Dame Dash Post Video Of Female Accuser

hey good evening kids Boss Hogg on a
Friday night dedicated to the dumb shit come on in how was your week how was
your Christmas I had a great experience this week of just the whole week as
you’ve been hearing me tell you I’m still playing the Toni Braxton CD
snowflakes still and Christmas is over all right tonight uh no co-host tonight
bullshit money she’s busy so I’m gonna be rambling later you know right now I’m
gonna rambling mood we’ll talk about a few things in case you’re not at the
speed Dame Dash has released video footage on his IG page if you ask me
exposing the accuser that is now suing him for 50 million dollars some type of
sexual assault I didn’t see it and let me just say salute to a ahmadi the rule
up on YouTube hey homie putting his Mac down someone sent me a link to his
YouTube channel he was on this fast and then I went to the IG page and I saw the
video footage so again Ahmadi the rule on YouTube because I was gonna jump up
on the microphone tonight you know have a drink as we do on Friday nights as we
have done for years and just get reckless I was massage his name – a
serial rapist I was about to bring up the old shit from my who’s that The
Washington Post the summer camp when he was a minor but no let’s slow it down um
let me show you his here’s the video footage right there pal see that right
there game – in his kitchen dust go popping ttan on IG the accuser oh she
looks like a wildebeest in that video you will see Dame talking to this woman
and his fiancee as well and Dame de says hey you’re stealing from me I want you
out of my house now allegedly she out and purchased a laptop an iPhone and
some other items and she had all these shit in her pocketbook and she was
trying to you know she was doing some disingenuous things from what Dame was
saying either way the video footage is there so Dame Dash has now clapped back
before the week is out all right we’ll talk about that if you have seen the
video footage if not you just want to put some aspect on that man’s name give
us a call also I have a few questions I want to ask you guys tonight because he
gonna had been busy this week just you know powering down oh I got an old
nigger napping today then that was so good I started doing this look refreshed
polo I feel great um and so I’ve got a couple of questions we’ll talk to you
guys about a young buck recently arrested and felony warrant no bond he
was picked up on December the 20th before Christmas so according to this
report here he spent Christmas in jail Nashville Nashville Tennessee which is
where he’s from aka Cashville talk about that also I
hate to I hate to admit it mm you know I used to fuck with young birds music
heavy back in the days I’m in a car show and then Mia who I really loved as a
singer he’s started getting reckless with his mouth when I was on every day
struggle I stopped fucking with him not that we were ever cool but you know but
this week holy smokes I’ve been getting so much rest and catching up on things
that there’s a track that I just got to speed on a late in green’ featuring lo
baby the track is called leave him alone you guys know that song hitmaker the
shit is fire oh it’s fire he did the production
Youngberg because he flipped his name to hit maker and he clearly says in the
track and they’re banging this song down here in the ATL yeah again Layton green
featuring lil baby leave him alone I’m being silly and
the things we’ll talk to you guys about tonight this sad sad reality of the
Baltimore salon owner who feared for her safety before she was murdered
that came out right before Christmas but I do want at least you know touch on
that because um it’s a very sad story but at the same time she was very young
21 years of age she’s now deceased and you know niggers
niggers you know niggers broke in and she caught them when they broke in I
think the first time and then she went in to you know follow the police report
as she was supposed to do I don’t know who killed her but if you have any
updates please give me a call let’s discuss that tonight as well all right
all right let me fix my cocktail hang on a second lot Chad how you feel troll
babies let’s get it yeah dedicated to the dumb shit who folks there’s a lot
going on on the YouTube YouTube streets I know I know just give me a minute try
reading her sheet salute to the homie Yvette Carnell tone talks and there’s
one other person oh he went ten toes down
let me look the live chat throw babies who I’m talking about what’s his name
black what put some respect on his name shit is lit give me a second your little
Sloan there’s a delay huh black what black who black what I’ll
wait for you i’ma wait for you that hater misses nothing yeah black
authority put some respect on his fucking name okay I’m smoking a
cigarette can you a second yeah shit is lyddie who okay I’m feeling good I was
my cutter okay yeah you know I don’t really want to get in the middle of that
but I did reach out to a few people behind the scenes and I did not see the
interview with dr. Claude Anderson speaker icon legend pioneer author of a
few good books I’ll just say that but they are going at it and and listen
let’s not start that whole thing about all you know black people need to come
together you have to you have to plow through the ruins they did all this back
in the days back when Martin Luther King jr. and Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X
were alive they were at each other’s pointing at each other’s throats yes
they were yes they were oh that’s nice
whoo Reverend Jesse Jackson and a host of others oh they used to go back and
forth Reverend Al Sharpton yes they did there was just no Twitter or no on
Instagram back then black folks always been fussing and fighting and feuding
huh and anyway but before I get into the earth nuts and the bolts of the show I
got so much to talk about tonight guys please remind me to put some respect on
there’s a young producer and he’s a politician an artist an artist
aka presence he’s got attract its fire it’s called a body like Nicki all this
shit is look I’ve been hearing this on main the milkman channel on YouTube
behind the bar aka presence if someone has any information on him please send
me an email okay okay and then I’ll get to this
second topic shortly just give me some time because that was a topic that I I
put on the table years ago about adoption and children end this past
Christmas I spent Christmas and Alpharetta with my family beautiful
family but I have come to the realization again again that I need to
either adopt a child and I want to get your your opinions on this now I don’t
adopt by myself but I you know I have a girlfriend you know and she’s she’s
talking to write talk so um I may want to go down that
path of adoption and I want to see how you feel what you think or maybe if I
should do something else in Atlanta here by way of what do you call that a
mentorship I’m saying that right mentor programs but give me some time on that I
want to get nice and toasty and then get reckless Danny with the smoke are you
available Dana hold on a second the folks listen to me carefully I’m 55
years of age I don’t want to jump out the window and start you know talking
about things with regards to Tyreke Nasheed Yvette Carnell and tone talks
but if you want to call in and talk reckless please do please do I’m
objective but listen Tyreke is my guy you know that it’s my guy
I bet Cornel called into the show once we had a good conversation I respect
what they do he bet Carnell and tone talks never spoke to tone talks you know
don’t know don’t know um but shit is lit right now yeah yeah oh hang on I’m gonna
write something else down please remind me cuz I just I’m all over the place
tonight I’m gonna be like bird shit Monty woodgrain and dr. Umar Johnson let
me write that down hold a second and I need to know if Monte woodgrain is born
and raised in Philly please don’t let me forget woodgrain he’s a content creator
you’ve heard me put respect on his name before he’s a young man I say young
respectfully I’m as old as dust but I need to know is Monte official Philly
you know material because you know that might play a part in my assessment of
things Monte took his ass out to Umar Johnson’s
school videotape it
salute nigga and now dr. Umar Johnson is talking crazy talking reckless
he’s old and he’s you gotta be careful with these young boys and I say young
boys respected but there’s a lot going on all right
a lot going on it’s bringing some phone lines that’s yeah I’m gonna want to go
there tonight you know Friday night dedicated to the dumb shit good evening
908 apart minato for you there 904 hey hey hey green who’s this hey my name is
Tiffany oh hey do is try it dr. Anderson that’s it no stay with me don’t go baby
first of all first I love the name Tiffany stay with me so so what happened
because I did not see the interview on The Breakfast Club no disrespect but I’m
too old to be listening to The Breakfast Club in the mornings he went on people
just straight knowledge of what we needed and at the end of the day they
felt offended about one of your comments he did not dare ate them he did not
direct the conversation to them but they just took it a certain way and from that
you know I I just I was with tarik you know miss lady you know she has a strong
face and she has a strong attitude and they just took it baby we call the names
tonight let’s go we call the names let’s go you cannot get mad being here before
we all were here this man has seen he has been through and he understands like
man they’re fighting for years to try to get all of us to get on the same page
how where they want to do that today you don’t do that and I was just offended by
their and they’re all I had to say and I love you and I appreciate everything
that you come off I thank you now hang on a second please don’t run
don’t I need you how old are you you sound like you got some season 2 coochie
I say that respectfully how old are you don’t you see there’s a little bit of
help I’m 41 okay now listen I’ve got some beautiful
family but you know I decided on Christmas Day that I need to shift gears
and worry about you know myself and and you know give some children hello try to
give some children you know at least a smidgen of what my parents gave me I was
spoiled your shit I’m still spoiled you do the mentorian for you as I mentioned
we will be better for you you know I see all these you know celebrities trying a
brand Madonna this is all upset because we have adopted these children
especially you know if the rich celebrity they’ve got needs babies and
they try to switch them over you don’t do that you know leave these kids where
they are let them have the experience with their you know family and friends
or whoever they you know really don’t do that to the kids you know it’s too much
for you you know what people have in children you know so now here’s my
thinking here’s my thinking there’s children here and young adults and maybe
I should you know me and my me and my girlfriend if I can just get her focus
you know maybe we should adopt you know a middle school a middle school child
that you know is already like you know in need of some things you know well for
you that would be mentoring you know you don’t have children you know and that’s
not the child that you can share with her so there would be a total mentoring
and of course it’s all going to build you know years and months you know into
the relationship so we don’t worry about the alcohol all we need to say the ones
that need to be safe you know the middle of a lot of it you know do that are you
your mother itself are you yourself a mother part of me are you yourself a
mother oh okay yes sir I have four children okay okay okay
now respectfully out of the four how many of them are headed for greatness
out of the four you know right now I have all four of
them my oldest is in college I have almost six feet daughter middle
school should say basketball run track I got a bad student middle school you know
sixth grade so my baby boy second grade football so hey all I do you know and
that’s what I’m here for okay thank you darling I appreciate the
call you have a great weekend all right thank you so much
thank you okay yeah season two cootchie season cootchie is dangerous folks I’m
gonna be vulgar tonight you’ve heard me say before if you get up in some good
season cootchie you got to watch these all heifers because they know how to
contract and expand the coochie contract and expand the coochie it’ll fuck you up
fuck you up all right um let me just spit this out before I
forget and then I start doing a whole lot of extra shit now over the years
I’ve dated some beautiful women the I’m the problem
not them I’m just career driven you know I didn’t move from the beautiful suburbs
in 1981 and moved to New York to wipe a bitch you know but I’m 55 now and on
Christmas Day again up in Alpharetta my beautiful family I just you know we’re
talking a bunch of folks and somebody else said hey do you remember me and I
said well should I remember you who are you what do you do and other things you
know other conversations I don’t talk sideways about family but just I had
that realization as I was driving home you know I said hey man you got to do or
try to do what your mother and father did for you I really want to explore some type of
Mentor programs here in Atlanta you know maybe take some kids too
I don’t know I’ve been to Six Flags I go bowling I go indoor skydiving I did some
