Cosmic Energy Forecast August 25-31, 2019: Virgo New Moon

hi everyone i’m tanaaz from forever
conscious and this is your weekly energy forecast for the week of august 25th so
we are in the last week of august and we are wrapping up one of the most
beautiful months of the year really in terms of high vibrational energy and
high frequency energy all of this has been on offer to us throughout the
month. The thing with this energy is that it only exists as a potential in order
to tap into it, in order to integrate it into your being sometimes you have to
take an action sometimes you have to, you know, align with it in order for it to
filter through your through your own personal energy field that’s why
everybody will feel these cosmic energies a little bit different. The
cosmic energy is there, it exists as a potential and then when you open and
align with it it filters through your being and that is how you are able to
receive it and interpret it. So some of us are very sensitive and maybe are
feeling the high vibrational energies of August others maybe sensitive and
usually feel it but they’ve maybe had some challenging things going on so
you’re not able to really fully integrate the energy into your being and
then some of us are still kind of learning how to do this integration
neither is worse or better than the other it’s just where we are in our life
journey and we all, even me, move through these stages of being more open or
receptive to the energies and then not so much, and I don’t think it’s something
that we can force it’s something we either are aligned with and meant to
take in or something that that were not so I guess that’s my kind of way of
reminding you that this energy is there and if you want to you can take an
action or set some sort of intention or do something to integrate this high vibe
august energy into your being, into your energy field, into your life because hey
why not? We have this beautiful energy we have you know the universe is offering
us abundance and you know potential and so much opportunity under this month of
August why not use it, why not think about how
you can integrate it into your life? So how you do that one thing that you
can do is to take an action to think about how you can seal in this energy
into your life through trying something new through setting an intention through
making a phone call, sending an email perhaps you’re gonna take a step back
first and think about something that you want support with something that you
want some high vibe energy to filter in into your life maybe you’re struggling
with your job or your career or your health, get clear with it what do you
want support with. For me right now I definitely would like some support
with my health but I’m gonna get specific I’m gonna say my energy level
sometimes I feel tired sometimes I feel like I have a lot of energy too much
energy and then I feel kind of exhausted so I’m gonna set that out I’m gonna
maybe write it out so it’s clear that I want assistance and support with this
thing in my life and then I’m gonna take an action and when I take action I’m
sealing in this high vibrational energy it’s like I’m planting a seed under this
high vibrational energy almost like the soil is this high vibing energy and I’m
planting that seed now I still have to water it and you know check in with it
and look after it but I’m giving myself the best soil the most abundant high
vibing soil to nurture this seed so whatever it is that you want support
with think about that and then think about how you can plant a seed or take
an action to seal in this August energy so say for example you know maybe my
food maybe I can do better with what I’m eating
no no ordering out order a lot of postmates sometimes maybe you know I can
think about going to the farmers market one small action that I can say to
myself that I’m gonna do and then the energy of this cosmic energy is sealed
into that and helps to keep me motivated and aligned doesn’t mean you don’t have
to do the work after that but planting a seed in this soil is going to yield a
lot of fruit on your tree so I’m encouraging you to kind of give that
go think about what you want support with think about an action that you can
take and then watch how your seed just sprouts and blooms in the months to come
so that is as we wrap up the month of August we also have a new moon on the
30th in the sign of Virgo this new moon will be helping you with that little
exercise I just gave you it is in the sign of Virgo it has like every possible
energy energetic gift that a new moon could possibly have it’s a very busy New
Moon in the sense that it offers us so much it’s like the universe has just
thrown out this giant platter of food and there’s like a little bit of
everything that we can take and pick from it has a lot of energy so if you’re
looking for help in your relationships it’s there, if you’re looking to help in
your career it’s there ,if you’re looking for help with your health it’s there,
abundance it’s there, this new moon really offers a little bit of everything
so I have a ritual which I’ll post a link below of course you can always find
more info on about anything that I talked about here
usually but I’ll post a ritual if you want to if you want help using the
energy of that new moon but just even setting an intention meditating under
the energies you know opening to the opportunities and trying to align with
that feeling of abundance which is very much on offer under this new moon it’s a
very beautiful new moon one of the best that we’re going to have until you know
probably next year so it’s a beautiful new moon so I encourage you to use it
it’s in the sign of Virgo so it’s a time of getting organized clearing out that
cluttered closet in the back of the house you know looking at your schedule
and seeing how you can make a little bit more room for the things that you want
to do or making more space for you know some other things to come in maybe just
getting more organized in the sense that you know you’ve got a couple of
deadlines you’re feeling overwhelmed okay how am I going to make a list check
it off you know what am I gonna do to get
organized it’s great for that kind of thing as well
Virgo I think I mentioned this in my video last week Virgo is represented by
the Virgin goddess which is basically a symbol for independence for inner
strength for relying on the self knowing that you contain the answers that you
need you contain the wisdom you don’t even look out there it’s in here so
connecting with that and really the most powerful way to connect with it is
through meditation and you know sitting in stillness and understanding that you
are not your thoughts you are the one listening to them you are the observer
of your thought and I can tell you that and you can listen to it but until you
sit in meditation and find that truth for yourself find that observer it
doesn’t really become real or feel as potent as it could so if this is
something that you’ve wanted to do meditating you want to try it you want
to give it another go you want to get back on the horse if you haven’t
meditated for a while do that under this August energy this last week of August
you can use this energy to help you to stay motivated and aligned I release a
cosmic meditation every month but you know there are so many free meditations
on YouTube on Spotify even you know you can find a bunch of them and you can
also find different techniques that work for you don’t let your brain trick you
into thinking that you can’t meditate everyone can meditate you just have to
find the technique that works for you and the only way you can do that is by
trying them all and then learn to override that thought you do not need to
believe that thought because you are not your thoughts and that thought I can’t
meditate it’s it’s tricking you you can so that was kind of long-winded I hope
it was helpful I hope you’ll have a great week enjoyed this new moon it is
beautiful we have a lot of nice energy all through this week so hopefully even
if you’re going through something challenging you can make a little bit of
space or time to try to tap into that higher gratitude or you know trying to
see the lesson or the silver lining and whatever challenges have come your way
if you can I know it’s hard sometimes and then next time you see me will be in
a new month will be in a new vibration and I’ll fill you all in on what’s to
come in September so for now have a great
week enjoy the new moon I am Tanaaz from forever conscious thank you so much

