouring a cup of unstrained tea the cup would then be shaken well and once the individual was done drinking the tea any remaining liquid would be drained and pattern left behind would be examined the diviner then interprets the patterns and links them to symbols that have meaning behind them for example if the leaves form something similar to a clover that would mean good luck happiness and prosperity is what awaits you in the future whereas a snake would be seen as a bad omen and something like a mountain would imply a long journey ahead of you there are tons of different symbols man normally the fortune teller or the diviner would group them all together to create some kind of a prediction some of you myself included may have seen something similar but instead using grounds of coffee and this is something that is quite common in Greece Serbia Turkey and various other countries in the Middle East similar to reading tea leaves another very popular type of divination comes in the form of Tarot now not all decks of tarot cards were designed for the
purpose of divination in 15th century Europe they were simply used as playing cards and again it wasn’t until the 18th century that tarot cards were really used as a form of divination known as cartomancy the art of reading counts to tell one’s fortune cartomancy had existed since the 14th century which was around the same time playing cards were first introduced into Europe much like Tarot each card in the deck had a specific value and meaning but this entire process was streamlined when specific tarot decks were made for occult purposes such as divination and more specifically fortune-telling they presented a much more visual experience drawing a seven of Spades and being told what it meant is slightly different than seen tarot cards such as the hanged man the lovers or the fool it just has a more supernatural feel and I guess that means people are more likely to believe what the cards represent growing up around this sort of stuff I never really had a problem with any of it I never believed it was real and I still don’t today but I didn’t see the problem with reading tea leaves or tarot cards or even having your palm read if it’s done for entertainment or self understanding and reflection however there will be certain people attracted to this type of divination that may be in a vulnerable position they may have lost loved ones are gone
through some kind of trauma and rather than seeking the help they need they turn to things such as tarot cards and palm reading for this false sense of comfort or clarity and as with all things in life where these vulnerable people exist there will always be those who attempt to take advantage of them now this isn’t me saying everyone who
reads fortunes or practices divination is a con artist I know people who do it for free and people who do it for fun but it’s worth being vigilant of yourself and the people around you when
it comes to people telling you they can predict your future for a small fee of course it’s also worth mentioning that many tarot readers never make the claim they can predict your future the cards are more of a guideline and the reader is simply interpreting a possible outcome there are countless forms of divination that each could honestly have entire videos devoted to them so here’s a quick list of the most popular that I haven’t mentioned osteomancy the
reading of messages found in decaying bones scrying the art of looking into reflective surfaces such as water or a crystal ball in the hopes of detecting
messages numerology the interpretation of numbers and dates as well as the value and significance of letters and lastly rune casting which many of you may have guessed from the name involves throwing runes and interpreting the position they land in this was used by both the Celtic and Norse people now I say lastly only because I lost count of how many subcategories of divination
actually exist but feel free to google methods of divination and count for yourself divination as a whole has appeared all across the world from medieval Europe to ancient China and Western Africa it was also a fairly large part of Mesoamerica and it’s religion there are numerous deities associated with the practice of magic and sorcery Tezcatlipoca was regarded as the patron of sorcery and a central deity in Aztec religion divination was practiced in the everyday life of the Aztec people through screen surfaces and through the use of hallucinogenic plants such as Morning Glory and peyote visions were created that they believe to reflect the future now on to Greek mythology where we see divination quite often we have gods and goddesses such as Asteria, Coeus, Apollo and many more thatare associated of prophecy when we think of divination or prophecy within Greek mythology it’s natural to think of the Oracles as the primary conduits of the gods and their prophecies but in reality this is something we see mostly from seers who unlike the Oracles had no direct contact of the gods or divine gift instead they interpreted certain signs and symbols mostly through the use of hepatomancy or extispicy the reading of an animal’s entrails which is also another very popular form of divination and one that we still commonly see I’m sure most of you have read a story or watched a TV show or a movie where a character has used the entrails of an animal to perform some kind of ritual or spell that allows them to predict the future despite the Oracles appearing in some