shit today that I caught myself catch this one catch this one hang on I was up
at the mall up in Kennesaw I was picking up some some Air Max Plus two pair as
I’m walking out I stopped to play lunar golf donor golf
look in the live chat you guys haven’t talked him out wasn’t that selfish and I
had a great time I just oh shit Luna golf and I walked in it now the point is
you know I should be taking kids to do that it shouldn’t be just me doing me
still at 55 lunar golf goggle it I was there for half an hour okay so if
you don’t know what Luna golf is you’re old
the kids know haha yo let me slow down guys I’m coming to cash a pin superjet
bear with me bear with me I see you I’m doing me tonight what a great week I had
huh and I spoke about um adopting kids well
over a decade ago this is not a new epiphany it’s a conversation I’m
revisiting hey three one zero good evening three one three point three one
three good how are you sir hey I’m good star what’s going on man hey Tyreke nice
shady vet Carnell and tone talks that’s what’s going on for real for real but
I’m just some hero some some dumb shit what’s poppin with you a game – come on
come on game – me nah the female accuser you’re talking about
nah kilt no joke got that footage man you know that was on fire so we on that
bullshit tonight listen to me carefully you listening you listen you listen just
give me a second are you listening to me I’m rich yes sir
I spoke to choke yesterday I said choke you want to call into the show to talk
about Damon at fifty million dollar lawsuit choke said starring fucking with
you on that snitching please don’t incriminate joke
he said he did okay I won’t do that well let me give you the flip side okay now
how all this started again a Mario Gardner wrote threw a party in Brazil
guess who’s better as Mario got Arroway let’s go Jeffrey Epstein
shit Mario Genaro is Jeffrey Epstein Boyd Manos the guy that owned all the
Victoria’s Secrets and bath and Bodyworks
– thought he was running girls okay all through Florida not only
reason is broke out because a little girl got into a fight in the hallway and
a bunch of money fell on them now turning this niggas microphone up pay
attention getting all this money from yeah that’s the where she got all the
money from if she says she got it from giving an old man my sorry okay take it
easy take it easy I want to leave the Upstate okay okay
listen I want to leave this dream up now can I ask where you call where you
calling in uh snitchin from please please initial problem I’m straight out
Detroit man okay no see we were following this about
Epstein and they trying to bury it not a reason they left Epstein a lone man it’s
because they said he’s part of intelligence they leave him alone
everybody was granted immunity so ain’t no nothing gonna happen to nobody as far
as that Epstein situation well said the Illuminati killed him I spoke about that
when he was first arrested and and they handled that so so listen never mind him
I don’t want to do a deep dive on that scene fuck me he’s gone okay um so Dame
– he has released video footage on his YouTube channel salute to again Ahmadi
the ruler did you see the footage okay
did you see the footage all right well no no no no I didn’t see the four I’m
going straight to oh when I saw your show oh yeah see that thank you thank
okay so let’s not add some before I go cuz you’re quick on your hairpin can I
add one thing Jay come on let’s go no not one thing I know you want to end
Epstein but I gotta put this out here man okay now when they went over there
raid at that temple we said we’re not talking about minors and Epstein we’re
not doing that so when I don’t have okay let’s get her let’s get him out here Epstein what am I supposed to do here
the UM the Illuminati took care of him story’s over
should I change the title to put some respect on Dame – his name and while he
was talking to this accuser he said to his wife or fiancee or
somebody he said can you record this now the story would lead you to believe that
yo Dame Dash was walking around in the bathroom a bathrobe and
and his um his schlong was hanging out awesome Hugh Hefner’s shit such is not
the case such is not the case oh shit is that Dana with the smoke 9 7 3 Happy
Holidays Dana how are you I’m toasty i’m saucy let me just say right now before I
forget Dana I love you for what you do and who you are you’re a dedicated a
go-getter and if I’ve never said that to you before you know by way of business I
love you ok thank you I appreciate it love you bet okay okay all right so you
want you want to put some bullshit on the table where we going yeah I mean
that’s going on on Twitter and YouTube the pettiness well first of all I’m an
event car now Trotta and always will be and I stand on that you know she comes
with the facts and the data and if she wants to critique doctor Anderson she
has every right to you know and she gives valid critiques everybody could be
critiqued nobody isn’t so high up on Hall that we can’t talk about him so
Tariq you know he has his resume but he’s still in 40 right now so I don’t
know who the Wizard of Oz I you know is but I don’t understand why he’s going so
hard on YouTube and Twitter so it was entertaining Dana we call the names
tonight who you referring to the Wizard of Oz he’s referring to I’m called the
black authority Jason black that’s the same person they try to say there’s two
different people but he’s the same person but aka The Wizard of Oz because
he has behind the curtain he never shows his face and I have an issue with that
so you can’t sit up here and think you spit in knowledge when you don’t you too
scared you’re faced and only thing you do is
complain you don’t come up with solutions
neither do Tyriq machine he doesn’t come up with solution so he knows what hang
on Dennett now let’s let’s have a conversation
I don’t know the black authority I’m very familiar with his platform the
hater misses nothing and you know we’re at a different time right now in society
where you know everybody can’t say hey Here I am here’s my face because some
people are going hard in the paint and they don’t give a fuck if the platform
is taken down they have a mission they have an objective it’s very different
from when I first started out you know I wouldn’t start on buckwild’s faces to be
seen but now social media is different and and the information needs to be out
there fast I’m not hating on him for not showing
his face but with regards to time ok that’s fine but with regards to Tyreke
Nasheed I feel different even though I respect Yvette Carnell I don’t know tom
but I respect tones approach you know Tyreke does have an objective but go
ahead yeah he has an objective and I do respect that because he has an objective
he does have a resume he is a historian filmmaker you know so and nobody can
take that away that is a fact but his objective is to keep money he
collected money from black folk because he don’t get you know corporations about
shush that means you know to divide and conquer
you know what event and tone is doing he will do that you know so it’s the hustle
it’s all about the hustle is all about you know getting people on your team and
making sure they’ll opening up the wallets to support whatever you’re doing
ok Ariat oh ok sounds like the Caucasian our
forefathers that were you know or who came over here once upon a time and when
they cleaned out the jails of Europe so that’s how you describe you look ahead
ok right but let’s go hustle in the New World
huh I’m sorry I’m wobbling oh wow but my thing is why are you so upset with what
event Parnell said about dr. instant first of all I’m pretty sure dr.
Anderson feelings are not hurt he doesn’t care but why are you upset that
you know this woman said something can help you know and what she said was very
valid so now you call her all these names the rasa Tori names you know
yeah but the LGBT games are memes and you know this being highly disrespectful
you know there will be a disrespectful back but um so I look at it and I don’t
mean the though number not name up in here but if he whoa where you going
Danny do we have to get number nine on the line were you going just because
somebody is older and they’ve been in politics or economics or whatever
they’ve been doing for so long and writing so many books that’ll mean they
can’t be criticized right no but not criticized dr. Jeffries you know doctors
every day wasn’t it is still insulted or less of a man he actually clapped back
at number nine but he also respected now because late
dr. Leonard Jeffries Christmas Pecola his name come on dr. Leonard Jeffries
yes so you know you you should be able to have a right to say how you feel and
actually be able to back it up any I don’t want to I wasn’t going to go back
and you said because you know black people been fighting you know the way
back and that is true because Adam Clayton Powell he didn’t he wasn’t
really filling him okay he would actually say and induce press you know
when he were asked the question about home he was there oh who who was that
you know but at the end of the day as time went on he knew he had to work with
that man so my question is for Tyreke event and
Jason black you know eventually is going to come full circle to where either
you’re going to keep disliking each other or are you want to visually work
together okay Dana stay with me because even though I
you know relaxing most of the week there’s a young man and I say young
respectfully out of a well Boston a Boston business lawyer
Sean Fontes was it funk spot me Sean Fonts Sean underscore fonts on Twitter I
just started following him he’s a graduate of Boston College Law School he
and a few other people were saying with regards to dr. Claude Anderson being on
The Breakfast Club that this man has passed his prime and I’m just gonna
paraphrase from here and out that you know talking down to people is not
really what’s needed right now any thoughts on that right passing his
promise or to say I’m not gonna take you back
I’m not gonna agree so much on that I think we need to read his books and
understand you know what what what he was presenting to us because we you know
is needed you you have to educate yourself on public policy here in
America and economics but dr. Claude Anderson
I have watch double of his videos and seen several interviews yes he do talk
down regarding black people but I also looked at dr. Anderson as being one of
the blaze so so usually black people usually talk down on on black people but
saying you know stop being stupid or you know black folk or whatever and hang on
a second Dana I can’t find the exact tweet and folks have pardon me and mole
over the place right now Sean font funks Apple NT es again on Twitter and the
reason why I’m mentioning his name is he had some good insight and a good
perspective from a young professional and let me just say that I’m neutral
here guys I’m objective I’m neutral I’m not taking anybody’s side mmm I did not
see the doctor Claude Anderson interview on The Breakfast Club but um you know I
mean I catch myself at times a man of my age so that I’m not told
came down to young people that’s the reason why I mentioned that their
YouTube channels I salute them I applaud them because I don’t want to be some
older you know just angry person you feel me so with regards to dr. Claude
Anderson and his power anomic SIF we didn’t mention his book the issue that
some people have is that his book was published was in 2000 and then it was a
it was a 2005 no I think it was came out earlier and then it was projected
projected to be a tool for 2005 you can check that if you like but then I just
want to mention it yes that’s right right but back then you know we did not
have technology or social media you know as advanced like we do now and so which
is one of the great things this you know this is why this is the best time right
now to be allowed to be blessed but and I always had a problem with this with
the older generation particularly older black people they never capitalize off
on social media so you can’t you know so that’s why he’s up at The Breakfast Club
to try to connect with younger people because you never tried to before and
you had to choose to do so it’s not just like the Enderson is this other black
figures older black figures that don’t utilize
what the young people are you alive so you can’t tell someone who that they’re
misinformed or dumb workflow sure you’re not reaching out to them to give them
that information hang on Dana we have to go to cash app
and super chat and folks if you can’t get thrown the phone lines tonight
respectfully you can send it a cash up a super chat I will get you at some point
Gorillaz all want to check him via super chat he says Dana can’t respect a strong
black man that’s been putting in work but loves gay porn that’s all we need to
know about her okay this girl is only checking big cock on the check and he
says strong face and Mushmouth haven’t come with nothing but a Kamala Harris
remix get off your childish girls versus boys game and step into reality okay
thank you big Ock mr. flowers good evening thank you for your super chat
start could you do that impersonation of your ex-girlfriend who went to Colombia
then accused you of being crazy for talking to yourself I forget what is how that was how I
phrased that but I was talking to myself in I think her apartment her dorm
putting her dorm and I said to her I said um I said well you know Einstein
and a host of others talk to themselves or used to talk to themselves she said
oh you’re crazy stop it she’s very dismissive but thank you mr.
