Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Gemini

Hi I’m the Star Goddess and here are some
tips for dating a Gemini. The most important thing to know about a Gemini is that they
do not respond directly to visible stimulation. In order to catch a Gemini’s attention the
most important thing you have to do is to be witty, bright, sparkling, charming and
articulate because Gemini rules the conscious mind and Geminis have to establish some sort
of communicative rapport before they slide into the stack. Geminis are big fans of talking
and not such big fans of doing. If you want to get a Gemini’s attention you want to date
them successfully. There is no coming over to your house sitting on the couch and chilling.
These people want to be out and about doing interesting, stimulating, exciting things.
They want to go to plays, shows, movies, theaters, anything that involves a rapid pace even down
to an Indy Race, Geminis are all about. The thing they hate if you hate a Gemini you’ll
stick them on a couch and leave them there all night long. So the key to date a Gemini
is to find something fun, interesting, exciting, and fast paced to do. Make sure that you give
them plenty of time so they can get there and then you also want to be sure that they
have their freedom to talk to other people while they are out with you because they are
the most notorious flirts in the Zodiac. They talk a great game but they usually keep their
hands to themselves so that is the key to dating a Gemini and that is better living
through astrology. I’m Janet Sciales the Star Goddess.

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