of the most well-known Greek stories they were actually quite rare unlike the seers which were much easier to contact this abundance of seers meant they became quite valuable to the Greek people so if seers didn’t have the impossible schedule of an Oracle and they could both predict the future then why have Oracle’s in the first place? it’s true that both Oracle’s and seers can predict the future but seers are far more limited because they have no connection to the supernatural if you ask you see whether you will die tomorrow it will most likely result in a simple yes or no answer but an Oracle can tell you that at midnight a man on a flying horse is going to drop a boulder on your head because seers have no connection to the gods or divine gift they have to rely on interpreting different signs which means they can only really give a yes or no answer but this couple of the fact that they were often depicted as extremely wise individuals means they can make you pretty well-informed guess as to what your future may be the Oracles divination came from visions and messages from the gods meaning they could provide a more detailed image of the future now this isn’t to say that one is better than the other they’re just not used in the same way Seers may not provide a definitive
answer but they are readily available to most people whereas Oracle’s as gifted as they are were more so reserved for heroes or figures of greater importance of stature so where do we see divination in works of fiction? well going by what we’ve discussed so far it’s pretty much from everywhere any story you’ve read or movie you’ve watched that features some kind of prophecy is an example of divination being used that prophecy would have come from some kind of Oracle or prophet like figure and they would obtain the information through various forms of divination now the whole prophecy trope is something we see all the time and you could argue it’s overused and cliche but what it does do is provide an outline of a story or a key event in that story without really given away too many details and spoon-feeding the reader a prophecy can be self-fulfilling or it can always change if we look at Greek myth as an example we have Uranus prophesying in that Cronus will be overthrown by his children which ultimately results in him swallowing his own children and lead into a rebellion against him contributing to his own downfall and then you have Metis who makes the same prediction about Zeus but despite this prophecy Zeus doesn’t really change the way he behaves and he’s still pretty much an overall dick to everybody when that day does eventually come when Zeus his children and the other gods staged a coup there are far less individuals involved and the coup is ultimately a failure making it so that this specific prophecy does not come true some more popular examples that are a little bit more modern include anakin skywalker who’s prophesied to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the force but of course he ends up joining them instead only to eventually turn on them anyway you have neo from the matrix who’s prophesized as the hero who would destroy the machines and save all of humanity but we soon learn that this prophecy is fake and he’s merely meant to reboot the matrix though in the end neo does kind of save everyone but it’s at the cost of his own life and not in the way we first expected very similar to Anakin in Harry Potter we have the prophecy that states that Harry and Voldemort cannot coexist one will have to kill the other Voldemort assumes killing Harry will end this prophecy but in the end all it does is make him vulnerable and eventually leads the prophecy being fulfilled but as the opposite of what Voldemort expected just from these few examples we
can see a pattern in how prophecy is used most prophecies in fiction never
mean what the characters first think they mean they act as somewhat of a diversion taking you down one path for you to later realise it’s the wrong path classic misdirection now as for characters capable of divination in storytelling that is something we see presented in a far different manner a lot of this comes down to the very simple fact that being able to see into the future is extremely powerful and if it’s not implemented correctly it can ruin a story and an audience’s connection to a character if you have a character that can use divination whenever they please and see as far forward as they want you then have this problem of them never really being in any real danger nothing that happens really matters because everything can be overcome and avoided the way most writers combat this is by limiting the use of divination and quite often magic in general when you think of characters who have visions they’re quite often short and distorted thecharacter roughly knows where they are and what’s happening but the details are often left out and that’s why we commonly see this kind of divination occurring during dreams or nightmares the character and audience have an idea
of what’s coming but not enough to easily prevent what they’ve seen divination is a form of magic that has been practiced for thousands of years if not more it’s appeared in some of our oldest recorded stories and continues to be a staple of modern storytelling is divination a school of magic that you knew existed? and is it a school of magic that you believe? in let me know in the comments below as always I’ve been your host mythology and fiction explained

