Daily Horoscope: February 17th to February 18th, 2019

The Sun is at 28 degrees of Aquarius and
the moon is at early degree Leo so if you go outside tonight it looks like a
full moon here we are on Sunday and Monday and the quality of this
opposition between Aquarius and Leo fascinates me because while Aquarius is
detached and they wear tattoos and they have funny clothes and their designers
and they see things so different and it’s hard to do relationship when you’re
Aquarian because you don’t want to be in a box you don’t anybody telling you what
to do you don’t like the containment of our society Leo is quite the opposite
they’re like I want the relationship and I want the applause and I want you to
give me feedback and I want to fit right in and be the centerpiece that you’re
all staring and Aquarius don’t stare at me don’t even follow me but of course
they’re always being fouled because they’re so individualistic we’re so
impressed with their futuristic thoughts so there’s a pull and this is what
happens coming towards the full moon the next couple of days the energy increases
and we’re changing signs Aquarius is going into Pisces they couldn’t be more
different Aquarius is all detached they have this gift of not caring at times of
what you think but then as soon as we move into Pisces they’re so sensitive
and everything hurts their feelings so we’re in this transition particularly
with this full moon of paying attention to our feelings now that’s not a typical
Aquarian thing to do but when the moons in Leo I always do this for Leo they’d
want nothing more than to put their attention on their human and really care
about who they love there’s someone in your world that you really want to say I
love you to or you want to go out and buy yourself an outfit to prepare for
the full moon coming in a few days this would be a great time to say I’m gonna
change my persona this is really what they’re about
Aquarius couldn’t care less what you think Leo really cares but they create
their own style and that’s a big deal if you’re willing to look in the mirror and
say to yourself I like the way I am I like the way I look I’m going to give
myself full permission to be an Aquarius Leo and show off in my own uniqueness
and not care whether matches whether you like it whether it fits the scene I can
see sometimes as Aquarian kids wearing pajamas to school and loving it or
wanting to wear a Halloween castle in the middle of February they had this
uniqueness and that gives them the endearment and
that’s what creates authenticity so I’m gonna encourage you this a few days
think about what you could do it’s a little off the beaten path
astrology answers wanted me to say heading for this full moon with this
Aquarius leo heading towards Pisces you got the last few minutes here of being a
little bit strange

10 thoughts on “Daily Horoscope: February 17th to February 18th, 2019

  1. Do you know that, you are absolutely right about that, I did the good things to someone’s to sending the messages to the love one is right things. I don’t care of this messages is most important to the love one. It’s nothing’s wrong of it. The universe and cosmic tells me to do so. I shouldn’t be afraid as a medium will do the same things as I am.

  2. I’m sure my honesty’s is much more important to the lies or covered up to those families needs to knows. I’m sure that is my Jobs to tells the true is following the universe and cosmic laws. I didn’t done anything’s wrong at all.

  3. The past two days when moon was in cancer I had a sudden insecurity and low self esteem, I hated how I look like soooo much ,it was intense, specially since I’m a Taurus

  4. My son Leo Aquarius rising. We'd be at a restaurant I'd look down at his feet he'd have a different sneaker on each foot. I knew that was his Aquarius rising. I'd say oh just like your grandma Aquarius. They loved each other so much.

  5. I am an aquarius and my ex was a leo… with the way you described these two signs you could have been describing the two of us!

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