30 thoughts on “Cosmic Energy Forecast August 25-31, 2019: Virgo New Moon

  1. Thank you Tanaz! Had the challenge of losing a father but it gave opportunity for family to bond in support of our mother. Even the hardest of times can have a silver lining.

  2. Just a suggestion since you are a healer avoid wearing black I know you love to wear black but black attracts all kinds of energies irrespective of what the energy signature are… So you can even attract negative energy wearing black and you being a sensitive healer & Intuit that you are, you may unknowing attract or get negative energy latch on you.

    Lastly thanks for being there for all these days I have been following you for really long time. So thanks for being there

  3. Hey Tannaz, when you're feeling energy overwhelmed ground it down. Bring it from your crown and bring it down and connect it with the earth…. you'll feel the difference immediately. As far as food remember that you are not only taking in the energy of the food but also the person preparing it..the place it comes from….you're consuming all of that. Better to control the energy you intake by cooking your own food. Visit the farms where the food comes from and see how the energy feels. Is it in alignment with your vibration? Remember your bringing these energies inside you, your body your soul. This is very important for energetic health. Hope that helps…sending you love and good health.

  4. It's kind of you all to offer her suggestions…but please keep in mind that she was giving that health/energy issue as an example. The important thing is to understand the method she was illustrating and use that information in your own lives.

  5. Tanaz I love your Energy Forecasts and the enthusiasm you put into them. Thank you so much for what you provide

  6. Thank you, Tanaaz, if you have too much energy, and don't know what to do, take your shoes off and go walk on the grass, it's called grounding, connects you back to mother Earth, and will calm things out to find direction. Have a great week.

  7. Have a great week Tanaaz! Thank you for the weekly energy forecast! A big thank you also to your friend Nikki. I love my Monday mornings ritual, first I watch your weekly energy forecast, then I read her Tarot readings and then I either meditate or journal. Much love to the two of you โคโค๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  8. Thank you very much tanaaz and best of luck with your energy levels, I totally relate tot that.
    warm greetings Marieke (the Netherlands)

  9. Thank you for sharing, a lot of motivational pushes I needed. So thankful to have come across your beautiful soul and guidance.

  10. Love your video and message! Thank you for all that you do! My moon is in Virgo and I am excited for this new moon Aug. 30! Have a great weekโคโคโค

  11. Just found you. Bday 8/31 so full of energy and just learning about this stuff. You were so insightful. Now maybe my body will relax. Thank you so much! โค๏ธ

  12. I loved your energy forecast per usual! I'm late as all get out getting to it, but nonetheless I still enjoyed it. My birthday was on the new moon and lately I've been seeing 1111 and 111 in abundance, almost everyday, multiple times a day. All this wonderful energy going on and idk what to think of it or where to start to enjoy it and invite it into my life, with everything that's going on in my world right now. I've also been fearing turning 28 and idk why either.

    Thank you so much for your lovely reading. Peace, love, blessings, and abundance. ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

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