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  1. * Q: Have you looked in the branches of Welsh Mythology before?
    There are some interesting stories & there might be some local ones that's lesser known.

  2. I cast runes and read tarot for fun and for my friends or family that as me too just to see how things work but I was also taught how to do it correctly

  3. Predicting things anit that hard surely iv never been wrong dates correct from pregnancy to sprirtual awakening even my own nan and dad death

  4. i can see the future and present in different locations. i got a vision my husband was cheating on me that very moment then i walked to the spot the vision was at then i seen the vision was true. then i seen me getting murdered by the one i love …had not met him yet but then i found him and i got killed by him then i came back alive a arm pulled me out of a black room and threw me back in my body and said i wasnt suposed to end up there i can also tell a persons intentions without any words being said

  5. I personally have been practicing a few forms of divination for at least ten years of my life now. My cartomancy seems to be the most accurate though as I have predicted family deaths and births with eerie accuracy which isn't unusual for the women in my family. I don't charge for my readings unless I am raising money for a charity event.

  6. I won't say divination is fake, but I will say don't do it if you're in a vulnerable place. You dont always get good messages. A friend of mine used ICHING and predicted his mother was going to pass months before. Another friend of mine said get off the path you're on now using tarot. The person is now serving life in prison

  7. Which Remind me of Warhammer 40K which those Puny Eldarie Prophesied every time and Fucked up every time and That Prophesy happened any way……

  8. The ministry of magic had time turners. TIME TURNERS. they could have gone back to just before voldy got there and prevented the whole miserable life harry had to suffer through. Sirius wouldn't have gone to azkaban. They could have proven hagrid had nothing to do with the death of moaning myrtle and riddle was a shitlord. Damnit. Fuck you JK Rowling.
    Oh hi. Loved the lesson but I started thinking about prophesy and harry potter….I'm realllly sorry.

  9. Bruh you should make the videos long with detail and facts to help people better understanding because their been times where im listing and a name or a place pops up and i dont know what it is intill i see the other videos

  10. Tbh i somewhat believe it as I have had on many occasions had dreams that depecited later events and when I do little things to try and defy the vission it only ends up as me realizing that I did it more

    Ps. Feel free not to believe me as if I heard myself saying this I wouldn't believe it either

  11. I don't quite understand the question posed at the end of these videos about magic. Of course no one believes in magic – that's why it's magic. It's unreal.

  12. My friends are quite convinced my divination is 90% of the time accurate, most of the time I use runes, cards and dreams.
    So for a wicca of the old folks who slipped under the inquisitions radar and passed Nazis, I believe our record is quite impressive. And of course you have horoscopes! The future/fate telling by the stars. Such a people born today are under Litha festivals help and Bels guidance. Born under one of 4 exclusive to one day tree zodiacs, Chinese Zodiac influencing the fate of their children and the stars predicted support some kind of magic. But the fine detail lay in my book of shadows, so I will speak no more.

  13. i believe in all aspects of the arcana, divination is something i do myself actually.

    when it comes to magic though, you need to realize that its actually almost impossible to break down into catagories, for each spell, caster, and everything else in existance is completely relative.

  14. i’ve recently started scrying. From what i’ve gathered from beginner instructions/videos it’s nothing more then seeing the images in your minds eye and usually are vivid. More like meditation and reflecting on what you saw. The most vivid I was in a dream like state closed my eyes and came to what I call the “House of Arches”. I wanted to see if I could make myself a specific thing and not just random stuff. I want see a house and maybe tour it. I saw a room of arches and I was next to a spiral staircase. I eventually panicked cause i felt something pushing my head towards my scrying mirror and had to open my eyes. A friend who’s done it longer then I have referred to it as the “other world” but not really in the sense of the land of the dead or those below but more like a mental space.

  15. They speak of organ reading in Julia Caesar. His prophet's fail to find a hard in a lamb Caesar ignores the warning lead g to his death.

  16. i had 636 dollars today, last night i though "huh… what are the chances my mom will give me the amount necessaary to make 666"". Guess what? i went to sleep today and when i woke up i found 30 dollars and 2 candles with a photo on each of them, both religious. Creepy stuff, and this happens A LOT in my life… it gets kinda scary sometimwa, but i'm a man of science

  17. I knew it existed but idk about it being real. Some people seem to really be able to read signs or body language though.

  18. Divination is a form of deification that was separated from its body, when you start deification you automatically gain knowledge of the future.

