Daily Horoscope: August 6th – August 8th, 2019

August 6th 7th and 8th Tuesday Wednesday
and Thursday the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is 90 degrees away in Scorpio Leo
is fire Scorpio is water the Sun and Venus and Mars are all together in Leo
giving a lot of fire energy in the world there’s love Venus in Leo there’s Mars
and Leo anger and temper and then comes this riff ooh
Scorpio don’t you Burke tone it down so that’s an internal governing problem
we’re one part your governors saying sit down be quiet be internal and you may
feel this all of you the man watching these videos for so long when the moon
enters Scorpio it can really trigger your emotional body so this is not just
you feeling emotional there’s also square in the heavens to a
lot of planets so notice if you’ve got an edge if one part of you is feeling a
little bit pushy this is time of being fixed three
planets and Leo’s fixed Scorpios fix so they get stubborn they get willful and
you might want to see if you have a relationship right now that requires you
to actually free yourself up a little bit loosen up a little bit because the
energy is so intense it will either get compounded with our intensity or we’ll
be aware enough of it to say oh god I just need to loosen up
that’s what astrology is we’re aware enough to pay attention to the aspects
and then change the story because we’re the prophets get it we profit from the
prophesy of knowing when there’s conflict
I hope I’m helping you Australia yes just wanted me to say to you if you’re
feeling tense and you’ve got fixed energy in your chart lighten up
nothing is that important honestly

3 thoughts on “Daily Horoscope: August 6th – August 8th, 2019

  1. Deborah you are such a universal tool for me especially when you said prophet!!! And your meaning behind it OnPoint! ✈

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