flowers black racist good evening sir sends a nice superjet f it star when you
die just leave everything for your cat like those batshit crazy white people
I’m sure he’ll find something to do with it sir I don’t have any more cats the
cats I left them and um Toms River New Jersey
I’m in Atlanta now I’ve got some really gangster fucking squirrels that press me
every morning about 10 of them in the yard I’ve got a fox named makes– uh and
I’ve got some raccoons in ship a thank you man for you dirty up for your super
jet put me next super tech comes from a dirty poultry merry Christmas to all and
it’s on site starting with you store hashtags hashtag ceases beatings okay
Danny can you hang out for a minute at you I want to touch on a few topics and
just ramble all right okay okay and also help me write something down here hold
on what a great fucking week I’ve had the Drake interview oh I watched the
whole thing yes I did come on I’ll call in the Drake interview
flew to the homie Elliott Wilson I’ve known him for years and B Donovan I
don’t think I’ve met him in person with a great interview whether you like Drake
or not hang on a second Dana whether you like Drake or not if you are a artist or
producer you have to see this interview Drake is sitting there focused he’s not
smoking weed he’s not smoking a hookah he’s drinking a little wine but he’s
really dropping some jewels talking about his catalog
he puts respect on Weezie’s name of course he talks about Meek Mill he talks
about Pusha T he admitted to taking an L to Pusha T and there’s other things he
spoke about living alone in the new house huh yes I live here alone spoke
about his son there’s so many things I just I can go down the list if you want
to call in I thought it was a great interview and respectfully I don’t think
Drake needs to go on the drink champs it’s a drink and you know just to talk
about to talk about things at this point in his career just for the sake of
letting people like you know feed their appetites
he dropped Jules he spoke about the weekend who he calls Abel I thought that
that was a very very intense piece but yeah phone line is open
all right guys I’m coming to cache app as well spell with me
yeah with me let’s go to area code six seven eight good evening 670 are you
there hello hello yes sir greeting hey first of all just
wanted to say man I really appreciate your show man I appreciate you never
thanked me for quite some time and I just think man you
you really are needed thank you both generations I’m 43 year old man I’m
Jonesboro and South Atlanta okay and thank you yeah just from you know your
generation my generation any other people I respect fully what you do thank
you sir so what I wanted to talk to you about was you said you wanted to
possibly adopt or mentor yes and as a parent of two daughters one 22 the other
13 and just from your personality on the show and I’m not sure how much of us you
really give but how much of you you really give us but I’d say because
you’re like a mover and shaker and the type of guy that you know you you’re
more business or okay mentorship I agree with all the
earlier mentorship might be better for you because as a parent and no
disrespect to anybody by saying you end up having a lot of bad parents because
they’re thrown into getting children when they’re younger right and they’re
not prepared for Parenthood and so they end up not being good parents because
they’re not really sure of who they are as adults to raise anybody else
thanks but because you’re sure of who you are I think what you probably have
to do is get used to how children are because you know you’re man of a certain
age you do things a certain way and I think you being a parent you would
really either a have to pump the brakes from a lot of stuff you do or make a
very strong transition that I can’t say whether you aren’t ready to make it but
you would just probably be at a point well I don’t know if this you know this
father the thing is for me because children aren’t what I thought they were
so I think mentorship would be a good way for you to start and then as you
move from that you transition to adoption okay when I hang on a second
stay with me I appreciate the call you know I have raised children over the
years with different girlfriends mm-hmm and and I have found out that I’m a
little too easy with kids you know I mean listen I was spoiled and I spoiled
kids I mean some sometimes the girlfriends that I’ve lived with or just
dated and you know I take their kids shopping and it makes me feel good I
want them to feel good about certain things and of course I tried to give
them some guidance you know but um I I do have experience I do know you have to
be patient I’m a very young person at heart you don’t I’m saying so uh I don’t
think that it would be simpler that I turn around and say ah this isn’t for me
no but I think that you know maybe at this point it’s more or it should be
more of a concern for me to maybe mentor or guide some of the kids that are
already here that aren’t are not as fortunate as I was does that make sense
yeah it makes perfect sense actually what I think star is that um since you
do have experience in dealing with children still you might be on the right
track okay I mean just just go what you think you should be doing you know I
really think you know you you did a good dad though because I mean just have the
the mindset of saying okay I was spoiled as a child and I want to spoil another
child I mean that’s a good start as far as I’m
concerned because you got well I don’t know if I would be a good dad because
truthfully I remember I was dating a girl from Howard Beach one time a
vicious Italian bitch and I took her two daughters and her two daughters three
friends took them to the mall this was years ago and I brought them all like
these these fucking Juicy Couture bags and then when we went back to go to
their mother’s home she said why would you buy them these fucking bags he’s bad
too expensive they don’t need shit like that now the the garage the girls were
so happy I was happy because they were happy but it caused a rift with the
mother she said you know that wasn’t a cool thing to do their father doesn’t
buy them shit like that and I think you did too much so it’s got to be for me
too it can’t just be for the kids but good
no no that’s that I mean that’s what I’m saying that’s the right approach it has
to be for you it has to be something in it for you to fulfill the kid’s life so
that’s why I’m saying you know you might be on the right track so far as it leads
mentorship you know in the beginning but that’s another thing too
aspect of it that you probably won’t have to deal with because when you’re
mentoring there isn’t that child’s mother like has a go-between with you
and the child you understand what I’m saying it’s more like you have the
ability to affect that child’s life and y’all have the immediate relationship
between you and the child not necessarily okay you’re dating
tomorrow and you and the mom get along and then when you try to help the kid or
the mama got to come in and say well no I don’t want you doing this and don’t
you know do this young child and that’s my child and you have to meet that
barrier so mentorship is probably you know a real good way the way you don’t
have to deal with that okay barrier of it and you can just have a
direct relationship child it could work out for you and the
other kid okay so you say you’re in Jonesboro or they’re like I would
imagine the or do you know any mentorship programs you’re in Atlanta
that I can you know check it check out I don’t know any off the top of my head
but I’ve listened to a few are like talk I listen to a lot of talk radio reaching
there’s a lot of people who come on to talk radio stations and they have
organizations and programs man and they’re always trying to get the word
out I don’t know if any person here in Jonesboro but okay I City there’s plenty
in the Atlanta area the 13 Metro counties it’s plenty that you can get in
touch with and you know you can start something off you know some small like
take a kid’s like a Hawks game or something like yeah you know you know
just build from there take the kids to play lunar golf I feel to see what was
out there that movie couple weeks ago uh a beautiful day in the neighborhood and
and she’s 40 yeah she’s 40 plus and after the movie I said I said let’s go
play some air hockey we had a great job since the 70s hey man
thank you for the calls Lou thank you alright
salute yes sir okay yeah yeah whoo hi folks I’m doing the most tonight Friday
night dedicated to the dumb shit Jenny Adair Danny with the smoke yeah
yeah how was your holiday you and I spoke on Christmas you and not number
nine did a show please promote your channel Jenna come on well yes please
subscribe to the road Dana I think I’m a hundred subscribers shy of 4,000 and I
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actually I’ve been going live every day and I’m gonna go live for the next what
is it seven five more days for Kwanzaa okay the highlight the different days of
Kwanzaa and hang on a second Dana hang on hang on Kwanzaa the founder of
Kwanzaa was he an agent who was the founder of Kwan’s yeah did he did he
take down some of the Black Panthers yeah I figured a whole lot louder that
black stuff do you remember can you google that punchi punchi Huggins I
don’t know I forget it’s because I was speaking of judge don’t Brown today but
um I know a person by the name of a bunch II Huggins apparently he was
assassinated he was a part of the Black Panther and it was but I don’t know by
than five Karenga directly but I know it was by way of the US organization can
you google uh is it Karenga go I forget this day and I forget but can you google
I’ll come right back to you hang on a second right and put on a whole let’s do
some cash apps Chaka gleaming sir still riding this holiday wave sir Merry
Christmas Thank You Chaka I got your cash app hey Terry
thank you for your cash yep darling she said did not think star would be on me
the darlin I just said I’ve been on some really relaxed stuff this week but thank
you so much for your Kashyap hey Linda thank you so much darling you’re looking
good Linda says missed not having shows hope holiday was good yeah holiday was
great I was up in Alpharetta with my uh my boule family we had a great time
great time thank you for your cash app as well hold on a second Elvis there
chef Rosenberg evening – good evening he says my comment on black authority was
crazy okay I’m going to emails bear with me
shaaka again says rocks out the snots speed tonight you’re good
what rocks out thus nuts what do you eat we talk mr. Rock south this speeds
okay Thank You Chaka is he talking about Coco was he going okay Elvis is on the
line hold on a second Elvis did chef Rosenberg
where are you sir six four six hang on Dana where’s Elvis did chef Rosenberg
give me a second where are you were six for six
are you there so are you there I don’t see you Wow did I pick up too late shit
I probably picked up too late obviously okay there he is hold on hold
on doing a lot mr. mr. Rosenberg is that you sir good evening good evening how
are you so good evening in happy holiday salute thank you thank you I appreciate
you what’d he want to start so I wanted to talk about what’s going on with the
exact car now as a BOS versus FBA and I think this is a brilliant example of how
Elvis can you come a little closer to take off the head said I want to hear
what you’re saying your phone’s going in now please please give me six guys guys
I’m coming to catch up hang on superjet give me a second Dana you there damn the
smoke yes I’m here okay give me a second this helps he
spends Corolla yeah I just pulled over yeah this little battle between SBA and
adls and it’s really the same thing so it’s just like when when HD was going
against HDMI or DVD or bluray members or anywhere
you know but got a piece in for a world famous chorus okay so this is a
necessary for the system works the system puts people to take sides and
when you’re taking sides you don’t see it you’re too deep like me I mean that
Cornell ha all day every day okay you know somebody got a problem you don’t
furniture might start moving if you get in my way among that okay yeah you know
I’m just gonna keep it a hundred if somebody say something and they talking
out their mouth they might have the problem with me hmm
if they come in real crazy about Yvette Cornell that’s just a wallet okay but