  19. I don't know exactly how tarot divination works, all I know is that it does, to the point where when I pull my deck out and do a reading I'm honestly not even fazed by it anymore lol.

  20. Aztec etc indigenous people of the America’s , we never had “ religion” what we have always had and still have is a spirituality. Then again non natives always get this wrong

  21. Okay I need some of y'all to help me out I'm trying to be open minded to this stuff because some recent stuff surfaced relating to all this but I honestly dont like any of it. I try to learn but watching the videos gives me intense anxiety. What should I do?

  22. My uncles wife was a traditional healer and she uses a plate and a candle. The plate is smeared with oil and it is held over a candle. The pattern usually shows the supernatural cause of the ailment. Since this is now a Catholic country, there is Christian influence in that the oily soot is used to draw crosses on the body.

    Another way is letting wax drip on a basin of water but unlike the soot method, the only thing you gather is information and you must do another ritual for defense of sorts.

  23. As a divination/cosmic witch, actually tarot nowadays isn't really seen to see the future, and when it is, we usually warn the client that everything they do can affect their future, therefore their future can change. Tarot, such as Oracles are cards that will guide you, and will tell a story, is up to you to follow the storyline or change it completely. <3

  24. The reading of entrails is an interesting one. The Chinese I-Ching system even more interesting…I wonder what your thoughts are on Remote Viewing, can that not be seen as a way of peering ahead as well???

    On magick, chaos magick has shown quite some promise and results. At least in the true do it ur own way style of influencing the emergence of events.

  25. What's the problem with doing something like this… 'for a small fee'? I noticed you paused (providing emphasis) before saying that. Was that to suggest that the act of making a living for oneself is bad or did I misunderstand this pause/emphasis?

  26. Hey man I seen his movie The Dead Zone is a story from Stephen King yeah it's sore like divination well you touch people you can see their future it's not the same like those kind of categories but it worth mansion

  27. Divination is one of the most feared of all abilities. My family has banned me from having my fortune read from any psychics/guru until I was 18, which then, I was able to make my own decisions. I had mines done at 16 against my family’s wishes, they said I was supposed to travel across the world(which I was for the first time the week after) and I would find my soulmate overseas.

  28. And there is meditation in its many forms. Basically clearing ones mind of all things in order to attain better focus on things of importance, or allow messages from the beyond to be understood, heard, and even seen.

  29. Tarot was created to save mystic knowledge in allegory so the information wasn't lost by book burning rulers. Like the Romans who raided the library of Alexandria and burning it down once they had all they could carry, perhaps on their second raid of it. (I don't remember exactly)They filled the Vatican library that nobody is allowed to study and catalog unless they already know what they want and where to find it and possibly it's contents, too. All else is hocus pocus.

  30. I can actually do tarot, and you got everything right. Tarot basically shows you where you're at and gives you a guid of what could happen depending on your choices

  31. Somehow this video reminds me of a sexy nymph from magic the gathering. What was the name. Hmm. I remember she requires four colorless and one black mana. Constellation skill. 4/2. hdmsvbigblxypsxtesdnrlzias

  32. The Centaurs in Harry Potter read the stars to see the future. In The Order of Phoenix a Centaur taught Divination when Trelawney (I hope I spelled that right) was booted.

  33. Dude, I resent all you say around 6:40 mark, because let me phrase this in a different way;
    " You should draw me a character and I shouldn't have to pay you for your work. "
    Extremely simplified but the point is, I am not here to hear you throw out moral assumptions.

    Yes, there are people who will prey upon those whom lost people. But you could just as well replace Tarot with Organized Religion such as Christianity. But that's something people never bring up because most people do not assume such religions would prey upon others. In fact usually when someone says that they 'found God' or became a believer after a significant event such as the Death of a loved one, it's seen as something good. While if they resort to something weird ( used in supernatural way ), it's seen as " Oh they need to seek PROFESSIONAL HELP! "

    Sorry for the Rant. One of my long distant ancestors were burned on the stake for Witchcraft a long loong time ago and we have always had a keen interest in the 'alternate views' in my family so to say. I myself have had a keen interest in the Occult and even dabble in Tarot for myself and friends. I am not looking to make anyone a 'believer' in my views regarding that, all I can say is that for me, who look at the cards and know their meaning when I lay them out, will draw the connections of " Ah, so this is the monumental secret the Tower card warned me about. "

    – keeps watching –

    Overall a good video.
    I don't have much more to say than that.

