Hey darling! What is it? It’s nothing. Don’t worry, Mom! I’m 100% sure, It must be Leo Leo again! Mom Banh Bao Time to get Leo back! Leo! Big Mama has a treat for you Leo! I’m coming, Big Mama Big Mama I have somthing for you, honey Are you ready for your treat? Here you go, You’re welcome! Carrot again? Thanks Big Mama for this delicious yummy treat! Big Mama’s gonna turn up the AC How come this room is getting colder and colder? What’s happening? What’s wrong with this door? Help! Help… What happened? Let me out! I’m so hungry Time to get something to eat! Plastic wrap Duct tape Leooo! Yummy! Make sure you guys read at least once a day! Can I have some please? Leo, I made one for you in the kitchen! Go grab it! Oh! Really? Mustard! This is definitely a one biter I’ll eat all of in in one bite Banh Bao! So good guys! If you guys like watermelon, let me know in the comment Hey Leo, Did you just cut the watermelon? Yeah I did! Why? Leo, Can you save me some? Thanks Leo! I’ll save you some! Thanks Leo Thanks Leo! Wow, juicy watermelon It looks so good Leo is such a good friend! Are you kidding me? What happened to my watermelon? Leo! The watermelon is good, isn’t it? I’m so thirsty! Hey Leo! You scared me! All that grass cutting, you must be very thirsty I have something for you! Pepsi Nice and cold! Here you go Thanks Banh Bao! You’re so thoughtful! You’re very welcome Leo! Hey Cindy, hold on for a second ok! Hey I’m back Banh Bao! Hey Leo, Can I join you? Sure! Wow, it’s so nice out here! Leo! I think my allergy is acting up! Really? Can you sneeze on the other side? please I’m so sorry Leo! Are you ok? Who sneezes on someone else’s face? Ewwww Sorry Leo, I’ll go get you some tissue paper ok I’ll be back in a second ok Guys, we’re just having fun! These
pranks are meant to make you laugh! I hope you guys like the video! Don’t forget to give us a thumb up! Click that subscribe button! And turn on the notification bell so you
don’t miss our any of our awesome videos! Team Banh Bao Sorry guys, I can’t see Make sure you guys like and subscribe to our channel! We’ll see you guys tomorrow…Bye!

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