Discerning the Onset of a Python Attack

warum clearly to you the way of
salvation and she continued doing this for many days listen when a Python
spirit attacks you it typically attacks you for many days
it’s it’s so subtle at first that you don’t discern the onset of the attack
you don’t discern it immediately most of the time unless you really have a lot of
expertise dealing with the spirit then you begin to notice a pattern you
understand how you react to that thing kind of like if you’re gluten sensitive
if you’re allergic to peanuts or shellfish and you happen to eat
something that had a trace amount of it in there the man the station of the
allergy you get you know I had something with peanuts I had something with
shellfish once you get accustomed to fighting the spirit you’ll begin to
notice the onset of it but it’s very subtle of course when the Python first
starts boiling itself around you you don’t feel it if it’s not sweet its
positioning for the kill

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