  34. Us apaches we are like somewhat like this because our elders tend to predict the future or in other words what they believe will happen it will most likely come to pass later

  35. 13:27 cough Alice Cullen cough

    Also I’m surprised at how many people believe in divination, I’m not judging, I’m just thinking I would be much to stuck up to believe in magic 😅

  36. Used to be very obsessed to free tarot reading here in YouTube to gaining at least a bit of an insights about my future.
    Now I just don't care anymore.

  37. I read tarot and study astrology (which is a very broad field actually). While I do not believe in them, I use them as tools of self reflection and story telling. I'm just like any other person: I enjoy looking for patterns.

  38. The individual person is the conduit between the spirit, the different types of divination just help facilitate the message received, but aren't really necessary if u have a natural gift.

  39. Thank you, super helpful. Yes, i believe in Numerology and apparently i'm a Diviner practiced in art Gematria. It's like i'm completely behind the firewall of all the inservions and black magic going on.

  40. Divination is a legit skill, but it's often random, bestowed or unwanted. Visions, dreams and the like…can wreck havoc on a person's psyche. That's why most diviners, seers or oracle's were considered private, but spacy people. Appearing disheveled and out of sorts. The worst are the messages that needed to be expressed, but left the diviner stumped about how to go about it. Spirits and Gods can be dicks sometimes…..😒

  41. check out Leto II in Frank Herbert's Dune series (God-Emperor of Dune) for the results when someone is so proficient at divination that he knows the entire future. spoiler: he's not a happy chappy!

  42. I give readings my origins come from being a Oracle in a past life. I've given many readings but unlike some , this might be your first and last reading when I hear people saying I seek out readings every other month or week I laugh and tell them you need not seek such things maybe once a year or so we need the unknown bless be 🎃🌻🎃

  43. Me: There are a lot of witches in this comment section.
    Sanderson Sister: Asay Ento-

  44. I met a person that could read coffee grams and it is 100% true!! Some ppl have this power or whatever you wanna call it. There was no fee for it.

  45. Had a anthropology professor who reads palms for science. Hes been doing it for decades(started to pick up women) and now takes pictures for documentation.

  46. I started tarot and scrying as a way to self reflect. Didn't believe it was anything supernatural. Then things got weird.

  47. The story of King Saul from the Bible first king of Israel. Lost his kingship due to his lack of trust in the Creator of all things and using divination to summon the spirit of the dead prophet Samuel. That’s the oldest record and most accurate story I can think of that would apply.

  48. Also in Babylon during Israel’s captivity. Which you have already somewhat stated, but partially left out some facts. The diviners and magicians were all tested by the king of Babylon when he had a dream. The king asked his “wisemen”, magicians and diviner’s to tell him the significant dream he had and interpret it for him with promises of great wealth or off with their heads. It was their job to foretell of present and or future events. Failure to do so would result in their imprisonment and later death. Thus, the anointed Daniel stepped in and did what they could not. Telling the king of Babylon his dream and interpreting it for him. On numerous occasions. Saving the magicians, glorifying the Lord of Heaven and earth and rejecting the riches offered.

  49. It blows my mind how much sh$t you know. I dont know if you are intelligent because you wanted to proce someone they were wrong or if you just needed to know "why". But i love it. Thank you love your channel.

  50. I wished this world would contain real magical schools for teaching such disciplines like shamanism, blood magic, dark magic (means by the way not automatically evil), chaos magic, necromancy, etc. I wished magic would be like religion or business a part of the human society. But instead of this we are living in such booooooooooooooooooooooooooring and stupid world without any perspectives and hope. Its just living. pfff…. And the one thing we all care about is: MONEY MONEY MONEY…. I hate this world. Because it doesnt contain real magic. Magic with might, wisdom and knowledge. Such magic, which would help to understand, what we are really are. Not just animals with primitive instinsts.

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