DATING A GEMINI | Benito Skinner (2019)

One sec, babe hallo mama, it’s so good to see you. She’s f’n cancelled! Perfect! and then I was like anal doesn’t count Babe this dinner is so fun. My set is totally crushing. What! I bring a mic everywhere! So what’s new with you, babe? Okay, I’m gonna pretend like I’m listening until I can talk about myself. Oh my god Should I tell him about the time I met Hilary Duff? Wow he is not gonna stop Alright. Oh my god, he is. 3, 2, 1. TOTALLY, so I! Babe. I don’t talk to her anymore Not after she dented my Jetta. I think she has a drinking problem. And that just made me think like maybe I’ve been in the right this whole time. Yeah I know I said that a minute ago, but like I’m different now. I have a different outlook. You know what I mean? So like I I if I text him back that makes me look desperate. But it can also make me look like a power bitch. I’m gonna leave him on a read. Ghost ride the whip. and like I was like wait and can’t decide Do I get a kale Caesar or a harvest ball mill rice? I’m so indecisive and hot. and then I was like I feel like you’re wrong. Let me get proof. ME! one sec I’m on Wikipedia right now WiKiIiIiIiIi Keep coming wiki Yeah, you’re wrong I feel like I should give a TED talk about this. What if I told you that everything you thought you knew was wrong Let’s take a look Here you go, babe. Did you know that an average of a hundred Americans choked to death on ballpoint pens every year? I’m such a factoid. total Magnum Cum Laude Me. Hey, I know what you guys are talking about. Yeah, you’re wrong What did you just say to me? You don’t want to meet Patricia? Yeah I hate that! Yeah, no, it’s the best. Babe, I’m not crazy I’m chilling. Why didn’t you invite me? I mean no I wouldn’t have come but sTiLl *bleep* rude. ME wAiT but Ted Bundy was like hot. Don’t freak out, I f’d your best friend. What I decided we were on a break I made him use a condom byeeeee I NEVER SAID THAT. We should break up. I’m going out with my girlies let’s make out Babe I’m totally falling for you. Let’s get married get the F off me. you’re disgusting. you know, you love me. xoxo Gossip Girl Yeah. me

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