when that being said these are both two entities that they’ve trademarks he’s
trademark a do a thing he’s trademark FBA so this is now a well of who’s gonna
win to say what happens but they fight for the same thing even though Tariq is
not talking reparations he’s talking about like you know I’m cold and all
that kind of stuff because the reality of it is is that he’s stuck in his
bubble but the problem the thing is in that Cornell’s coming with so much data
in fact that is gonna be hard for her to lose the battle it’s gonna be hard for
her to lose a part of the only way when a hangar Elvis if I can jump in
respectfully Tyriq nurse sheet has been talking about reparations he and I first
had a conversation I interviewed him I think was 2015 he’s been talking
reparation for a lot of years yes he has my experiences with him there’s no
feeling but a way to get it he never talked about going to God to get it
so bespoke on it you know like like me you know I speak on a lot of things but
what are you moving on what what is clear what is what what where are the
actual facts here so I’m just gonna say that he back on now I think will win
only way he could win as it was just FBA could just be
catchy you know like it’s all about what resonates with people but if this is the
war the trademark right now on black empowerment and blacks separating itself
from the system so I kind of love it in that aspect okay okay
well listen I’m gonna you know tread lightly on this because again I I
respect all parties involved and I want to say the wrong thing I mean I want to
be a little bit more informed I had been behind the scenes coming through a lot
of things and at some point tonight I do want to talk about tone talks talking
about guaranteed federal jobs with regards to the myths of the the myths
about Dana helped me out the black generational wealth gap I’m saying that
right what we get yeah what we get wrong about closing the racial wealth gap
right right right right now this I’m sipping so I don’t wanna you know just
try and do too much tonight but at some point I’m going to talk about that
because as a capitalist as an Objectivist as someone who does not
support tribalism nor affirmative action I have a problem with what he what he
said but it’s not my place I think one of the categories should be the faceless
youtuber on YouTube that refused to show their face so are they is it possible I
think yes but maybe not so that could be part of the toy train
one of the awards will be to that faceless person okay you know I want to
be part of the floor of that start picking Tom for the choice of rain
internet award thank you more interweb the wording control baby awards show me Thank You Man thank you thank you
listen I appreciate your support I’ll keep you posted
I’m shooting the pilot next month and you know I’ll revisit a few things but
I’m taking you very serious all right thank you ma’am thank you thank you sue
okay I’m sorry thank you okay whoo how guys I’m doing a
lot right now Dana I’m gonna just ramble by myself here for the rest of the show
I’m just some I’m so worked up I don’t know for a couple of days let’s promote
your channel again Dana and anything that you want to mention before you go
please what did you want me to mention briefly describe the organization you
wanted me to let sure please would you get Kwanzaa right be the founder for me he was also along with another man named
Hakeem Jamal they established an organization called the us organization
which was a rival to the Black Panther Party in California and the man bunchy
yeah and the man bunchy Carter he was assassinated and they’re saying he was
assassinated by a rival to the black party party okay a rival of the black
party so yes it’s the origins of Kwanzaa is kind of corrupt but my thing is is
you know forget about the one main COINTELPRO pay attention oh wait a
minute what turns up on the bullshit let’s go five
minutes no no but you know let’s not focus on that man because it’s big
internet Kwanzaa we should be utilizing Kwanzaa because it does help bring us
together you know and it is meaningful so let’s just focus on that and also let
me just see the time about you adopted I don’t know why you even talking about
why are you talking about adoption with the girlfriend you know which is
probably not a serious relationship but why don’t you why don’t you oh do you
should mentor and why don’t you find them my brother’s keeper organization in
Atlanta are you talking about Obama’s my brother’s keeper initiative Obama thing
yes but it’s different chapters who out do not estates and I’m pretty sure
Atlanta should have a my brother’s keeper chapter there and now I think
that’d be a great place for you to go and start mentoring young black men okay
what I might want one of mentor young Puerto Ricans you know they don’t have
to just be black it should be black they can be color neutral you know they can
be a young transgender kids listen I like they could be on trans into black
kids yes why not stick with the blackness but let me just in something
on the ad OS anywhere Cornel you know is it’s not so much about a win-lose event
or the eight ABO West movement is not losing because one thing I will say that
came out of the conference this year there are so many a vos chapters in
different cities throughout the United States and what ABO s different chapters
are doing is actually doing the work in your community getting involved in
politics more than ever before so you never want to lose when you have people
actually taking information back to their communities and doing the work
Thank You Daniel thank you so much return all right have a good night good
night okay I mean I’m in ramble modes bear with me if you’re new to the show I
talk to myself a lot I have been doing so since the
70s what a ramble tonight if anybody cares to ask about the Drake interview :
please and let you don’t just have to talk about damn – adoption the Drake
interview with B dot and Elliott Wilson a monumental interview if you don’t like
Drake that’s fine but the gems and the jewels in that interview I think are
very important Drake was sitting there focused talking about business you know
he talked about some silly shit – but you know a lot of business was uh spoken
about in that interview you know the song list performing on stage you know
God’s plan he spoke about a lot there’s a lot there if you’re a young artist or
producer I think you should see it he also made reference to the other
little peep documentary on Netflix he spoke about this strained
relationship with Nicki Minaj but you know he understood because she was
dating Meek Mill at the time he has no interest in mending a relationship with
Kanye West or push your team said he doesn’t believe Pusha T and he looked up
to him when he was a kid you know when he was 16 he thought he was you know
flipping and flipping bricks from state to state
well that fly shit Jules did a lot of gems hey good evening to uh Kenneth I
hey man thank you for your super chat oh he he put the scroll on the tables
salute man thank you he said star salute longtime supporter black people need to
just get the bag and then you can decide who to align your interest with Dana I
see you thank you so much Kenneth I agree sir get the bag
this country is about bags and bitches and drugs and all all sorts of violets
that word hedonism that’s what America is Thank You Kenneth
and if I could also just throw another name at you whilst I’m rambling here
guys father divine anybody who who father divine was mythical live-chat
troll baby’s father divine is that name ring a bell give a second father divine
oh he put it down once upon a time before ever night his pan pan was strong
I think he died in 64 65 I forget no no okay google google kids when you get
time father divine not father MC father divine huh if we talking that talk okay
Kenneth you are appreciated sir again lady flower hey good evening star little
girls need a father figure that spoils them so when she starts dating she won’t
fall for niggas with labels hashtag my dad been buying me that yeah yeah I’ve
always said I want to have five daughters you know and and and if three
of them are you know bold daggers or dykes you know oh well that would be
cool you know oh if I had some daughters I would tell
them listen 95% of the males on the planet are not men
you got to rob these ho ass niggas black white asian Malaysian with it you got to
take over everything girl break them your job is to break them leave them
begging you know and then when they beg finish him off finish him hold on a
second full blast radio on the chicken hey hey hey full blast radio good
evening salute star and Happy Holidays for
Christmas Eve I was sipping on apple Jim Beam got lit and DJ that three hours
show until I passed out on their turntables yes sir
faux blasts radio calm Kenneth grieve me or Kenneth put in that school on the
table hey man thank you so he says okay salute longtime supporter again black
people get the bag and you can then decide who you want to be aligned with
better your interest okay Dana I see you thank you sir black racists are sent in
to suggest or I’m going to give you a jewel go to a foreign country like the
dr catch you a nice one plug it and if you don’t like the kid just leave
hashtag no child support nah man that ain’t me that ain’t me if I know you’re
my kid and you know you’re my kid and the mother will not get her stomach
pumped I’m not gonna leave you hanging you know my mother and father didn’t
leave me a hanging you know and I wouldn’t go to the dealer I’m sorry I
wouldn’t go there just to go there and get some chick with a fat ass you stay
right here in America you can get a black girl or a fat Oh white girl or a
Hispanic girl two fat ass what the fuck am I going to to the Dro for good idea
and catch some type of hepatitis C fucking around
but thank you vacuum and a chicken says finish with out of town family time
sniffs and blow nah man no sir having sniffed blow since 1991 I don’t ever
want to sniff blow again man just you know I got through that period I went
cold turkey and and you know just in case you’re new to the show my body got
sick and tired of being sick and tired I didn’t find Jesus my body said hey we’ve
had enough you’ve been doing this for 10 years we’ve had enough but thank you for
your donation hey uh rolling good evening let me sleep
for almost in line area code eight six zero hold on what’s gonna line send some
some squirrel it in hold on eight six well you ate six oh I see a 500 um is
that you area code eight 5o rollin rollin rollin hey how are you grieving
here on a Friday night ma’am with you yeah
dedicated to the dumb shit was probably look I was hoping I could get in on the
line but uh Daniel is on the line I want to kind of run back up what we’re really
quick about what she was talking about and if you allow me to touch on that
basically basically you know I I I got hip to the game a little bit earlier um
a couple of days ago and I saw the whole big I guess blowup about the doctor
Claudius in a video on The Breakfast Club I think me personally I don’t I
agree with Dana I don’t think I don’t care how old you are I don’t care what
you’ve done nobody’s above reproach doesn’t mean they’re because you’ve done
great things does not mean you can’t do like you know terrible things okay so my
question that I would have asked that I will not justify want to disclose the
dr. Claudia understand or the Tyrese machine needs or even Umar Johnson
whoever my question is why of all the great ideas
a great plans to reinvigorate the black community to help black people move
forward especially to their financial you know future etc Senator Russ the the
situation that took place back in the 60s and 70s and maybe earlier when they
say the black community was more intact and everybody was together and everybody
had like a bunch of bus lines and taxis and theaters black people had all this
stuff my question that I have is what happened and after they explained to me
what happened what is it that can be done in our
community right now that we can do – I guess I guess reciprocate or not
reciprocate but we create the quote-unquote greatness that took place
back then because it seems like to me when I listen to these brothers speak
the things that they gloat about that seem to have I guess falling apart over
the years because there’s no trace of them now there’s no like not released to
my knowledge so super thriving black communities are
people that people own their own banks and in theaters and taxis and uber lines
or anything else like that I don’t see it even though 1.1 trillion dollars like
flows to the black community annually and a lot of us the owner lemonade stand
the ones that do you know and I’m not gonna be I’m not gonna – you know before
I say there’s only preface my statement by saying – I’m not saying that the
people that do have money aren’t helping contribute to certain aspects of the
black community okay but the way that I keep I feel that a lot of the elders
saying is that the money people that have the bad the people that have the
monies have the influence this money doesn’t seem to be going back as can we
need to reinvigorate the community to really build anything yeah LeBron James
you know put down some money for school yeah Oprah Winfrey’s building schools I
think overseas you know yeah we got other black entertainers that have may
have donated to some black charity but nothing’s being built from least from
what I’ve seen well hang on a second if I can jump and
I appreciate your perspective can I ask how old you sir hold you I am 34 okay
you’re very young man say that respectfully you know I like what I see
present day I love mm-hmm social media I love what Tyreke she does I love what
Atos does I don’t think we need black leaders I think we need a plethora of
black people on social media sifting through and hashing things out so that
the advances can be seen they can be discussed and they can be digested and
discarded you know for years you’ve had the white media that pushed forth the
propaganda of well who are your black leaders who are your black leaders what
when in reality you know the leader has in the goddamn white house if we’re
talking about a leader or whether the the leaders administration or Congress
so we have a lot of black people on social media you know going at it but
yet going at it but going at it and then coming up with what I hope is evidence
that younger people can see and then they can then build things or manifest
things you follow what I’m saying so um I think it’s a we’re at a beautiful
stage right now I don’t think it’s so bad I mean and respectfully respectfully
are you a product of downward thinking Lou his phone dropped out that wasn’t me his
phone dropped out okay your calls are welcome folks
I am the objective hater not a player hater and discussing a few things
tonight on Friday night rollin I don’t see you man what happened to area code
eight six eight six zero did you drop out
okay eight five old just dropped out let me see if this is rollin here
rollin is at you area code eight-six Oh rollin rollin situation first Anderson
situations I’m gonna make it real quick is that it should have been a
professional courtesy where they should have talked to um Claude Anderson first
before they went off and rolled out that campaign the way they did and it showed
a show that was very problematic because they didn’t reach out to Claude Anderson
it looks backwards okay it’s like a search thing call a professional
courtesy I don’t think a TOS gave it to him gave it to him in the correct manner
so I really think that what they doing is really problematic and act the guards
okay listen I’m not here to say what you’re saying is wrong but now to my
knowledge I tried I tried to pay attention to a lot of this stuff dr.
Claude Anderson does a lot of discussions with Tyreke nasheed and dr.
Boyce Watkins and it’s no secret that Tyreke Nasheed is not really you know
with regards Atos they’re they’re bumping heads as of late and I bet
Cornell blue Boyce Watkins legs from up under him when she brought out the whole
the Asian you know affiliation yada yada yada so you’re saying that they should
have reached out to him do you think he would have been receptive or do you
think that you know he’s you don’t you don’t he’s in his 80s and he’s just not
trying to hear anything I mean I did see a little piece a little piece with him
on The Breakfast Club and he said that the people today the young people
talking about reparations don’t know what they’re doing
he said yeah well well when you read the report yeah I’m kind of
agree with it because he you had how on earth you have everybody other ethnicity
groups riding on black issue and they didn’t reach out to the man who
originated it it’s very problematic okay and then when you read through the
paperwork of the sixty-seven page work they kind of dilute and don’t really
mention blackness or going to details about black okay they kind of skirt
around it and also use other ethnicity groups to build a pawn when they talk
about the racial wealth gap they talk about it from the dimension of all
different Spanish people black people and white so I find that very
problematic I think that if they did have Claude Anderson I think he would
have put it more of an a laser focus on that situation versus a broad
perspective okay okay now can I ask you a question because again I’m not fully
fully up to speed I’ve been a relaxed mode this week a bit
I’ve been more focused talking on the Toni Braxton snowflakes Christmas but
now um did don’t talks say that in that 2018 video that’s a teen video where he
he debunks the myths of closing the black wolf gap and he says that what
what they are in seek of is uh baby bonds and help me out if I forget
something here and guaranteed federal jobs and he said guaranteed federal jobs
yeah I have no okay yeah I have no problem with it I think that’s a great
strategy to also control and get power because once we get once you get
reparations how we’re going to defend it so I I have no problem with them talking
about the federal job perspective I think that should be going hand in hand
with hand in hand ourselves getting reparations so we can be ordered to
defend that situation if I have a problem with that respectfully you know
and and I’ve said before before you go back with me the role of government is
not to necessarily give you anything the role of government is to protect your
rights that’s why we have the Bill of Rights once you start that whole
guarantee jobs thing then you have to think about other people that come from
other countries are we gonna guarantee them jobs as well that’s their issue
they don’t have the same legacy as us so for us to even care about that is
irrelevant didn’t come over here and change oh no
no no no sir if we open that door you know what I’m going at hang on let’s
have a conversation if we open that door to a guaranteed job you best believe
people will come here from I’ll just say other countries other cultures hey we
want a guarantee job so I think that’s what black Authority that’s what I think
that’s what black Authority on YouTube was saying hey what the fuck are you
going I’m not cursing at you but I’m saying I think that’s the black
authority on YouTube we’re saying what the fuck is this guarantee federal jobs
they put that you’re saying well I kind of I cause they agree with it because I
do kind of work like that on on the side as well and I kind of agree with it
where we do need to be participating in these functions I called in the show it
said this before that we need to be a part of these type of actions within our
government because if we’re not being active in these type of situations
that puts look in a position to be more of a target star okay I agree with
reparations wholeheartedly a wrong has to be corrected I agree with reparations
I just that that little thing about guarantee federal jobs that that threw
me for a loop but finish up I want you to have the last word please
yeah because I kind of backed away from the hashtag I’ve been seeing lately like
well I don’t see them paying respect to it like quad Anderson and this is the
second great elder that they attack on these types of issues I’m looking at
them are noticing it now because you can’t go around attacking the elders and
some of the elders are not been here and you ain’t putting the work for 60
something nine years aren’t you that’s just the reality okay yeah you can’t and
I really think they should have reached out to that man before they really
design that report because Claude Anderson has a resume behind him he has
working government position he has all these other things to his catalog that
these other people don’t have that’s a sad reality and did you also see that
sandy daredi he sent out a tweet I forget when correcting tone talks as of
late within the last 24 hours I think yeah yeah I thought I thought that
misses nothing like I’m all for reparation start I don’t like how
they’re moving because I look in the guise of they’re pivoting to that lbgtq
thing into that blacklivesmatter 2.0 perspective and that’s where I’m
starting to distance myself if they keep on the track was talking about
reparations talking about the data and the lineage and the wealth gap between
black folks and the rest of the people in America will be straight but if they
start going and pivoting into the other stuff like black five matters 2.0 we’re
gonna have a problem I think if you calm and slough have a
good evening yeah yeah yes sir okay all right all
right all right when I make sure I got his : hey Michael
I got your cash up sir thank you so much he said let’s go big nigga keep your
foot on their necks okay who’s next I’m promoting myself tonight whose neck
we’ll be talking about guys if you just not join the show I started out talking
about Dame Dash salute to Dame – she released a video on his I page dust go
poppin ttan with regards to the accuser for the 50 million dollar lawsuit
there’s the video right there if you go to his page Dame Dame Dash is in the
kitchen looks like he’s crushing up the wheat you know he’s talking to his
fiancee and you’ve got the the white booger bear look look like she was you
know she had a whole lot of shit in her pocketbook and she was about to jump on
the fucking red-eye or somewhere Dame quarter and said hey what’s going on you
know I don’t he said I don’t wanna do business with you
I need you to leave my house so I don’t know what the fuck she’s talking about
you know the accuser but and again salute to Amari the ruler on YouTube
because someone sent me the the link to his YouTube channel earlier and then I
went and watched the Dame – video okay and we’ll come back to another story why
do I have the lyrics printed out to leave them alone by Layton green anybody
know that song before we get back to some serious stuff city girls who are
simple Nate PMB I can’t leave him imma leave him alone try to change my ways
but the dope boy turning me on fat niggas know what I want so caught up
that I can’t leave him alone can’t leave him alone try to change my ways but the
dope boy turning me on oh that’s my shit you guys know I’m talking about just
fine and Youngberg is behind it hitmaker huh missing guys Myron Myron thank you for
your cash at star Dane don’t fuck off with those cameras what I say sadame
don’t fuck off with those cameras okay it’s like written Ebonics but thank you
man Thank You Kenneth good evening keep grinding oh gee mr. kool-aid aka
Illuminati cool okay thank you ma’am you appreciate it Thomas good evening sir says uh let me
get in on this ok what’s your number Thomas I see your cash up where’s your
number sir let me get you on the line ok ok crab daddy where are your crab daddy
that’s my son you know hold on a second what’s your number
what is his number 8 something the fuck is his number crab daddy what your
number is at eight one three hallo second Lucania is that you 909 yes sir
hey how are you sir what’s going on I’m doing great man dude I just wanted to
thank you man for all the great work you do man oh thank you much much
appreciated you know thank you thank you well I just wanted to chime in real
quick on this Atos thing okay so I just wanted to say
well I think that like for me I agree with adls okay but I just think that
there is too much too much pointing fingers and other people to to to try to
show that other other people are wrong to make their point stick right there
point stick to most people because they actually have a plan and it’s written on
their website and they they’ve done research and and it actually looks like
it’s going to work okay and on top of that I just want to say like you know
black people we need to be careful more shit people that people that have
agenda they don’t match the end goal right and I say that you said I feel
that Evette Cornell agenda is going to meet
the end goal and the other people that are on the sidelines complaining and
asking people to fund their documentaries or to go to some type of
coaching sessions and all they do is complain and point fingers at other
people and they don’t have a plan let’s let’s be careful dealing with those
people because those people are using the same tactics that preachers and magicians use you know because it’s all
an illusion so you can make the pocket fatter okay they hang on a second looky
knee I appreciate your call stay with me yeah yeah you know objectively speaking
a lot of crackers on the planet didn’t have a plan if we go back to the history
of Russia and we talk about the wars the monumental wars and we bring it up up to
speed and we talked about the Bulge voice’ Bix Bolsheviks ever get over
invoke Bolsheviks yeah over in France there was no great fuckin deal and and
and I don’t like to hear people always saying all your black people have a plan
you know white people didn’t have a plan for a lot of shit white people and
you’re talking to a hat devil here white people believed hey let’s fight it out
and then we’ll figure it out you know I’m saying yeah yeah let’s
fight it out and then we’ll figure it out and it kind of bothers mine it
bothers me respectfully you from Africa the Congo you’re saying what black
people shouldn’t you shouldn’t do yeah you have to get down into the
motherfucking trenches to see who’s really you know about about it so I like
what’s going on between a tos and a foundational black America you know
mmm we’re not seeing people fighting shooting stabbing and killing getting at
each other on Twitter and they’re presenting facts receipts I love it man
ahead you say yeah okay what does that make sense however white people French
Germans Russians even what Caucasian Americans they said it blood for what
they believe in in those times those times it was okay to shed blood right
you could actually use those military minds and those military tactics to
impose whatever system you try to impose but we talk about right now we are in
the age of the internet village right so more than ever in in my opinion
perception is reality right so if perception is reality today my opinion
is that you have to have a plan whatever it is and trying to make it in action
I’m not saying that this agreement is wrong I’m saying that have a plan
together you don’t have to agree on everything you don’t at all but if you
have equal the European plan for thousands of years was kill them all kill them all so we can conquer them
that was the plan no not the house of years or hundreds of years ago knees
even as a plate kill them all that was the plan kill them all it’s fine good
war what a Metallica’s greatest albums kill
them all I hear you but don’t quote Iron Maiden die with your boots on don’t get
me started tonight don’t quote alright don’t go
and and and sacrifice generations unless you read for it right because this is
what happened when you go to war things don’t work no more right people don’t go
to school no more there is no more hospitals there’s no more food stamps
right unless ready for that find a solution
first okay because we all know black people today worldwide are not ready for
any type of common law confrontation with the powers that be stop zucchini
stop stop it look any don’t do that don’t do that you’re gonna you’re gonna
make me go down you’re gonna make me go down a path a certain path because look
listen man listen I respect you I appreciate you calling in many cultures
have chosen death before dishonor so don’t say they don’t have a plan that
they’re not ready out of yeah they’re come on man where you going man before
you go before you go are you familiar with Ben Affleck has just been tapped to
direct a movie on king leopold ii with regrets of the Congo which is where
you’re from you have to speed on that he’s been he’s being he’s being trying
to expose things that’s happening in the Congo and not just in the Congo in the
entire Central African region for over ten years yes so we’re gonna see
Africans wearing the fucking Fez hats who did all the dirty work yeah for king
leopold ii who never set foot in the congo we’re gonna see that now on the
big goddamn screen right he never went to the Congo he never went to the Congo
right he never said foot in the Congo the Africans did the dirty work and
hacked off the limbs of their other African brothers Luque they’re gonna go
man thank you thank you okay thank you thank you Luke
Andy thank you okay let me sip some water alternative I might roll baby’s told me put some
respect on my phone baby’s not live chats and I think how you guys doing huh you know sometimes on black people are
black people aren’t ready don’t want to die please don’t get me talking crazy
huh how you guys doing live chat what did I forget to mention tonight okay I
mentioned machi woodgrain going ten toes down on Omar Johnson Umar Johnson
talking reckless guys is montigue woodgrain born and raised in Philly I
need to know if he is he might be a problem for Omar Johnson
Omar Johnson you know pump fake on the phone act like he’s talking to gangsters folks I’ve been going to to Philly for
decades spent summers in Cheltenham back in the 70s okay here’s all shit okay was
he he don’t give a fuck about Umar Johnson making threats i’m philly niggas are a different breed
you you know you get punched in the mouth fast out there do they still do
they still have a ban or like you know the djs don’t play dis records on the
radio in philly because shit gets lit too fast if they still uh have that
understanding not a band understanding hmm yeah and get your shit rocked in
philly fast anyway good evening to Ahmad thank you for your
donation we need proof star that Dana passed the GED test sir check her out on
YouTube at the real Dana I love Dana dedicate it you know Thomas good evening
sir he says he’s on eight five zero let me get him on the line hold on a second
I’m rambling tonight where are you sir 8 508 5-volt Thomas were you man did you
drop out oh sure he dropped out Thomas what happened man today I’m moving too
slow pardon me Thomas can you call back I’ll get you on the line david says star you raised more men than
you can imagine bless up thank you sir thank you yeah me
neither I’ve got kids you know I just don’t have
biological kids and I don’t necessarily know if I if I if I need biological kids
if I have biological kids they might not be shit you know it might be too goddamn
spoiled and then start hating on me when they get over yeah yeah my father wasn’t
shit he wasn’t that smart I always think about de Ville hat David Hasselhoff from
was that show a Baywatch years ago he was drunk on the on the living room
floor eating a cheeseburger and his daughter was filming him she’s a look at
this fuck wat machine is a fuckwad but she’s following her father Thomas I picked up too slow man pardon
me you sent to the donation are you calling back who friday night oh hey
cuban libertarian where are you man are you on the line
okay so what’s it what’s your number hold on guys are you calling in what’s
your number I can’t leave him alone oh that song is stuck in my head Layton green and a little baby fucking
Youngberg he’s back hey Jennifer Thank You Donna she sends it acacia hey
bossman have children and leave legacy behind
you know I really really think that adopting or you know the mentorship
program might be a better option for me I really do as opposed to having
biological kids who knows if the kid the kids are gonna be worth a damn you know
they might run through my motherfucking assets you know hidden shit and and and
and and talk shit on my name I’m not too sure about having kids but thank you
darling Bush kid good evening sir he says great
interview push did push his wig back okay push it okay push it t just at an
interview please send me the link if that’s what you were referring to I
liked the interview that Drake did trizzie sitting there focused talking
about business with Elliott Wilson and B dot me Elliott Wilson came up together I
was a contract it writer for the source and he was he was just starting at the
source he was either I think he was a music editor
Elliott Wilson and then he went over to UM was it double XL certified qualified
good man and and B dot they asked some really really good questions for those
of you who know what I’m talking about if you didn’t see the interview don’t
worry about it but um the interview was really power packed really power packed
okay let me look for Thomas again every Cody five oh hey listen guys I don’t see
him if I vote on him I’ll see him area code two to six good evening are you
there two to six leave me Hawaii okay alligator I don’t know your voice man
yet you have to say hey what’s up I just I thought you thought you were assuming
I should know your body’s messes listen I don’t talk to my girlfriend too long
when I talk to her I mean she calls my said hey who’s this you know don’t take
a personal but what’s going on man how are you let me put it to you this way
man I I put you on like a jay-z status I don’t I don’t expect you to even though
the president is mad you know what I’m saying you’re here thank you you’re on
the flying ointment I’m the fly in the ointment but what’s
going on what do you want to talk about him talk about a few things tonight Atos
versus foundational black america adopting kids dame – latent green what
do you wanna jump in oh we could talk about the adopted kids please but I was
trying to remember what was the what was the question again they had is adoption
a better option for children Terron suppose sounds crazy can you make
some adjustments please your phone sounds oh please
although all dogs are you yes sir creamy you say okay no I was saying that’s that
you know that’s a great question because I was thinking about this a while ago
and I was thinking like this there’s a lot of kids out there who you know they
don’t got a mom or dad or whatever or an orphan right and then and then there’s
people yeah and then there’s people out there who are like you know I want to
have kids but I’m thinking why are people why are people going around
making more kids but when there’s just kids laying around that people can adopt
right you know what I’m saying like instead of and I get it don’t get me
wrong you know you want your own biological kids I understand that but
all I’m trying to say is you know there’s kids out there that uh you know
they already need a home and they need somebody to kind of yeah be a mom and a
dad to them so I’m like why not take care of those people first and then you
know you can have your own biological afterwards but that’s why well maybe you
won’t even have biologically biological kids you know this I mean you know maybe
seven or eight years ago I took my girlfriend’s son he was about maybe six
years old at the time I took him one of those fucking Department stories and he
said he said can I have something and I said listen all of this shit is yours
these people are just holding it for you pick out what you want all this shit is
yours and we had a great time yeah I spent a couple of hundred bucks but you
know he just he never forgot that and you know he sent me an email a couple of
a couple months and he said hey you know I remember you said all this shit was
mine it certain things will always resonate with kids you know I think
that’s the point oh for sure man I mean kids kids always
think they have it all so I was just about saying I hope you wasn’t trying to
tell the kid that that minute he’s got a five finger discount where he can grab
whatever he wants and they’re not I was telling him I would buy whatever he
wants and I would say hey don’t worry about picking up one or two things all
of these shit is yours these people just weren’t here so it really it didn’t make
him it didn’t make him afraid to pick out
something you know kind of like a psychological thing but the same time I
wanted him to have fun with in the process but go ahead search before I let
you go real quick Matt because I know I know you’re busy I don’t want to bother
you but I was gonna say man you got like you got a killer polo polo collection
man I I thought I had some shit man but I see you every day
Roxie some shit man you’ve been you must have been like 20-30 years for you right
yes well I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes I have people that send me a lot
of stuff and it’s not like I’m out here like you know spending a whole lot of
money on outfits and enemy I prefer to dress down you know what I’m saying I’m
not trying to like you know impress a bitch
you feel me yeah you know why men can start they gotta impress you man jeez
facts oh thanks but star mag I appreciate that I appreciate the call
Thank You Man I gotta keep too much longer thank you
take at okay I’ll get there Thank You Man okay alligator I’m looking for
Thomas guys he could if I though I think he was a hole too long Thomas my
apologies man I saw your room you Kashyap did star this comes from Bush
care to email star r.i.p destiny Harrison respect – okay so mmmm say the
name for paying for the okay someone pay for the funeral and when they start
rolling start rollin blunts at the table it’s time to fly before the Bulls do
okay are you talking about this story here sir would it be talking about the
Baltimore salon owner feared for her safety you’re talking about I touched on
this briefly earlier hanging seconds at her name
destiny Harrison hold on a second yeah oh wow yeah this is a sad story
guys I have not even seen the video yet but I was told by Ronnie that Paris
Milan on YouTube did a very intense piece as she always does on her YouTube
channel make sure you go to a Paris Milan on YouTube and I’m gonna try and
watch that video if not tonight tomorrow she does great content and um this sad
story came out came out of Baltimore Maryland
court documents reveal reveal a 21 year old salon owner was murdered Saturday
she feared for her safety she was a mother phenomena I’m not mistaken we
just scan the article again okay I’m just some of the ten that she filed
charges against two people who lived near her salon after she caught them in
the back of her business stealing merchandise they beat her up they left
she filed a police report and she was killed I don’t know if they had anything
to do with it but I’m very very sad thank you Bush kid for your email and
for your cash app if they have not let me go on record and say if they have not
apprehended the killers please contact me I will contact the police I will do
that snitch network.org okay if anyone doesn’t want to get involved you know
the killers of this 21 year old destiny Harrison contact me you have my email
address the hater 1 964 you calm I will contact the police
okay coming in super jet hey listen guys who is this shaaka where are you man 407
shockers at you 407 good evening good evening star without big boy hey how are
you min all right good hey I got I got a couple things I want
to try at all um I want to say uh they located the coach revolta meth Lucania
you know when they give out the reparations he gonna get it 40 acres in
arena before he’s from the Congo he don’t deserve nothing it’s MAF Raqqah there should be nothing for him if
anything I feel Chris should be paying reparations to African Americans I’ve
said that before no I want to chime in or like on game days right tonight like
the importance like the importance of those cameras you know what I mean right
so and it’s funny because it’s a confirmation man because I like I got
the same situation you know saying happened to me in the workplace right so
I had this female you know I’m saying and um you know she was doing some lady
some crazy you know saying but then when it came out you know saying she
basically was trying to say you know dude was trying to you know so I was
trying to get out huh you know saying whatever but it was awesome awesome
sexual time you know joint but I’m recording everything like everything
that this broad does I recorded you don’t know saying so it’s just like
seeing Damon like Damon that’s been doing that for years you know I mean so
it’s just like you’re David – don’t put that camera on let who knows you know
say like what you know say could have been said about him you know I mean he
might be in jail you know if they don’t over something that he didn’t he didn’t
get to record so like we need to be conscious to that man because it is
serious out yeah yeah yeah yeah now listen I don’t know I know nothing about
Dame – his personal life in terms of his behavior he has been caught up in a few
well one – tada – that I know of rape cases and
one when he was he was 16 the girl was 14 it was at a summer camp
and and those records have been sealed because I tried to get him right right
and there was a civil suit and then there was something over and I forget
what part of Europe maybe France I don’t know but if he has learned since you
know to record himself and to avoid you know uh right right the blunt shit then
that’s a good thing but right good all right yeah and one more thing I want to
chime in on man was doing a kid um one of the caller’s had called in earlier
and he just hit every point you know as far as you you know saying like I think
with the mint like with the mentor thing or whatever but I feel like you like one
or adoption said you’re not saying because it’s just like you know with
your mind and everything you do you know I’m saying for like some kid that’s like
less fortunate you know saying like I like I think you could like really mold
you don’t say like a kid that really needs that you don’t us and and so I
think that’s important you know on the other hand I don’t know I think maybe
like you like you went on young MA maybe y’all could get together you know say
you can I don’t want to just respect young MA because somebody somebody came
at her talking about giving her a baby she didn’t take kindly to that I like
her as an artist you know I’m saying so if that’s not her thing I don’t want to
go down that path man but if I had a boy if I had a daughter like her I would be
very very happy if I had a daughter like okay Paris Milan I would be happy she
goes hard in the paint and there’s so many other young females and you know
just I’m not really trying to important quote molded child I want them to be
what and who they are now I offer some guidelines and parameters but you know
yeah kids are like a crapshoot you don’t know what the fuck you’re gonna wind up
with you know you might you might have something something that you think is
gonna go to college in the next you know next you know she’s a hoe you know and
if raising a whole you gotta be proud that
you raised a whole kids or kids you know Thanks unless you go but yo just won’t
like one more thing I want to say you see yo you been changed like on some
real shit like like little gems you’ll be throwing at us man lay on a real
night yo I just been floating with a lot of style a bit I’ve been riding with you
says the sloppy station yeah Thank You yo tonight yo tonight yo you said you
said yeah that’s why the founding fathers who were let out of the jail’s
of Europe that’s why they that’s what they came here so they could get away
from fucking all the taxes they could come here and freak the fuck off and
they could do whatever they wanted to do those are the founding fathers sir
bang bang oh yes yeah she’s got another thank you
sir the founding fathers were slave owners
I was sleeping with their slaves please don’t get me doing too much in the mics
and I just I just wanna relax I had a great week let me freshen up my drink
give me a second Christmas day was beautiful for me and
my family up in Alpharetta and it just made me think hey you know what now more
than ever you need to start your own family you know I’m out here in Atlanta
going into a skydiving bowling you know should that you know I should be taking
kids to do horseback riding scuba diving I’m up in the mall twice a week
sometimes three times a week you know playing the food court on that creep
shit give me a second guys I’m coming too I see it I see you via cash give me
a sec let me just let me think here for a second I’m Stephen number 9 I
responded to my text no not yet okay well okay it’s Friday now he’s our party
and he ain’t got no time to be calling in what else did I need to mention before I
move on tonight um again the Drake interview great interview great
interview do yourself a favor if you’re an artist
producer how will this drink is drink like 33 I forget oh shit
Jean Richmond are you calling this show believe me so where are you where are
you what are you doing you okay you busy what’s gone with you man yeah I’m doing
the show you want to talk tomorrow what sound like you groove and you groove in
he’s grooving are you you’re on the line okay I’m gonna bring you on 203 okay
hold on a second number nine is that you Jim Richmond Jim Richmond hello hello no
you’re calling my cell phone are you calling into this show you this is not
the line you calling my cell phone this is me sniggers hi are you calling the
show you just want to call my phone and say hello yeah you’re calling my cell
phone I’ll talk to you tomorrow man have a good night – have a good night no
you’re on my cell phone this show is a different number do you want to call the
show and you just want to call me say hello okay call the three three two
three number should I text it to you or can you see the screen all right call
the show call the show give me a second guys niggas turned up on their shit
allegedly um what else something to mention give
me a second me a second Luther King tone formerly of the Latin
Kings amor da da oh he has been spitting some gems and jewels up on Vlad TV in
case you don’t know that’s my guy we worked together back in the MTV days at
the the mailroom at MTV for a short period of time we worked together stayed
in contact such a knowledgeable man he has been putting in some really great
work for those who you know care Jean Richmond are you there sir number nine
hey how you doing hey man how you doing buddy good man hey let me tell you
something I love I love that you put me on the show yeah you’re my guy
Mir you and DJ Elias we started star in the morning you’re a friend of mine I
appreciate you man yeah yeah yeah I love that you put me on the show to talk
tonight to you to your audience this is what I want to say to you don’t pick up
don’t put no African some no bone and nose knuckle-dragging
male sex organ hanging down to ankle African before me you understand you
know I’m talking about he’s probably sick he’s probably sick I’m not gonna
say I’m not gonna say with what I think you know I think you know we both know
where he’s sick with but don’t put no spear chucking bushmeat gazelle chasing
zebra eaten Chaka Zulu African before my goddamn call that’s why I got their
problem let’s go we know he’s sick we know he’s sick let’s go I’m not gonna
say with what we know he’s sick you know what I’m talking about us go hallway you
know where the sickness comes from you know wish me spear chucking
African to talk about black affairs how dare you write how dare you break some
foreigner to talk about how dare you SiC dirty water drinking gazelle eatin
lowlife from the Serengeti to talk about black affairs this guy only been in the
country three years you know that right only been in the country three years
let’s go only been in the country three years and you uh
you bring him on this line to talk about black things and themes and ideas when
he spends good number nine he’s been Squealer he does he’s probably got eight
years to live anyway you know those people are sick you know those people
okay slow down the algorithm is very different now slow down I know I didn’t
I didn’t say what he was sick wish I did not say what he was sick with you know
those people are thinking and also you want to bring their single mother on the
line and she thought about me and I can’t get my act together stuff like for
starters she needs to get a man mmm-hmm we are doing a show on Monday live from
Newark New Jersey it’ll be it’ll be broadcast live for those who think I’m
incapable okay okay stuff like this you know I mean and if you want to bring a
single model on the show please bring one that’s got the information correct
don’t bring don’t bring some woman who’s always angry yeah yeah yeah I’m black
I’m black sister girl and all you know all this you know the number nine we
call the names tonight who you talking about we talk about no one thought more
that day that black woman from Jersey you know what’s up ma the black woman
from Jersey you my dinner okay there’s also and there’s also you know me you
are in a good terms because I’m not I would never be on bad terms or two and
then go on YouTube and that easy easy easy
we’re not doing that we’re moving forward I didn’t say nobody
name easy easy easy for you easy for you to say but this this shit ain’t never
been easy for me my life isn’t easy okay don’t tell me easy notice the battery on
my phone is about to die so I want to make sure that you know if you’re
calling Danny’s name I give her the chance to call it got you say hey easy
for you easy for you to say you live in a big house in Georgia okay I’m in a
very small house the rent is being paid by a company I’m in a very small house
I’m loving it I don’t have to know grass and then that crazy shit I’m sure you
got money underneath the mattress behind the walls everywhere in your state
you’re just like the Gettys spaghetti zijn and Clark Rockefeller they had
money all in all in the casings of the walls and their homes
all those multi-billionaire trillionaires low-lives hang on a second
now are you coming down for the pilot I need you I need you for the pilot
where’s the pilot sir late February okay can we have a party
at your place no no after we have a listen I have an idea listen to what I’m
saying I have an idea I have an idea after the pilot we can have a party at
your place and maybe we can invite some girls DXM 21 are you calling this show
Jax 21 I got your tanks are you calling in we have a party at your house no sir
Wow oh wow party number nine you know I don’t party
at my house that’s not happening but listen oh okay hang on a second hang on
a second you and I spoke on Christmas I
appreciate the call I’m really thinking about adopting a child or doing some
type of mentorship program any suggestions for me you have a daughter
how old you do now fifteen sixteen up again fifteen now fifteen and they get
more expensive I was again older yeah but also let me tell you this
you should uh you should adopt some black kids but you won’t your got white
kids because no no no claim to love black people
you know slow down I’m really only considering black young black females I
think I wouldn’t do good with young black females with a little white boy
you with a little white boy named Dakota no a little white girl named name moon Daniel with the smoker you there with
Dana yeah just calling your name anyway niggas call your name oh here we go here
we go here we go here we go Atos I just know you better have your illegal
immigrant self your Monday night I just know you need to put some relaxer and
that nappy-ass how do you honey it was some just for me and that dark
shot mapping GDB GDB head of yours just okay so because you to black I want to
know why he get invited to a pilot show Dana you are welcome to come as well but
he and I have been talking about this horrible about nine months yeah not much
and he still not prepared okay let me tell me fax fax did your man come back
yet no why don’t you worry about getting man it having some babies or something
let’s amend let the men on this show do what men do
okay honey when it’s aim bow cuz you just a single honey honey I will see you on Monday like so
is it North honey because yeah it’s not coming it’s coming it’s not coming honey
that reparation check it’s not coming sorry Claude Anderson has it in his
account you want to know where your reparations check is it’s a cloth
Anderson’s account number nine do you have any thoughts on ados versus f be a
foundational black america before we uh folium before i shift gears are you go
my week we used to have black buses we used to have black black on buses and
black owned businesses back in 1955 and so once you older negro busy number nine
are you up to speed on father divine you’ve heard that name father divine
yeah he wasn’t he was an old evangelical preacher back in the 1950s also he was
counterpart with a man by the name of sweet daddy grace right if you ever
heard of sweet daddy great yeah and it was also it was also another preacher
you know they proceeded Reverend Ike right but these were Reverend Ike’s uh
many he looked up to fine oh yeah father Devine was the truth and
listen I’m a non-believer but you know back in the 80s when I was doing a lot
of research you know a lot of trails led to him for the divine
yeah he was married to mother divine a white woman mother mine was a white
woman yeah she took care that she took care of that that legacy that way after
he died right something something you trying to get away something you won’t
you wanna your nappy head business and go back to go back to watch Housewives
of Atlanta ours listen guys I’m gonna ship use here number nine know what’s me
me doing this week what’s maybe doing know you tell me what’s the Potomac girl
what’s the Housewives of Potomac doing this week I don’t have a problem alright
number nine good just love you number nine good to talk to me shift
gears man hey god bless you god bless there was no God book lovers
thank you daddy for calling back thank you so much alright have a good night
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are you Ronnie every code 73 to no I don’t see Ronnie Ryan did you drop out I
think Ron is that at a party tonight but I’m gonna keep the line open let me see
if I can missing guys number one will you my phone’s about to die hey a bet Remy
good evening sir thank you for your cash app he says stars white half is talking
tonight pay attention I’m always talking or a tried I tried to talk from the
objective perspective you know but thank you me a few donation and I don’t see
eight five oh I lost um the call from Thomas Thomas I apologize man you got
busy twisted around Karen hey Taryn Meghan the stallion you still working
out I am I haven’t been going to the gym as as often as I should to be honest
with you uh but I am back on the sussed 300s us t 300 thank you so much Taryn Dave Chappelle show good evening star
saw you on the Dave Chappelle show years ago okay yeah that was a men that’s my
guy Dave Chappelle he called me man you know and invited me on the show and I
was I was more than glad to uh to go you know good man Dave Chappelle Haroon 79 why summers in Cheltenham did
you do I’ve got family there still in
cheltenham PA man I could tell you some some crazy stories there used to be a
disco well it was a club called the UH I think it was a diner the kalico kitchen
a calico kitchen that’s going way far back there was in the 70s I also
remember playing cards and Cheltenham with my family we used to hang out in
the streets late at night I’m always name of that movie theater the
Cheltenham theatre we gonna see the movies in the matinee yeah I got family
there man I was there recently what is this 2019
for a funeral back in 2012 maybe I forget but thank you for your donation
I’ve had girlfriends in uh North Philly a couple of the places I also use that
used to hang out nights on Broadway Piccadilly someone says star the mulato
Palpatine salute the hater thank you so much how do I say that name well Marty
Marty DRB thank you for your donation I don’t see money in the line I think I
guess maybe she couldn’t hang on she had to go okay I got something here that’s
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you there good evening good evening 7:06 hello are you there 706 no okay
hold up for you area code 908 good evening 908 are you there hey how are
you yeah I’ve been enjoying the holidays you
know I started to take the whole week off and I said I know it’s Friday man
mausoleum chopped-up you know a couple of topics yeah I’m hockey and the
holidays coming back from Jersey but I’m good now yeah I want to talk about the
Damon Dash situation please please yeah um you know I kind of find it
ironic that in my every time Naima dashes and some type of situation is you
have to always look back on what he did recently which is always talked about
jay-z in a negative manner okay and it seems like every time
that happens some bullshit always occur when you like the time that uh she
talked about the situation with alia and how this was during the time when our
Kelly documentary I came out and then he well that the chanted uh podcast and
talked about the whole you know alia and jay-z situation and that right after
that situation I remember he got some flack for that and then he got he got in
another situation where he just recently talked about how you know Dave he did
I’m dirty this and that nowhere other another situation occurs or see wait no
I’m not I’m no conspiracy theories but it seemed like every time you say
something negative about hold some some bullshit always happens with Dana you
know he’s also saying that um you know he he feels that jay-z robbed him so I
mean about a week or so ago I said you know at some point he might he might sue
jay-z you know trying his way back up yeah that’s why it kind of makes sense
why he’s mostly been friendly with Kanye West and who knows he might have to go
up to Lee Daniels and go you know go down on both knees for a favor
you’re talking reckless man you might have to in my answer you see you see
what he’s been doing lately is going on ad Adam 22 podcast
this at the day Molly mother have you seen the video that we’re talking about
I saw it earlier on Ahmadi the rulers YouTube channel I’m talking about not
when you get time either go to Dame dashes Instagram page or again on
YouTube Ahmadi the ruler and he gives great commentary as always and uh that’s
that’s the main focus tonight you feel me all right I already know you’re gonna
don’t give me flack for this but that Adam Sandler movie about Adam Sandler
movie uncut gems he was dope I don’t know what you
talking about that if you want to hang up on me go ahead okay you enjoyed it
you enjoyed it that moved with fire I would pissed that
she told the ending on that one episode hey I saw the movie I was I was
impressed man I’m family kevin garnett did a good job
there yeah I know you thought objective hater but star that movie was late we
were well listen I didn’t say don’t go see it
I didn’t say that I said I don’t like him I’m sick of him I don’t I don’t like
none of his body of work but if he has to he has turned a corner if he’s that
now a serious actor if he’s going down the path that Tom Hanks went down you
know prior to a Philadelphia you know Tom Hanks did a bunch of bullshit films
you know he was on some television show that was god-awful and he did this the
movie Philadelphia and then all of a sudden he’s the greatest dramatic Eric
actor for me so if that’s where Adam Sally said sounds going that’s fine I
just you know I’ve got this thing in my mind of him I just don’t like him but
you’re younger so you might say yo that’s the shit and that’s fine I’ll
give a last word though I mean to me to the odds of yeah I get where you coming
from a lot of these comedians on the event you you know someone say comedians
are better when they act because they’re showing you the real dumb and if you
think about all the comedian’s that turn into a circus had a serious role look at
a Jim Carrey was the Shulman show or when Robin Williams did uh serious roles
where he actually liked Good Will Hunting like you know a lot of these
comedians they go that route just like well Tom Hanks he I wouldn’t consider
him a comedian but he has some movies that weren’t all that great but thick
I’d be like big I came out here and either they liked that was you’ve
mentioned all white people yes yes yeah yeah that’s my point
and again I’m not hating on him or maybe I am but but it’s so easy for a white
actor to make the turn and then Hollywood says whoa this is the
breakthrough role you’re younger than me so you don’t have to see it the way I
see it I’m not saying I you know you’re stupid you’re wrong I’m not saying that
I’m just saying I don’t like his body of work he’s done shit movies over the over
the years and yeah people gonna say this is the breakthrough fuckin role but good
to talk to you Theo all right thank you miss Lou yeah Adam Sandler fuck out of
here hang on a second guys I’m gonna wrap
this up tonight I’m enjoy talking to you let me see if I have some new banner
it’s a new sponsors hold on a second hold on a second fuck guys I have a new
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a second people spend scrilla I have to take the
time what’s say Friday I’ll see you guys
tomorrow at some point is Saturday pow okay here you go you guys have a great
evening take care of be safe and good night you

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    As for organizations in Atlanta (I'm posting them here instead of emailing them in case someone else may benefit from the info,) United Way is a good starting point, as it includes listings from various organizations: http://211online.unitedwayatlanta.org/search.aspx

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